Miss Cupid

Kate is a secret love dating blogger under the name Miss Cupid. She help people become a couple with strong advice. However her old enemy Mark need some help from her, this concern black mailing her because Mark like Rosie and he know that Kate likes Ray. Rosie has feelings for Kate’s step brother Jake.
What can she do? 
Should she help Mark or not?


1. This is how it happen

Kate is Miss Cupid, a dating blogger and she helps single people and couple to be better. She has been a few relationships, she read dating books and love movies. However she never seem to get the boy she like right now and his name is Ray. Ray is the class council and he talented on fighting and writing. Problem is that Ray and her haven't seen each other a long time in the same school in Brookyn. What happened she was studying aboard in New York and she was learning and compete auditions to play with the violin. She wanted to a violin artist as a career, however her parents wanted her keep the family business in housing. Her step oldest brother Steven was already doing and the next line might her second older step brother Jake. On other hand Jake had other ideas instead.

One day Jake had talk with Steven, now Steven did not like Jake as much because he is not real brother only his half brother. This makes so awkward Steven has a grudged on Jake and his Jake 's mother and even Kate.

'Hey Steven',

'What is it ?'.

'Well I am thinking moving back to America with Kate'. Steven turned around and he shown an anger expression.

'You are leaving as well, what about the family business and now you are follow Kate. That stupid girl why you are following her?!'.

Jake slammed his fist on Steve's office table and he claimed,' she is not stupid she followed her dream what she wanted it. I want to the same thing to what I wanted'.

Steven smirk and he stepped forward his brother, 'as what you want to do ?'.

Jake put his head down and he said,' I don't know I feel I should go back and continuing my work as a writer'. Steven chucked and throw the books off the table ,'do what you want, don't tell me you are going to followed your sister, but don't call me brother.' Jake slammed the door with tears .

Kate was in kick boxing training at her gym. She kicked in the high and her hair flew with her. She covered in sweat. She kicked on the sack bag a bit too hard. Her coach named George noticed it and he called out.

'Take it easy Kate, you don't want hurt yourself, what is wrong?'. Kate turned to George and she started to get nervous.

'Well you see..'. Then a tall boy with black hair groomed hair and he wore a black blazer. His name was Ray. Ray was Kate's crush, however she never seem had the courage to tell how she feels for him. She loved him for four years. This is first time she moved back where she used lived in Brookyn. Kate went to Ray with an embarrassing expression. Her fists at him and she whispered,

'What are you doing here?'.

'That is nice you could have said hi, you call me to help you to move in,' Ray laughed and he patted her head. She blushed quite hard and George kept laughing. He knew what was going on. He patted Ray's shoulder and he suggested,'Kate listen to the man, go with him, our lesson is finish.' George pushed Kate, she landed on Ray's chest. Ray looked down her and her face was red. She covered her face and she ran in the changing room. Ray was clueless and he smiled at her.

Kate and Ray was walking down the street, to her new flat. It was a studio it had a huge living room with the bed. Near there was the kitchen with a small table that flip up. A bathroom light blue with shower and toilet as well. Next her bed was her desk, it was black table with metal legs. Outside she has a balcony with silver fence around it.

Ray looked around and unpacked the boxes, Kate helped as well and she put the plates in the cupboards and the cups on the stands. Ray picked a strange cup, it had messy drawing of stick people. One of them was Ray and other one was Kate. He turned the cup and it said Kate and Ray best friends for life. He smiled and laughed and he pointed at Kate.

'Hey Kate I can't believe you still have this, you know it is not the best cup that I made'. Kate swung herself around and she snatched the cup from him and she puts on the stands.

'What are you doing Ray, stop playing around.' Ray smirk and he picked the books and her laptop on the desk. He turned around fall on her bed. He suggested it while he was spreading his arm out.

'Why I can't stay over, it is a long time we seen each other,' Kate blushed and she pointed her finger. She was shaking and she yelled,

'You are crazy, you know a boy and girl can't stayed in the same room.'He stared at her and he laughed and smack his knee, 'you sound so old fashion, I will sleep on the floor okay, I am just saying it is going take all night to unpack really.'

Kate picked her clothes and she hanged them. She had an immature expression.'Whatever do what you want.'

Later at night Kate was sleeping but Ray could not sleep. He gazed at Kate and he asked her.

'Hey Kate?'

'What is it?'

'Are you going to come my school?'

She got up and she switched on the lamp, she paused and she had an unsure face.

'I am not sure I want to go school, I just came back from studying aboard,'

'I understand it will be nice if you come.'

She smiled at Ray and she went back to sleep. He stared at her and he whispered, 'Good night Kate,'

'Good night Ray.'

She opened her eyes and she had a sad smile on her. She thought, 'Sure I want to go but I can't afford a school, I decided to worked by myself maybe I asked my old job as a cake delivery driver. I will asked Alex tomorrow.'

Later in the morning Kate woke up and she found Ray was gone. She looked at her phone and it was Ray, 'Hey Kate I have to leave early, because I have to helped my mum. Later on if you are free you want to meet up. Couple of my friends want check this new restaurant. Here is the address meet us there at three.'

She flinted her hair and she text back, 'Sure I will go see you there,' Then her brother Steven call her.

'Hey Kate!' Steven screamed in the phone.

'Hi Steven why you are shouting at?'

'This is your fault Jake did this,'

'Did what?'

'He decided to leave and he is in Brookyn now!'

'What, why I didn't know this, it is not my fault, he decide to do this,'

'Go see him what he is doing I will text you the address,'

'Okay, what you want me to do?'

'Just keep an eye on him,'

'You do know he is older than me,'

'Just do it.'

Steven hung up and Kate leaned back and she looked at the time, it was only nine o'clock. She got up and she brush her teeth. She went to the kitchen and she grabbed a croissant and she make some tea. She thought,'I ponder why Jake is here, did he decided to follow me here. I knew this will happened. Steven hate me more, well doesn't matter now.'

She went on her computer and she decided to update her dating blogger website. She found an email and it said,' I like my teacher a lot but she is couple years older than me. How should I show to her that I like her?' The sender was Darksore234. She had a funny look on and she thought, 'That user name sounds familiar, it could be anyone,' Kate decided wrote back and she said, 'Some older women can tricky, the best thing is to do show you much a man and be mature. Trust me a lot if them like romance and mature guy.' She reached her phone and she puts her earphone and she decided Alex her old boss who was a backer, 'Hi Alex,'

'Hi Kate it is a long time I heard you,'

'It has, can you do me a favour please I know the shop is closes. Can I use your kitchen because my brother Steven is here and I want to surprised him,'

'Sure why your brother is here does he miss here?'

'Maybe but Steven is not happy,'

'Oh no that can't good, sure you come now and we started baking, I will set the ingredient out before you come.'

'Thanks, I also I would to come back to work with you,'

'Really sure of course,'

'Great see you.'

She looked back her website and she stared at the name, there was something bothering her.

'I know I heard this user name somewhere.'

She save her work and she picked her bag. Then she stopped and she said good bye her real mum and dad in a picture and she kissed it.

'Bye mum and dad.'

Kate took her motor bike and she drove to Alex's baker house. She remembered how the place looks like. It was a small bakers shop with a cafe. It was like a small yellow and green cottage. Alex came the shop. Alex was a middle age man with ginger hair and he worn a green strips shirt. He smiled at Kate. She parked her motorbike and she rubbers hands.

'Hey Alex,'

'Hey, Kate, once we made the cake, I forgot to tell you something, to send to this address, it is a new restaurant call St Lewis at 2:30,'

'I know that address I am going there later,'

'That is good, made sure they will pay you and my shop. I heard they put good service,'

'Sure, so let's started baking,'


They puts the eggs, butter, flour and sugar. Kate was whisking the baking mixer. Alex was admired at Kate''s speed and technique skills.

'You still remember how make a cake. What kind cake your brother like?'

'Hmm orange and mango cake,'

'Okay let put the mango and orange as well, after it is finish baking we more on it and some cream as well,'


After the cake was baking, Alex and Kate puts the cream on and she puts some juicy orange and mango on the side of the cake. She turned and she puts over a green box and a dark green bow. She over the table and there was a pale yellow and it was address to Mr Lobs.

'Is that the cake you want to delivery?' Kate asked she pointed at the cake.

'Yes, please give to the waiter and they will give to him, make sure they will sign the order as well and the money.'

'I will do that.' She put the two boxes and Alex stopped her and he said, 'Thanks Alex I am glad you are back,'

'Me too.'

Kate places the cake and she ties them together. She took the boxes and she looked at time, it was only one' o’clock. She decided to drop off the cake at her brother's house. A girl with curly and black hair opened the door. She smiled at Kate, Kate was curious and confused who was this girl.

'Did I knock on the wrong door is Jake 's house?'

'Yeah and...'

'I am his sister and you are..?'

'A friend I guess?'

'A friend?'

Jake puts his arm in front of the girl, and he defended her,

'Kate what are you doing here?'

'Steven told me, here is your favourite cake.'

She gave the cake and she pushed aside Jake. She rolled her eyes and she went in the house. Jake went in the kitchen and the girl sat down on the table. Kate turned around and she sat beside of her. Jake placed the cake, knife and forks and plates on the table. He run upstairs quickly and the girl was about to follow him. But Kate stopped her and she dragged her down and she offered her a piece.

'Here have some cake,'

'Thank you.'

Kate was admired at her and she grinned, 'you are cute are you sure you are his friend, he doesn’t bring girls in his house. Even thought this is his first house. What is your name?'

The girl blushed and she ate the cake slowly, 'It's Rosie it is nice, did you made this?'

'Yes this morning, I worked in baker shop near by, maybe you swing there, I will give a good discount,'

'Sure and your name is?'

'It 's Kate, I think my brother like you, you have to be carefully with him. He can be a bit childish and cheeky.'

Jake stopped them talking and he sat next to Rosie's and he covered her ears.

'Don't listen to my evil sister, she is the dangerous one.' Kate got up and she picked the other cake and she laughed in an evil way.

'Of course, anyway Jake I will call you later, I have to deliver this, nice to meet you Rosie,'

'Nice meet you too,'

'Jake be carefully of Steven, he is not a good mood,'

'Thanks see ya,'

'Sure bye.'

Kate left and Rosie took another of the cake. She spoken in a cheerful way, 'I like your sister I don't think she is evil,'

'Of course not she is nice, anyway you stay much you can,'

'Thanks, I don't think my aunt wants me back.'

Jake patted on her shoulder and he gave her a gentle smile.

'Don't worry I am here for you.'

Kate parked her motor bike and she took her helmet off. Some men were watching her and all their eyes gazed at her. She ignored them and she picked the cake. She went in the restaurant and she gave the waiter the cake. The waiter smiled he gave two envelopes one for her and other for Alex's baker shop. Inside there was money in cash and a thank you card.

Suddenly Kate heard someone was shouting and there was boy yelling at a man in a suit. The boy threw his apron and he walked away and the man tried to chased him. He stopped and he saw Kate.

'Hello I am Mr Lobs and you must Alex's employee, sorry you have to see that, that was my son, he doesn't helping out the kitchen,'

'It is fine, here is the cake,'

'Thank you should eat here,'


Kate's phone gave a sound and she apologised, 'Sorry Mr Lobs, I am going to eat here upstairs, I have some friends meeting there,'

'Really my son can show you, oh he disappeared.'

'It is okay no worries thank you,'

'Thank you for the cake.'

Kate went upstairs and she meet up with Ray. She knocked on the door and she saw two boys. She saw a boy with black hair and he wore blue shirt with a blue blazer. Another boy with dark hair and he wore yellow jumper.

'Hi Kate, this is Andrew and this is Mark, his father owns this restaurant,'

'Hello,' she said and she sat next to Ray. Ray smiled at her and he lent her seat. Kate grinned and gazed at him. Mark was staring at her with angry stare. Kate looked back him as well. Andrew cleared his throat, he asked Kate.

'So Kate how long you know Ray?'

'Ray since middle school guess,' Mark coughed loudly and Kate, Ray and Andrew turned and their eyes laid on him.

'You remembered him what about me?' Mark snacked at Kate.

Kate analysed Mark's face, Mark's face seem familiar, then she remembered in elementary school she used teased a little boy who was three inches shorter than her. She realised this was Mark little Markie, the boy she used bullied.

'Mark.. oh right I used tease you in elementary and you went to my brother's school, Little Markie now I am remembered,'

'Little Markie,' he stood up and he slammed the table. He took Kate's hand and they walked out. Ray and Andrew were a bit speechless.

'What the heck was that?' Ray asked.

'She kinda hot,' said Andrew.

'Andrew now is this not time.'

Mark threw his finger and Kate. She crossed her arms and she didn't seen amused.

'Don't call me that,' warned Mark.

'Sorry Mark beside you are taller than me now, which is good,'

'Be quiet I know you like Ray it is obviously,'

'Really, so what is your point?'

'Let's do a deal, you help me with a girl called Rosie and I won't tell Ray that you like him,'

'How I can trust you?'

'You know why , if you don't help I will tell Ray,'

'Fine then deal,'

'Good.' Mark walked back in the room, and Kate sighed and she followed him, she thought, 'I should be carefully for now on.'

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