Miss Cupid

Kate is a secret love dating blogger under the name Miss Cupid. She help people become a couple with strong advice. However her old enemy Mark need some help from her, this concern black mailing her because Mark like Rosie and he know that Kate likes Ray. Rosie has feelings for Kate’s step brother Jake.
What can she do? 
Should she help Mark or not?


6. True Feelings

Chapter six: True Feelings

A row silence everyone did not make a noise. Everyone was enchanted with Rosie's beauty; however Jake was upset and shocked. Kate was shocked too and Steven was angry and annoyed. Steven was annoyed because why his father has to make things more complicated. He stepped towards Rosie. He stared down at her and he walked away. Kate stepped forward to Rosie, but Jake stopped her and he shake his head, he whispered, 'Kate let's talk to her later.' She nodded her head. Rosie observed Jake's emotions and she puts her head. Her step- father patted her on her shoulder. Jake went to his mum and he took her away. Kate took a drink and step forward to her dad and Rosie. She thought what to do, 'why, how this happened, how Rosie is related to our dad is she was adopted like me or something much more?'

Rosie gave a fade smile to Kate, she replied the same back. In his parents' bed room his mum and him were discussing what happened.

'Mum do you know about this, the girl is really dad's step daughter, how this happened?'

'Jake you know her?'

'Well she goes in my school'

His mum sat on the bed and she patted on the bed to signal him to sit next to her.

'We need to talk, your dad was young and he was always a hard worker person. Before that, he was married to Steven's mum and his mum abandoned him. To be honest he did not know the reason why his mum left him. He took Steven with him and he met Rosie's mum and he fell in love with her. Later your dad was dating Rosie's mum and she was pregnant with Rosie's real dad. Then Rosie was born and he loved her and he looked after her. He always stands by her side. One day her mum was acting strange she always goes out late night and half time she was gone for weeks. She never answered her phone and your dad called her so many times. Until she left a letter saying she doesn't want to live with him or Rosie. She married Rosie's read dad. Your dad hid the letter from Rosie. He sent Rosie to his friend's place. Four months later your dad and I dated, then you were born. We got married. You know later we adopted Kate when she was three year old. Rosie got older and she decided to live with her aunt, but her aunt kicked her out, that when your dad helped her out to go a good school. Now she is going to live with us.'

His mum patted on his shoulder and she said, 'I know it is a complicated story, I think I know why Steven acted angry at you and Kate, because he wanted a simple life, but he doesn't understand how your dad has to face it all. Things are not easy, please get along with Rosie don't make things more complicated.' Jake stood up and he threw his arm and he rejected his mum. He slammed shut and he stared at the window, he watched Rosie. His tears fall down his face and he banged the wall, 'why all of this has to happen?'

Steven went in his room and he was lying on his bed thinking what happened. He was thinking about Rosie, 'she is the girl was in my kitchen early on. I couldn't believe I didn't recognize her, that girl I gave angry look at. She goes the school as Kate and Jake, recognized uniform anywhere.' Suddenly he heard a knock on the door, it was Kate and he opened the door and he stood next to it, 'What do you want?'

'Come downstairs you don't make dad's birthday bad, beside we can talk about Rosie later.'

He glared down at Kate, 'There is no need to talk dad is complicated and I am standing there and struggled when with his complicated relationships. No need to explain or fix,'

'But Steven she is going to live with you, you can’t keep being angry at her, is not her fault. You know that you keep doing to us, you need to an adult about this.' Steven took his car keys and he shouted, 'I don't care dad's birthday I got work to do!'

'Steven, come back here!'

Jake came his parents room and he caught Steve. Steve narrowed his eyes and he passed Jake's shoulder, 'Steven how long you running like this. I know why angry at dad because he had a complicated, but is not his fault or our fault. We didn't ask this to happen.' Steven stopped and he was silenced and he walked without turning back. Kate stopped Jake and she took him to join their dad's birthday party.

Later at night Jake stayed over his parent's place and Kate went back to her place. He went to Rosie's room and he tapped on the door. She opened the door and he held breath and he pause. Then he said, 'Rosie did you know about this about my dad?'

'No, I knew the story but I never knew it was your dad. I am sorry I made things more complicated.' She looked down and she cried, he grabbed her hands and he reached to her face, 'I love you Rosie. I don't care if we are related I still want us to together.' She looked up at him ,

'I love you too, but what about your dad and your mum, Kate and Steve?'

He held her head, 'We just had to keep it a secret that we are dating. If everyone asks, we tell them still friends.' She smiled and she remembered, 'what about Kim?'

'Don't worry I will sorted out and with my dad. This marriage is stupid, I don't like Kim this can't happen, never happened.'

On Sunday Kate was getting to ready for her violent practice. There was knock on her door, she looked at the screen, it was Mark, he was standing with hands in pockets. She opened the door and she asked, 'what are you doing here, how did you know where I lived?' He smirks at her, Ray told me before, anyway I was wondering if you are free we can grabbed to eat?' She looked at the time and she was hungry. She smiled, 'okay sure we eat before my violent practice. I was going about to out to eat anyway.'

Mark let her sit on his motorbike and he turned and he saw her motorbike. She looked alerted and she nervous, 'What is it?'

'Nothing nice bike,'

'Thanks, maybe we drive mine one next time,'

'Are you flirting with me, be careful you might fall for me.' He stepped forward and he looked at her. She could smell his heavenly scent and she blushed hard and she yelled, 'no way come on let's go!'

He chuckled and he followed her to his bike. They went in a food stand and they ate some chicken noodles. Mark picked some vegetable dumpling and he dumped in Kate's bowl, 'you should eat more,' other people looked at them they thought they were a couple. Kate went red and she ate the dumpling but she choked on it. He gave a cup of water, 'slow down,' she held the drink, 'so why was Ray doing at your work place the other day?'

She placed her drink and she shrugged, 'nothing much I need helped, so he helped me.' He was jealous and he ate his food aggrievedly. 'You could ask my help?'

She placed her elbows and she looked at him a cheeky way, ' Are you jealous?'

He pushed his forward and he face was against her face, 'What if I was?'

She bounced back, 'I thought.' She looked at her time, she need to go. Mark threw money for the bill and he grabbed her hand. Her smile grew big and they went on his motor bike. She felt the wind swept away and she held tightly around his hip. He smiled and he made sure she was okay. Her face was near his strong hard back and she laid on it. He blushed hard and he tried focus on driving.

He dropped at her violent place, 'here you go madam,' he bowed at her, she rolled her eyes, 'you can come in you like?' He puts his pockets and he said, ' sure but I am going to get a drink you want one too?'

'Okay orange juice will be fine.'

'Sure I see you there.'   

Kate waved at him and her violent teacher was standing behind her, 'Hello Kate Miller, your boyfriend looks handsome.' She turned around and she was surprised,

'No he is not my boyfriend he just a friend.' Ms. Dell smiled and she said, 'really look like you two make a good couple.' Kate ignored that and she followed her to practice.

Later Mark was in the convenience store and he was looking orange juice for Kate. He saw a pack of macaroons that Kate like. He bumped Rosie and she was buying some instant noodles and a package of cripes.

'Hey Rosie,'

'Oh hi Mark, I guess you are here for shopping?'

'Yeah, here you like sushi let me buy you some?'

'No thanks macaroons I didn't know you like sweet things?'

He looked at the macaroons and he beamed at her, 'no it is for Kate, she wanted orange juice and I thought I buy macaroons for her,'

'Mark you were with her?'

'Yeah I was, I was looking for something to eat, you know Kate is an interesting person and she makes me laugh when she gets mad at me. I don't know I like her about her.'

'Do you like her?'

Mark gave a strange look at Rosie, 'no way, me are her are just friends.'

She smiled and she took the sushi off him and she walked away, 'just friends, mean you are more than friends, is that what you suppose to said.' She gave a cheeky smile and she walked away. He looked clueless and he looked his reflection on the glass from the fridges.

'No way I can't like Kate, I like Rosie right..' He saw Kate's face and he shook his head, 'Kate I have to see to her and understand my feelings towards her. Then I know if I like her or not.'

Mark went in the center where Kate was doing her practice. He sat down and he looked over the glass window. He watched Kate played the violent and he was impressed how she played. He had admired face on and he couldn't help looking at her. His heart beating so loudly and he smile silly. Little that he knew Ray was sitting near him and he moved and he sat down with him.

'What is wrong with you?' Ray asked.

Mark was shocked and he narrowed his eyes at him, 'Nothing what are you doing here?'

'What you think to Kate, I was passing to the library until I saw you and Kate. You were dropping her off; I followed her in the center.'

'How did you know she is here?'

'I didn’t, anyway what is the deal with you and her. Are you dating with her or something?'

'We had this conversation before, we are not we just friends,'

'Just friends where I heard that before, you know I like Kate, you better not touch her.' He stood up and Mark stood up and he looked at him.

'Why should I listen to you. You don't own her. I can I do what I want,'

'Answer me this, how would you feel if I confess to Kate how I feel about today, what would you do?'

'You were going to confess to her today?'

'Why not, this is a good chance is it?'

They stared each other and Kate came back, 'hey Mark you bring my juice, oh hi Ray.'

Ray patted on her head and Mark glared at him. He came in front of Ray and he passed the macaroons on her hands.

'Thanks Mark, you didn't have to buy macaroons for me,'


Ray suggested, 'Kate let's go the library I need to some grabbed books,'

'Sure I need give back some book anyway,'

'I am coming too,'

'You don't need to, 'Ray argued back and he look down at Mark. Kate went between, 'Come on let's go all to the library, it will be fun.'

They went in the library and Kate was about the books but Mark wanted to do it for her. Ray watched them. He grew angry and he had a jealous face. Kate came back with the bigger smile, he never seen that before. He lent a chair for her and he began reading his books. Kate looked the books that he taking out from the shelves it was recipients’ books and she said, 'you still want to be a chef right?'

'Yeah, hey Kate I was thinking you and me should something like this next week, if you are free?'

'Well next week I am pretty much busy,'

She looked over at Mark, Ray analyzed her emotions, the way she was looking at Mark. She nodded back to font and she fall asleep. He asked, 'Kate what you think about us?'

She rocked towards Ray's shoulder and he looked slowly ather. Her hair swepts on his shoulder and he leaned his chin on her head. Mark came back and his face grew of angry. He stepped forward and he grabbed Ray on the collar. Kate was still sleeping and her neck was on side away. Everyone turned and Ray looked down and he pulled Mark away.

They were outside the library and they were arguing their top of their lungs.

‘What is your problem?!’ shouted Ray.

‘My problem, I don’t want you get Kate confused how you feel. You told me she was like a sister to you. Now I see you are acting love with her!’

‘What is wrong with that, I like her. I can ambit that. Unlike you can’t ambit you like her!’

‘What, I don’t!’

‘You do, stop denying yourself you don’t feelings for Rosie you have changed a lot since when Kate came back in your life. I never see you or her happy like this. Only when you are together with her, you show you have feelings for her. I can’t believe you can’t see it’

A grow silence came them and Mark had no to said. Ray walked away and he left him there. Mark went to the library and he looked at Kate. He stoked her hair and he admired her, ‘Do I love her or just a phase?’

Later this afternoon Jake was meeting Kim at the shopping mall where her dad worked. He sat in the café to wait for her. He held his cup on the handle tightly. He was quite nervous and annoyed. She came in with white high heels with denim dress. She sat with him with a big grin.

‘This is nice Jake you don’t usually ask me out. What do you want to talk about?’

‘The wedding is off, there can’t a wedding if I don’t love you and we haven’t started dating,’

‘We can start now; you are not going with someone. Beside our dads get along and your dad need my help,’

‘Your help, you are taking money from your dad, you know what I am going your dad office to tell the truth!’

He stood up and he stormed out the café. Kim grabbed his wrist and she begged him not to go.

‘Jake don’t do this, your dad will get ma of you. We have to get marry I love you, since we were little.’

He turned around and he pushed her hand off and he had meanest glared on his face.

‘I don’t care I love someone right now, is not you. I am never going to marry you. You know that if you pushed it any further I will leave here and never see you again!’

She sank the floor and he walked away, she screamed and she kept the banging floor, ‘Come back here you must marry me I am rich, I am beautiful and I am better than anyone!’

Jake did not turn back and he kept walking off. He didn’t care that everyone was watching them.

Mark was dropping off Kate home and he went in her house and he sat down. He looked around her room. She had photos of them when they were kids. He smiled and he turned around she was on the laptop. She shows him an email from school.

‘Did you see the email we are going a trip to France next week?’

He leaned over her shoulder and her heart beat it, ‘Oh cool I might go are you going?’

‘Yeah, I am going to the toilet, you can use my laptop’


She went in the toilet and he sat down, he was surfing the net and he went on Miss cupid website. He checked his account and his message was reply, it said, ‘Listening your feelings your heart then you know.’ He smiled and he type back, ‘thanks Miss Cupid I will, but I don’t know who the right one for me is. I will try to listen my heart.’

Kate was in the bathroom she was looking her reflection. She placed her heart and she sweating a lot, ‘what is wrong with my heart is fighting for Mark and Ray. I like Mark, it can’t be I suppose like Ray not Mark. I wonder how Mark feels about me?’

Mark was in the room, He looked at his phone and her phone. They were the same model and he thought, ‘I should buy a present for her for phone’.

Kate’s phone beep he looked at the message it said Miss Cupid.

He looked at her phone and he realized who she is. Kate is Miss Cupid and he turned to his phone and looked at the message was send to her and he knew sure it was her. His jaw dropped and his hand shook, ‘Kate is Miss Cupid all this time.’      

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