Miss Cupid

Kate is a secret love dating blogger under the name Miss Cupid. She help people become a couple with strong advice. However her old enemy Mark need some help from her, this concern black mailing her because Mark like Rosie and he know that Kate likes Ray. Rosie has feelings for Kate’s step brother Jake.
What can she do? 
Should she help Mark or not?


7. Who is right for you

Chapter seven: Who is the right one?

 On Monday the French classes went to France. Kate, Mark, Ray, Jake, Rosie, Andrew and Kim were there with them. Kate was sitting next to Rosie in the seat. Andrew was sitting next Jake. Mark was opposite to Kate. Kim was sitting next to Ray.  Everyone were watching movies and eating their meal.

Kim was playing her food and she got a lot of her mind and Ray look over her shoulder. He passed a sweet candy on her desk and she looked across to her,

'Here you go,' he said.

'Thanks,' she showed lightly smile, but she kept playing her food. He knew there was something wrong and he was not sure how to ask.

'You are okay Kim, if you don't like your food. We can switch if you want?' he suggested.

'No it is okay, just that I guess that..' She looked over at Jake and she saw him having fun talking to Andrew and he walking by to give snack to Rosie and Kate. She gazed back her food. She sighted again and she kept playing her food. Ray realized what is happening and he peering over her shoulder.

'It is Jake isn't it?'

'Maybe, just I just realized I don't chance with Jake. I knew I made things worse. I could help myself,'

'I know you mean,'

'You do?'

'Yeah I do.'

He beamed at her and he looked over and he saw Mark looking at Kate. He had an angry face and he clutched his hand into a fist. Suddenly Ray saw Jake was furious at Mark. Jake caught Mark looking over Kate. Ray thought, 'Oh no that can't good. Jake and Mark don't get along.'  

The class went off the plane and everyone to go sight seeing, but Jake still angry at Mark. Mark saw hi and he gave strange look and he was not so sure why Jake was angry at him. Kate patted Mark on shoulder and she had a huge smile. Mark blushed hard, but he tried to hide it.

'Hey Mark let's be the same group as Rosie and Jake?'

'Are you sure?'

'Look you have to tried get Rosie turn your attention,'

'Hmm actually I am not sure about Rosie.' His head was down and he slowly walk with Andrew. Kate stopped was a little confused. Ray came up h=behind and he ear dropped Mark and Kate's conversation, 'Hmm he finally took long enough,'

'What you mean Ray?'

'You don't know, you are so naive Kate,'

'Naive what?'

Ms Wilsons clapped her hands and she puts the class in group of five. Kim was with Ray and other people, Andrew was with Mark, Jake, Rosie and Kate. Kate was looking at Mark with a confused look. Mark turned around smirk at her, 'hey  what is wrong, are you are amazed at me?' he teased at her. She punched his elbow and she screamed, 'No way!'

Jake pulled Mark away from the group and the class. He threw Mark on the wall. His face was pure red like it about exploded

'Who do you think you are?' he threaded Mark. Mark grabbed his arm and he tried to breath.

'Me, I did nothing,'

'Really I saw you checking up my sister. You stayed away from her,'

'What, she like hanging with me as well. Is not right you accused me like that,'  

'What about you, you accused me that I told everyone in the whole school about your dad's affair. Which I didn't do!'

'Don't bring that up'

Rosie pulled Jake from Mark and Kate took Mark's hand away. Rosie crossed her arm and she had an upsetting face, 'how could you do that, Kate may like Mark. Mark likes her too. Can't let them together?'

'What Kate may like him, what you mean by that?'

'Well you noticed she has been hanging with him and she getting shy around him as well,'

'No she can't like him.'

He looked down the floor and his fist was shaking . Rosie held his held to stopped him shaking, 'Jake have you ever ask Kate about Mark. Beside we told Kate about us. You know she would said. She might be not happy about that,'


'We are family now and it might affect our dad, she get worry about it. We should sort it out. Anyway have you talk to Kim about us?'

'Yeah, she didn't seem agree,'

'I thought so don't worry she will be okay,'


Jake slowly smiled at Rosie and he suddenly hugged her . She smiled and she laid on his chest. Little that they Kim was watching them and her face shown jealous. She stepped in and she yelling at Jake.

'Jake what is this, you dumped me because this girl!'

'Kim, we didn't even start dating or had a relationship!'

Rosie stepped forward and she tried calm Kim down. Kim threw Rosie's hand and Kim tried to slap her. Jake went in front of Rosie to protect her. He got hit instead and Kim cover her mouth with her hands.

'Oh Jake I am sorry,'

'Kim you should be this gone too far. I love Rosie and you know that. Stop thinking I will listening to you, or dad or your dad. You know it is not right!'

Jake took Kim's hand to take the ring off. She pulled back and she decided to threw the ring. 'Fine I hope you break with her!' She stormed out Rosie held Jake's shoulder, 'are you okay?' He turned around and he patted her head, 'yeah I am fine.'

Kate and Mark were near  swimming pool centre. The place was empty and no one was around. Kate and Mark were a lone.

'Mark did it really happened?' she asked.

'What you do mean?'

'Your dad had affair and Jake told everyone. Jake told everyone, Jake wouldn't do that.'

'I thought so, but Jake was only one known about that, I didn't tell anyone else'

'Are you sure over heard it?'

'Of course,'


'Kate look it is in the past. I don't know me and Jake came out difference,'

'Why not?'

'It is because..' He stepped toward Kate. He held her arm, but she slipped into the pool and Mark went with her. She swam towards him and he looked annoyed, 'Kate this is your fault!'

'mine fault you went with me.'

He slashed her and he quickly swimming away. Kate tried to chased him ,' hey come back here.'

In the evening  everyone were having huge dinner in their room. Kate was outside her room. She took her phone outside and she took a picture of the full moon and star beside it.

She send the picture to Mark and she text, 'Make a wish Mark,'

Mark smiled and he admire at the picture, he text back, 'really make a wish okay I will. Anyway have you eaten yet?'

She text back, ' yeah I have,'

'What did you had?'

'Rice with chicken curry ,you?'

'Sushi, that's sound nice can you make chicken curry?'

'Yeah if you were a good boy I can make it for you,'

'Okay I will be, can you make it when we get back?'

'What the magic word,'

'Please can you make it,' he smiley face and a lot kisses.

She laughed and she put the same thing. She text, 'Sure Mark.'

Ray went out his room and he saw Kate laughing beside of her. He gauzed her phone and he knew Kate text Mark.

'So Kate what is the deal with you and Mark, if I was with you, you should be with me.'

Kate stopped laughing and she looked who was beside of her, 'Ray you like me, I thought you tried to get over Miss Petal?'

'Yeah I have, I like you a lot. I can't stand you and Mark. Is not right.'

'Why not?'


'Ray I did like you before, ever since we were in grade seven  and when I came back. Somehow after I hanged around Mark. I realised Mark was right for me even we were little.' Ray's face frozen and he didn't know what to do.

'I am sorry Ray at first I thought I had feeling for you but they changed. I like Mark now,'

'You know Mark like Rosie,'

'I know, but I can't help it,'

'You still trying to?'

'Not trying let things flow. I still think like Mark. If he doesn't that is fine. Isn't right you should tell me who not to like. Just because you like me, is it love or lush you are feeling?'

Ray slapped the door and he was furious. Kate shut her eyes of the sound that he made.

She sighed and she knew it will take time Ray will start talking to her. She looked at the phone, She scroll down the messages from Mark. Mark left a text from her, 'hey Kate let's talk tomorrow. Good night and sweet dreams.' He send a picture of  sleeping  cat with kisses. She smiled, 'Sure good night and sweet dreams.' She sat down on the floor and she placed in her pocket. ' What to do I told Ray about I feel, I thought I was happy when he confess. Somehow my heart told me you know how you feel now.

Later that night Rosie heard a message on her phone. She looked at phone and it was Jake, 'meet me outside?'

'Sure,' she text back and she creped quietly. Kate looked over, but she went back sleep.

Rosie looked around and she under the tree. She waited patiently for Jake and he creped in the shadows behind her, ' boo!' Rosie framed her arms up, 'Ahhh!'

She accidentally punched Jake on the face. He patted on his face and he clueless. She raised her hands of fear.

'I am sorry Jake, are you okay?'

He burst in laugh and tears, 'it fine, well you are pretty at punching,'

'Thanks I guess.' She looked down and she asked him, 'what you need to talk about?'

'Our dad I think we should talk about us. We can try to persuade him'

'True, he might be okay I am not his real daughter. We can try,'

'That is right.'

Slowly they gather kissed under the tree.  



The next day the class played games, such as tug of war , pass the balloons and marathon. Everyone was tired but they had fun. Mark was out of breath and he was laying on the floor. Kate came over patted on his shoulder, 'Come on you are young,'

He smirked and he pulled her down, 'you should rest as well.' They both laughed and she looked down his hand and her hand touching each other. They puts  their hands away and they pretend nothing happened.  

Rosie admired them and she patted on Jake's shoulder. 'Come on Jake can't be okay with Mark and Kate'

'They aren't together,'

'Jake they seems to like each other,'

'I won't believe,'

He walked away and Rosie walked away, Kim ear dropped and she looked at Kate and Mark, 'hmm this is interesting.' she had an evil smile.

In the afternoon Mark went in the market and he saw what he was looking for Kate. He looked at his phone, he search his messages to Miss Cupid, 'I can't believe Kate is Miss Cupid.,' he thought.

He looked the mobile tag and he decided to send a message to Miss Cupid, ' I like someone else now, my friend another person what should I do?' He sighed and he was bummed out, 'What I am going to do she still like Ray,'

He looked at his phone and he grip tightly, 'It feels strange, I suppose to like Rosie now I am not sure. I think I like Kate now, why I realised sooner?'

The shop assistant peering over at Mark, 'Do you need any help?'

'Yeah I am buying a present for a friend I don't know which one she might like'

'Hmm what is her favourite colour?'

'Green and purple,'


She picked out a green and purple string with a small bell and lily next to it.


He brought it and he asked the shop assistant to wrap the present as a gift. He smiled and he stared the present and he puts in his pocket. Ray was walking with Andrew. He saw Mark and he walked up to him, 'hey Mark did you know Kate like you?!'

'No way,'

'You think I am joking?'

Andrew grabbed Ray and he apologised to him, 'I am sorry about him, Ray let's go.'

In the evening the class went back to the plane and they were going home. Kate was fast asleep and Mark look over her. He took the present, 'I hope you like it Kate.'

Kate and Mark went his house after everyone came out from the plane.  Kate was looking in his room and Mark offer her a drink, 'What you want to drink?'

'Orange juice will be fine please?'

'Okay.' She looked around the room there were photos of his school, even him and her. There was no family of his parents. She looked over there was a photo frame was facing downwards, it was his two photos in one frame. On the left side it was Mark and Jake as were grade seven and the right was his dad and his mum. His dad was cross out in red she touched the picture.

'Pretty picture isn't it?'

'Hmm Mark.'

She looked up but it was not Mark, it was his dad, she looked at the picture and she quickly puts back where it was.

'So you are Kate I am guessing Jake's sister. I heard a lot about you when you were young. What is deal with you and Mark?'

'We are just friends,'

'Really I would like to stay away from him. You are not good enough for him.'


Kate stared down Mark's dad, was Mark's dad was really threading Kate. Why was he doing that.

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