The M&G

What happens when a normal teenage girl meets her biggest idol, her inspiration... Will he react the same way as he did with his many other crying Beliebers.

This is a love story about a fan, getting her life turned upside down.


4. Chapter 4

When we walked through the door, to the meet and greet, we saw a bunch of girls talking and jumping up and down because of excitement.

We found a place to wait for it to be our turn to meet Justin.


1 and a half hour later I could feel butterflies in my stomach, my turn was next. We decided to go in seperately.

You could see I was nervous, my hands were shaking so much I couldn't control them.

I FINALLY got in and I could just see him standing there, smiling at me then pulling me in for a hug. His warm arms and his soft cheek against mine, made my stomach tickle so much. He pulled back from the hug.

"what's your name?" he asked.

"Nicole" I answered, nervously but still smiling.

"you don't have to be nervous" he slightly laughed. "do you want to take a picture or two with me?". His beautiful smile showed up on his face again, almost melting me inside, but i quickly nodded and smiled back.

His perfect face went so well with his snapbacks and this white t-shirt looked soooo good on him. (well, when doesn't he look good?). Also his black leather pants fit perfectly on him. He looked flawless.

We took some pictures, also on my Iphone.

Then he asked me, "can I also take some pics with my phone?". Did I just see his face turning slightly red or.. No correct.

"ofcourse", I winked at him, feeling perfectly comfortable around him. Like I've known him for years. He just laughed at me. Hopefully finding it funny.

Justin realized he's been using almost 20 minutes with me and went to whisper something into Scooters ear. I was left to stand there and look like an idiot.

"it was so nice to meet you, Nicci", he smiled again, but this time really mysterious. Wow, he had already been given me a nickname? 

I hugged him goodbye, I didn't say anything at all, just smiled and walked out.

When I got out from the room, Ashley stood there and were in shock. 

"you've been in there for about 30 minutes", she almost whispered, trying to look normal but I could see she was a bit jealous. In a good way.

"yes, I kno..." I coulnd't finish my sentence before Ashley was sent in. Her time lasted about 10 minutes in there.

"oooomg Nic!" (Ashleys nickname for me) "he's so handsome!!" she looked like she had stars in her eyes. I nodded and said "I tried to calm down in there, really Ash? I bet you freaked out in there" I laughed.

We walked out and we talked about our experience, that we both thought hadn't lasted too long.

Suddenly a man comes up to us, as we were walking towards the entrance to where the concert were being played.

"Nicole?" he said, ice cold. Ash and I looked at eachother. I took a quick glance at him, I coulnd't see his face but I still nodded.

He took off the hoodie that hid his face and we both took our hands to our mouths to cover it, trying not to scream. Scooters standing there, but why?

"would you girls mind following me?"

***** Doing it agaaaaain. Oops. Hope you like it! :))) chapter 5 will be up when I get 20 likes :)

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