Dark Love

Erin had trouble making friends in high school now she thinks it will be even harder as she sets off for college.... It won't be as difficult as high school when she realizes she's to DIE for...........


2. Who are you?

I arrived at campus and I was pissed that I don't get a dorm with my sister.... but I think I know who I'm staying with. I think she went to highschool with me. I made it to room 1089 and I opened the door.
"Hi I'm Erin." I smiled to the girl in the room.
"Hi I'm Emily." she smiled.
"Hello Beautiful." a curly headed boy with a raspy-husky voice smiled.
"Hi." I said awkwardly, "and you are?"
"Harry, Harry Styles." he smiled.
"You said that like I'm supposed to know who you are," I said "and I don't know."
"Really?? Ever heard of One Direction?" he asked a bit annoyed.
"Ohh that Gay ass band that my sister loves!" I laughed.
"Uhmm..... first of all none of us are gay." he snapped.
"Yeah right curly," I said sarcastically "whatever you say chief."
"I like her, she's feisty." Curly whispered to Emily.
"I'm not deaf you know." I yelled.
"Ohh I know." he chuckled.
"So Emily you're my roommate, not him" I said pointing at curly
"correct" she smiled
"so Erin tell me more about yourself" curly said
"Fuck no, for all I know you could be some pervert that just wants to get in my pants!" I half-shouted
"Maybe I am what then?" he smirked
"Then you can go fuck yourself!" I said sarcastically. "Because there ain't no way in hell, I'm gonna have sex with you!" I jeered. I laughed at the fact that he looked pissed. "Awww what's wrong with the little superstar, is it the first time you haven't got what you wanted?" I questioned.
"You're right, but the fact is that I always get what I want," he said deviously,
"Oh, is this supposed to scare me?" I asked sarcastically.
"Damn right." he smirked.

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