Cant remeber to forget you~izzy



1. new school


My alarm went off as I got up, I moaned making sure my family knows I'm awake so they can make me my breakfast. "Mom?" I yelled as I ran down the stairs. I went over to the kitchen to see my mom.

With a man, no a boy. A boy MY age, weird. They both chuckled as they saw me fall from the stairs the boy quickly ran over to me to pick me up.

"My name is Edward" he said trying to stop himself from laughing like an idiot. "Do you need some help?" He said while picking me up from the ground.

"Thanks, a lot!" I said while staring into his eyes has he stared into mine, after we both realized what just happened, we started to laugh our butts off until my mom came.

"This is Edward, sweetie!" "He will show you around your new school!" She said "Yes, oh I'm sorry love, I didn't catch your name!" "Emily Cox." I said, but it just seems he can't keep his beauti-I mean green eyes off my (ugly) hazel eyes.

"I guess you should go dress up before we go huh love?" He chuckled while looking at my pjs "Sure!" I said trying not to smirk but failed. My left the room as I walked upstairs he Edward slapped my butt I tired around to look at him but he turned his head quickly before I caught him. He was so handso-I mean annoying!

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