Dark Love

Erin had trouble making friends in high school now she thinks it will be even harder as she sets off for college.... It won't be as difficult as high school when she realizes she's to DIE for...........


13. Date?

"PDA!" Lou yelled i blushed and broke the kiss by now Lou,Zayn and Perrie had seen everything that just happened.
"Oh shut it!" Niall laughed his laugh just made me want to melt
"Erin I just want you to know that I love the new you, you are still as hot as the 'old' you" he smiled
"Thank you Niall" I laughed
"Would you like to go on a date with me?" he asked 
"When?" i said
"Tonight I'll pick you up at 8:30" he said I nodded and we went our separate ways because apparently they had something else to do so I went with Perrie back to my dorm and we went in and tore up my closet until we fond a really cute outfit I hopped in the shower and hopped out literally 5 minutes later and threw my outfit on:

I didn't feel like getting too dressed up and then we go some place really casual and you know...
'Knock Knock' someone said as they walked in
"Come in" i laughed and I think its Niall
"Alright.. uhm Erin we need to-" he began and I was wrong it was Harry 
"Get out Styles!" I yelled 
"Why are you all dressed up?" he asked 
"None of your god damn business now get the hell out" I said through gritted teeth and then Niall came in
"Hey Erin you ready to go? Wow you look beautiful" he smiled
"Yea and thanks you look good too, now Harry if you don't mind I'm going on a date you can show yourself out" I said and with that I left... God why did I let my guard down why didn't I just push him away like every other guy... I don't know but I was stupid not too because....

Harry Styles is RUINING my life!

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