Dark Love

Erin had trouble making friends in high school now she thinks it will be even harder as she sets off for college.... It won't be as difficult as high school when she realizes she's to DIE for...........


15. A/N

Hello My Potato's I'm really sorry that I haven't been able to update 'cause I got in a fight with this really nasty bitch and I kinda broke her nose and I ended up getting in trouble a.k.a I got grounded for a whole month w/t no internet and I literally tried to kill myself the last 30 days but I'm still here so yay I think... Honestly I'm extremely sorry and I get it if you guys hate me :( But I'm prepared for the cotton balls to be thrown LLN ILY all so much and thank you for reading Dark Love I hope y'all liked the last chapter 'cause the next one will be posted tomorrow.... again I'm sorry and ILYSM :) Bye Bye My Potato's
~Lianette :)


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