Sam Winchester x Reader (Supernatural Fanfic)

You and only you coming to a mysteries world and coming close to Sammy!
You was with your brother to your new school day and suddenly it's happen a weird car accident and you suddenly meet Sam!

:Warning: I'm not a native English writer


1. Chapter (1)

~~~Your Beginning~~~

You got awake by my annoyed brother, who acted like a little boy. You rubbed and hiding yourself in the pillow. But my brother keep pushing you on the bed.

"Hey sleepy head, it's time to our 'big' day!" He said the word 'big' too loud, I know it's was a big day today, but I just can't wake up now.

"Hey, hey!" He said keep pushing and kicked the bed "it's time, slut" oh no he didn't use the word 'slut' to me. I got hurry up and throw the pillow at him.

"What did you just call me, (brother name)!?" I yelled and keep throwing pillow at him, he just laughed and dodge my pillow attack.

"You can't beat me, you can't, you can't, oohhh and I win!" He said and suddenly sat next to me and hugged me. We laughed and I hugged him back.

"Oh well it's time to our big day" he got hurry up "well you better get dress, well it's pretty fine if you take this clothes on!" He said with a grinned on his face and leave the room. He's annoying but still my lovely brother.

You got up and checked yourself in the mirror, you looked like a mess. You're hair it's ugly huge and looked like a bun and your face looked like a old women. You got hurry into the bathroom and took a shower, you step outside the shower and cover yourself with a towel.

"Well, you will dress like this" my brother walked past by me and grinned, it's was a bit embarrassed to see my brother with you almost naked body. You step inside your room and open your closet to see what to wear.

it was a difficult decision, but you still chose some clothes you should wear. You walked back to your mirror to see how you looked and you acted like model and keep saying to yourself 'you beautiful, you smart and very important' you smiled to yourself and wish yourself good luck.

You stepped out from you room "already done, slowly girl, well breakfast is finish, time to eat" he said and walked hurry past me, sounds like he's was waiting for me? You walk downstairs and you could see my parents waiting for you.

"Oh it's our big daughter!" Your mother had a big smile and gave you a tight hug. My father had a camera and took a picture of me "now will we remember how you will look on your first day!" He said with a big happy smile. Yep my parents is annoying and embarrassed, but I still loved them.

"I remember my first day, oh wait I have it, right here!" He said and show you the picture "you looked like hustler with big hair mess" you joke at him and he just rubbed your head.

"You just jealous by my beauties" he said and acted like woman model and I laughed at him "yes, that's my girl" he said and gave me a hug again. "Ah, you keep growing and soon you have to take care if yourself" he almost cried but was happy in my ways "but you will still be the girl, I know" he grinned and walked outside.

You gave your parent hugs and kisses on theirs cheeks and wishing good lucks to each other. You stepped outside and waved to your parent.

"Hey hurry up, slow disup" he yelled at you and he has a car, who he had wanted for years, you rolls you eyes and walked over to him "disup?" You said with a weird look on your face "What I have nothing more to tell" he shrugged and grinned.

"Well I though you was the king over the jokes" I said and grinned and he has big mouth open "oh, you took me, right there in the balls" he grinned "looking forward to the school?" He asked with a smile on his face, you nod "ah can't speak?" You grinned "you almost like Gabriel from Supernatural" you said with a grinned "what no, I more beautiful than him" he said with a grin.


The school finish and you walked outside with you brother, who had his arm arounds you "oh really did you just call him, mr, dog nose?!" He said with a big laugh "yes and you just said, well take a sneeze on this and you took your shoes up at his nose and then he threw up right in front of the pretty girl" you laughed and then my brother laughed louder "oh I have to remember this moment" he said and got inside the car.

"Me too" I said and you eyes sparkle and was happy that you had a good funny moment with your brother on the first school day.

You stepped inside the car and took you book and read it "I'm still can't believe it now, you only 23 years old and our parents have decided that to should go in college now" he said and explain about his life "I started with I was 18 years old" he grinned.

"Well maybe they suddenly got crazy and was just took care of me" I said with a smile and looked out "well yes you're right, did you remember Halloween and mom and dad have to locked you inside your own room, just because they sat its dangerous outside" he grinned more and looked over to me "maybe it's because I left then since I was 18 and got hurt in the car accident" he said and suddenly stop smiling "it's my fail that they didn't see your show" he looked sad

"No it's okay, it's wasn't you fault, you just choice you own fate" you calmed he down and he got a small smile on his face "you right" he said and suddenly focused outside "well when did the new episode of Supernatural start?" he asked curious "every Tuesday!" You replied with a big smile "what that long?" He grinned." And watch over you again "I think I will be the next trickster!" He said with a grin and you grinned back.

But suddenly a man came from the blue and he stand front the road "watch out!" You yelled and my brother hurry went the car, but all went white very bright light.

You eyes slowly open, you could see two men and dark forest, is it already dark? You close you eyes again and fainted.

You could feel your body moved and feel soft pillow on your head, are you dead, no you could hear voices all kind of voices. You slowly open your eyes again and it's looked like nurse and doctor "don't worry you okay, it's all gonna be alright" you eyes closed again.

You could feel your legs again and feel the soft pillow in your head, you slowly open you eyes and you could see the strange man front of you "hi I'm Dr, Rockfield and you're fine and safe here in the hospital" he said a and wrote on his board and then look back to me "who is the man next to you " he asked curious "it's my brother" I said low and breathe easy, I could see the doctor face, who did look terrible. He hurry got up from his chair and then speak with his colleagues and I could almost hear them "it's her brother!" The doctor said and looked worried "oh good family! Car accident" the nurse said "there's two more family, they others had a brother too, who's hurt too" the another doctor said.

You closed you ears and breathe more easy again, what did happen to my brother is he alright? You slowly got up and was worried about what happen to your brother. You slowly hurry walked and watch around you to see where my brother was. You couldn't see him and many tears came down you cheek, it's was just your first day in school and you was happy with your brother and now this happen!?

Few couple minutes you finally find your brothers room and suddenly walks inside, but is wasn't the best look to see. He looked terrified and useless, you cried and scream. The doctors came and took you out, but you keep trying to push and walk back to him, but you couldn't.

They took you to the waiting room "pls Ma'am you will soon see your brother again" i couldn't take it and looked very sad "don't say that, he gonna died, just said it he gonna die!" You yelled and pushed him, but the another doctors came and try to calm you down and that took you very hard and they made you to siting on the chair "I'm sorry, but we just saying it, to calm people down, okay?" The doctor slowly sloped you arms and you just cried.

There's was nothing to do, you can only sit here and cry like shit. You keep saying to yourself 'it's my fault, it's my fault, it's my fault, my fault, my fault' you cried more and more. You couldn't handle this.

You could here foot steps and then the person sat next to you and touch you back with the persons hand, it's like the person it's comforting you. "Hey it's gonna be okay, right? My brother is strong and I is strong enough to believe his is okay, okay? And you gonna show me that you're strong enough, right?" The person voice sound familiar, it's like you known the voice from before. You slowly look up and look slowly to the right to see the person face.

"See, it's gonna be alright, right? My name Sam..., Sam Winchester" he said and keep touching you and comforting you. You couldn't believe it, that you really meet him, but you couldn't do fangirling now, I'm too sad, but I will reply to him "I'm (Y/N) (Y/LN)" you looked terrified and try to smile a bit, but you couldn't.

"Hey (Y/N) what did happen?" He said and keep comforting you "I dunno, car accident?" You shake you head a bit, try to find out what happen but it's all gone. "Well you memories will come back" he said and the doctor came over to Sam and Sam hurry smiled, sounds like his brother is fine, but Sam suddenly ask about my brother is alright, that was nice of him.

They speak in really long time and the doctor suddenly nod and walked again "hey (Y/N) you can followed him and see hows you brother going" Sam said and he wipe my tears away with his finger, you nod and got slowly up and followed the doctor.

You saw you brother he looks terrified and hurt, good he's sleeping now, so he couldn't feel the pain. The doctor came and shakes his head "you brother didn't make it, it will take a long day or years to heal him again" you cried hard and ran out from the door and locked yourself in the toilet and cried.

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