The M&G

What happens when a normal teenage girl meets her biggest idol, her inspiration... Will he react the same way as he did with his many other crying Beliebers.

This is a love story about a fan, getting her life turned upside down.


2. Chapter 2

After my breakfast I went to my room to get dressed. I picked out some short denim shorts, a loose white top with the text "believe" written on it, a leather jacket over it and a pair of flats.

I ran downstairs, grabbed my bag and car keys and rushed out the door just after saying bye to my mom.

I really couldn't wait picking out an outfit for tomorrow.

I arrived at the mall and I found Ashley just outside waiting for me.

"are you ready?" she smiled at me. "yes", I replied and we went in.


We were happy to see that there weren't many people at the mall today so we could fool around, take pictures and have fun.

When we had been looking around different stores and found our outfits, we went for a break at Starbucks.


I got a purple snapback, a pair of ripped light washed skinny jeans and a black crop top. So I had my outfit ready for tomorrow.


After our Starbucks visit, we decided to head home. I hugged Ashley bye and i drove home.

My mom were really excited to see what I had bought. (my moms the type to think all boys are really nice and sweet etc.) so no exception now ofcourse. She thought Justin Bieber seemed like a nice guy.

I showed her what I had bought and then I ran upstairs to my room to try it out. It looked perfect!

My head was filled with all kinds of thoughts so as the daydreamer I am, I went to take a shower and get it all out.

"what if he's going to be looking sad on the m&g picture" every possible "what if" ran through my head. Then I whispered to myself "Nicole stop it. He's gonna look perfect and you're gonna look perfect. He's gonna be happy. No problems"

After my shower, I blow dried my long golden blonde hair, put it up into a messy bun, got on my pajamas and went to bed. I turned on my laptop and logged into twitter.
I wrote a tweet just to let people know I was in a happy mood about tomorrow.

"omg it's tomorrow. Justin's in town and I'm gonna meet him #happybelieber"

Then I felt my eyes closing and I went to sleep.



I hope you like chapter two! :) Please give me feedback and tell me if theres anything I can do better :)

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