Dark Love

Erin had trouble making friends in high school now she thinks it will be even harder as she sets off for college.... It won't be as difficult as high school when she realizes she's to DIE for...........


14. Harry Again

I was walking down the corridor with Niall when Harry interfered..... Again.
"Erin please just hear me out" Harry begged
"No, Harry just go away" I sighed
"Erin I'm not going anywhere 'til you listen" he shouted, I was quite shocked at his outburst 
"Fine" I mumbled "you have 60 seconds" he sighed a sigh of relief
"Listen... I know you may not like me... but you've gone totally berserk" he began
"Harry..." I growled "I'm letting you explain yourself not letting you call me crazy"
"ok... but I really liked you better when you were that bubbly care-free girl that... I... fell..." he said
"Spit it out Harold" I said
"that I fell in love with" he said
"No you're not in love with me or with her... so if you would please just leave... before this becomes even more difficult for the both of us" I sighed
"Fine, just think about it" he muttered and walked away
"So where are we going?" I asked Niall trying to change the subject
"I was thinking we grab a bite and have like a picnic in the park?" he shrugged
"Alright but we should go to..." "NANDO's" we both said at the same time, we laughed "Great minds think alike" I laughed 
"To Nando's we go" he said smiling "His smile is perfect" I thought to myself
"Erin I forgot to mention how beautiful you look" he complimented I immediately blushed
"Thanks... but you already mentioned it... but thanks again" I said smiling "ohh but...you look handsome" I said winking
*@ Nando's*
"What do you want?" he asked me
"The PERi-PERi Chicken" I said without hesitation he laughed and hugged me
"You are officially my bestfriend" he laughed I looked at him to be honest I was totally confused
"Oh just usually when I go out with the boys they don't always like going to Nando's... actually I think I've found the perfect girl..." he smiled 
"Real girls aren't perfect....and Perfect girls aren't real" I said "matter-of-factly"
"True" he agreed and we ordered our food to-go and we went to the park
"Niall.." I whispered as we laid and watched the stars
"yes beautiful?" he whispered back instantly my cheeks heated up "geez this boy has a huge affect on me" I thought
"Aren't the stars beautiful?" I asked 
"Not as beautiful as you princess... but yes the the stars are beautiful" he smiled
"That's really cheesy Horan" I laughed
"But you know you love it.." he said and his voice trailed off "Erin?"
"Yes Niall" I whispered 
"Will you be MY princess?" he asked
"I.. wouldn't want anything more" I said smiling and then it started to pour.. he stood up and helped me up.
"Shit" I laughed 
"You still look pretty drenched" he laughed 
"Thanks" I laughed and we walked back to campus when we got there it started raining harder. Before we got inside Niall grabbed my arm and spun me around to face him. 
"Come on" I said trying to pull him inside but instead he grabbed me and kissed me 'geez a kiss in the rain mark that one off my bucket list' i thought but instead of pulling away I wrapped my arm around his neck, and kissed him back.
"Erin I think I'm falling for you and I'm falling hard" he said with a smirk


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