Dark Love

Erin had trouble making friends in high school now she thinks it will be even harder as she sets off for college.... It won't be as difficult as high school when she realizes she's to DIE for...........


17. I'm tough...I think

"Erin why did you make us watch that?" Niall asked 
"Cause I wanted to watch a damn scary movie but Louie was too scared" I teased
"Was not!" he yelled
"Were too!" I stuck my tongue out at him and there was a knock at the door I went towards it and it opened slowly so i turned off the lights and hid. Emily slowly backed in while she was making out with someone I thought it'd be funny if I scared her so I did I turned the light on and jumped outta the corner and she was making-out with........... Harry!!
"Damn!!" I yelled which caused Niall and Louis to come outta the kitchen and we all just stared at each other... "Well then..." I said breaking the very awkward silence
"What are you doing here Erin?" Emily asked
"Well first of all I kinda live here! and second of all what are YOU doing here with HIM?" I asked
"I don't really know" Emily stated
"Harry...what did you do?" I asked he gulped "Harry Fucking Styles!! Answer my damn question what the fuck did you do to my best friend!!
"I may have given her too many shots" he shrugged
"You may?!" I asked anger building up inside of me I was beyond furious! My blood was boiling
"You wanna explain to me what happened!?" I yelled at him "Because from my point of view you got my best fucking friend fucked up!!!" My voice getting louder and louder "and you being your damn self probably kissed her and she was too fucked up to care!" I yelled and everyone was silent " AM I FUCKING RIGHT!!!!!???" I yelled getting closer to him "AM I RIGHT HARRY!?" I yelled
"Maybe" he whispered and I slapped him across the face
"Leave now!" I said letting the tears fall down my face

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