Cant remeber to forget you~izzy



3. some car fun!

I got dressed and went downstairs as I look at Edward he still can't stop looking at me! He takes me to his car and we both got in while he was driving he didn't put his seat belt on."Edward put your seat belt on!" I said he looks at me and chuckles and says "don't worry about me love!" What is really thinking that I care for him?"I don't want to miss my first day at school by getting pulled over PUT YOUR SEAT BELT ON!" I yell he just laughs and stares at me I didn't realize until 5 seconds after that WE WERE KISSING! I guess he just got closer and thought it's the right thing to do!

We'll what ever it was it lead to sex,missing my first day at school and getting grounded! I can't believe Edward STOLE MY VIRGINITY! I'm not saying to wasn't good or that he isn't sexy naked (but he is) it's just that it was in a car in front of my new school!

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