The M&G

What happens when a normal teenage girl meets her biggest idol, her inspiration... Will he react the same way as he did with his many other crying Beliebers.

This is a love story about a fan, getting her life turned upside down.


7. Chapter 7

I opened the front door and saw a rose laying there on the doormat. I couldn't help but smile, because I knew Justin put it there this morning.

My mom smiled, "I told you, you would love it". I hugged her and ran down to Starbucks, forgetting all about the tiny card strapped to the rose.

It read:

"I have a surprise, wait a your porch"

I had to turn around. What could this be, I had no clue just because we just met. I almost arrived at the door and I saw a car parked just outside the house, the car door opened and I immediately recognized Justin. His golden brown hair and his perfectly matching outfit. And under his sunglasses, his shiny hazel brown eyes. Who would even be able to resist him?

As I looked at him, I knew that I had to go change my outfit. He smiled at me and as he got closer he reached out for my hand and kisses it. Slowly leading me to the car, I had to ask him,

"can I be seen with you in the outfit?"  Surprised, he looked at me, whispering, "I haven't seen a more stunning girl in my whole life"


As we got in the car, my cellphone began to make noises, he looked at me and I made a "I'm so sorry face" and he smiled, nodding back at me and I assumed he was okay with me checking it.

I saw a message from Ashley...

"Nic! Where are you? I'm standing here at the mall looking like an idiot because you're not here!"

"Shit!", that just came out my mouth. And Justin looked at me. I apologized.

"Ashley, my friend is waiting for me at the mall. I forgot I had a date with her.. Well not a date but we were supposed to go shopping today and I totally forgot. I dobblebooked myself when I texted you last night", he ran his hand through my hair and said, "I'll fix that, I'm sure she will understand, babe. Or.. I could just drive you to the mall and I'll arrange my surprise tomorrow?"

I was thinking to myself, I couldn't blew up our friendship because of a guy, that's not right at all. But a little lie wouldn't hurt, right?

"You know what, I'm gonna tell her that I forgot I had a date with you before I made the shoppingdate with her", I said, looking down. "are you sure babe?", he whispered, then kissing my forehead. "Yes, I am. I know I'm not being a real friend, but I love surprises", I smiled.




You all gotta wait till Chapter 8 to see what the surprise is ;)


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