The M&G

What happens when a normal teenage girl meets her biggest idol, her inspiration... Will he react the same way as he did with his many other crying Beliebers.

This is a love story about a fan, getting her life turned upside down.


3. Chapter 3

I felt my eyes open up while I could hear a pretty annoying sound. I stretched my body and saw my mom standing beside my bed, desperately trying to wake me up.

"it's time to get up, sweetheart" she almost whispered. "I'll drive you and Ashley to the concert. We're leaving in 2 hours"

It happened today, I realized. The concert. Omg.
I wasn't always like this in the morning, but for some reason I were so tired I couldn't think straight.

My outfit hang on my chair, ready to hop into. I went for a shower first, got on some makeup and blow dried my hair. Then went to my room to hop into my outfit.

I looked into the mirror, pulling my hair into a high ponytail. I could always take it out if I wanted to. After another quick glance in the mirror, I went downstairs to my mom. She was reading the daily newspaper. I grabbed a bowl and poured up some yoghurt and got a glass of juice.

The time flew by, my mom stopped me in the middle of my breakfast, "hurry up, we are leaving in 10 minutes honey". I rolled my eyes at myself, typical me to use too much time in the shower. I cleaned up from my breakfast and went to my room to grab my bag and get on my white sneakers.

I remembered the snapback I bought, couldn't forget that so I took out my ponytail and put it on backwards.

"HONEY! WE'RE LEAVING NOW" my mom yelled from downstairs. "COMING!"

Ugh, stressing..

We went to the car and drove to Ashleys house to pick her up.


"hi babe, looking goooood" she said, followed by a small laugh. I returned the compliment and laughed with her.

"hi Ashley, hop in" my mom smiled at her. Silence filled up the car almost all the way, except my mom talking like a waterfall about how she couldn't wait to she pictures and videos.


We arrived at the Barclays Center and Ashley and I said bye and went to find an entrance. A man stopped us. A security man... Great!

"hey girls, do you have meet and greet?" he said, smiling. "um yes, we're trying to find the entrance" I said and smiled back.

He was very friendly and showed us the entrance for the meet and greet.


Sorry but I'm gonna leave you hanging here. ;) Chapter 4 will be up tomorrow!

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