The M&G

What happens when a normal teenage girl meets her biggest idol, her inspiration... Will he react the same way as he did with his many other crying Beliebers.

This is a love story about a fan, getting her life turned upside down.


6. Chapter 6

Saturday morning. The clock showed 9am. Still too early to get up, but I heard my phone vibrate and I had to check it since it could be Justin texting me.

I threw my legs out of bed, picking up my phone and unlocked it. Smiling at my screen, I almost read the text out loud;

From: Justin

Morning beautiful. Let's meet at that local Starbucks you were talking about last night. Jump into something cute for me ;)

This couldn't be real. I must have dreamt something. No, I knew this was reality. The concert last night, he got my number.

Then I started stressing around to find something cute to wear. I picked out a cute pink top and some white shorts and a pair of flats to go with it. I threw the clothes on my bed and rushed to the bathroom.

Meanwhile, I could hear my mom in my room and she yelled my name.

"Nicci! Where are you?"

"I'm in the bathroom, mom!"

"Oh okay, I'm sorry sweetie. But someone left you something at the door. Come down when you're finished"

I quickly washed out the shampoo in my hair, because this couldn't be a bad thing at all. And I could only think of one person who it could be.

I jumped into my cute outfit and lightly brushed through my hair, to make sure no tangles were left there.

The makeup could wait till after this. Maybe he had bought flowers or something?

"Morning mom", I gave her a small kiss on the cheek.

"Hi honey", she smiled and continued "go look on the porch, you'll love it. I would", she smiled even bigger and I smiled back.


Short chapter, but let me know if you wanna know what Nikkis gonna find on the porch! ;)

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