A Madman With A Box

'Ello! I'm Lusetta, but you can call me Lu if you'd like. I've got a slight British accent, so I'm sorry if I get a bit... hard to understand at times... So, I just have to ask... Do you like time travel? Me and The Doctor are going for a spin or two in the T.A.R.D.I.S. Would you like to come along? I do have to warn you, though... It's going to be dangerous. So... wanna come? ((There will be some happy and sad parts and some that make you want the two main characters get together forever until the end of time itself... But, who knows if they will... I guess you'll just have to wait and see, hmm? Oh, and one more thing... Be ready for feels at any time...))


4. Companions?

I walked up to the console and smiled, glad to be in the company of someone for once in my life. "So, umm, you never told me why you've been traveling alone..." He shut the doors behind him and then turned quickly to look at me. "You're right. Sorry. Got distracted..." I shook my head and smiled. "No, don't be sorry. We all get distracted! It's a part of the lives that we lead." He smiled and I could see that it was melancholy. "Well, all my other companions got taken away from me one way or another. It just always happened. Sometimes they left and moved on from me, sometimes they felt it was just their time... and then... some of them... well, some of them were killed or they were taken away. One is even stuck in a parallel universe!" His voice was dark and cold and I could tell that he was upset. "Hey, I'm sure she's alright!" He nodded slowly, but I could still see the sadness written all over his face. "Lusetta, are you sure you'd like to come with me?" I smiled and acted like I was thinking. "Well, let's see... Danger to the point of death... A very handsome man whom I can time travel with... Untold adventures that will lead me to who knows where... Count me in!" He smiled and started messing with the console. "So, Lusetta, where to?" I thought for a few moments and then snapped my fingers. "Why not go to Rome?" He laughed and then punched in the date. "To The Roman Empire it is!" I pulled on his sleeve and he looked back at me. "Thank you for taking me along, Doctor. I know I can be a handful, but I really am quite a bit of fun." He turned back to the console and threw one final lever up and we were moving. "Not a problem at all, Lusetta. Besides, I'm sure that I've handled worse than you!" I laughed and he began laughing with me. It was going to be an amazing adventure!

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