Miss Cupid

Kate is a secret love dating blogger under the name Miss Cupid. She help people become a couple with strong advice. However her old enemy Mark need some help from her, this concern black mailing her because Mark like Rosie and he know that Kate likes Ray. Rosie has feelings for Kate’s step brother Jake.
What can she do? 
Should she help Mark or not?


4. There is a plan right?

Chapter 4: There is a plan right?

 Rosie and Jake were sitting on the sofa. She felt awkward about the situation about Kim and Jake. He looked side ways and he took a deep breath. He moved closed to her and he explained to her, ‘hey Rosie I am sorry what happened today I am not engage with Kim or dating with Kim. I don’t like Kim. I think my dad arranged this.’ Rosie patted on the shoulders and she understood him.
‘It is okay Jake I believe you. Kim did something wrong she should not do that. I think I should leave tomorrow my step dad let me stay his house.’ He jumped off the sofa and he threw angry panic, ‘you can’t go, you can stay don’t worry I will sorted out with my dad!’ She hugged him and he hugged her back. He could smell her brunette hair and it smell like daisies and coconut. He pulled away and he held her arms and they stared intensely in their eyes. Slowly they moved gracefully a kiss, however they were mid-way and his doorbell rang. He walked up the door it was Kate and he opened door.
‘I am glad I got here on time,’ said Kate.
‘Yeah,’ Jake was annoyed.
‘Okay anyway hi Rosie, Jake told me about Kim, you can stay at my place tonight and the time being,’
‘No there is no need tomorrow morning I will stayed at my step dad’s place,’
‘Okay no worries, it is okay I need to talk to Jake alone?’
Kate dragged Jake in his room and she closed the door. Kate crossed over her arms,
‘What is going on Jake why Kim came back and she said she is engage with you?’
‘I know this is crazy, I thought Steven is going to come tomorrow instead he is coming next week. Do you think he has something to do with this?’
‘Come on Steven doesn’t do that, it sound like dad would do that. We should talk to dad about this.’
‘I agree with you, but what we could do ?’
‘Maybe we could persuade Kim to call off the wedding,’
‘Good idea but how?’
‘What you think make yourself not marry material’
Jake and Kate gave an evil laughed and Rosie pretended she did not hear it.
Next day Kate waited for Mark. She rocked her feet back and fro, she thought, ‘hmm I thought Mark and me were going to study at my place.’ Mark was driving his motorbike and he parked near Kate was standing. She recognised the motorbike and she observed she realised it his bike that she accident spill mud on it. He leaned and he comment, ‘you are admire on my bike, it is awesome,’ She gave a nervous laugh and she lied, ‘yeah I am.’
He patted his bike and he touched the mark of the bike. The mark was very thin and it was grey and brown colour. He sighed, ‘such a shame I tried to remove it but I don’t think it is mud, oh well,’
‘You aren’t angry?’
‘No, anyway I am starving are you?’
Kate signed relief and she looked around what to eat, ‘I am hungry where should we eat?’
‘I know my favourite place you like crème?’
‘Let’s go.’
They went to a place called keep your pants on. It was a lunch place sells sandwiches, crème, bums and smoothie. Kate didn't know what crème she want to tried so Mark helped to choose one it was call chicken curry crème with chips with white sauce, She was happy and excited to eat it. He stared at her like a child and he said, ‘you are like a kid, are you sure you eat that all?’
'We can share this,’
She blushed and she kept looking down. He was confused and he carried on eating his piece.
‘Hey we should do some clothing shopping?’ suggested Kate.
‘This sounds strange it is my dad’s birthday I need a dress next Saturday,’
'Yeah and a present.'
Mark folded his arms and he thought for Kate, 'maybe you should buy a tie for him?'
'Okay good idea, Mark I think..' Kate paused and she wonder, 'if we should the deal between Ray and Rosie. Things are complicated with Jake, but does Rosie like Jake?'
So they finished their meal and they went to the clothes shop. As they were observing  what to buy.Ray caught them from the distance. His fold his hand into a fist and he was full of rage. His face screwed up and Andrew looked at Ray and he saw Kate and Mark. Andrew pulled him away and he asked him,
'Ray do you like Kate?'
'I like her as a little sister,'
'I don't think so I can tell you really like her and you don't notice it.'
Ray ignored Andrew and he stomped away from him, Andrew chased him to come back.
Mark was waiting patiently for Kate to finishing changing into her dress. She came from the fitting room. She wore silver and baby blue dress with layers and the sleeves were up to her arm length. His heart beat faster and faster. His face steam red and he gazed at her.
'So what you think Mark?'
'It is good enough,' he turned way without looking at her.
Kate leaned her body and she gave a narrow look, 'fine if you don't like it you could said so.' She slipped up from the floor and she tumble backwards. He caught her and he held her on a bridge style. He looked at her and her face went red. He slowed picked her and they held hands. She was staring at his soft lips and he gazed down at her. They moved gracefully for a kiss, their lips almost touched, except Kim interrupted them.
'Hello Kate and you are ?'
'It's Mark, we have met before at Kate and Jake's house,'
'Right Jake's friend and Kate's playmate. Since when you and Kate start dating ?'
'We are not dating!' Kate moved forward to Kim's face. Kim looked away and she tusked at them,
'whatever, dating and friends I don't care. Tomorrow you and Mark, maybe Jake have a good surprise,'
'What do you mean?'
Kim grabbed her things and she waved her hand side way, 'you will see.'
Mark glared at Kim and he looked down at Kate, she was still angry at Kim, 'she creep me a bit, come on just ignore her. She is probably messy around with us.,' encourage Mark.
'I guess so.'
'Come on your dress is good and pretty, we should go and buy a tie and then go to the library soon.'
She went back in the changing room, and she touched her lips where they her almost kiss. Her heart beat quickly. She slapped both side her face and she ignore it.
Later on they were looking for a tie, Kate found a tie, it was black and grey. She looked at Mark and she pull him in. He stepped back and he was deeply confused, 'What are you doing?'
'Come on let put this on, I get an idea.' She tied the tie around his neck, he tried not look her, but it was too late he could not stop starting at her. He shook his head and he looked away.
'There, it suit you, you can have that, my dad can have the green one,'
'You can't buy this!'
'Why not it is two for one?'
He took off and he gave to her and he walked away, 'Sure whatever,' he hid what he was feeling now. Kate gave a soft smile and she brought the ties.
They went to the library and they sat down and they studied for the test. Kate was writing down the questions down and Mark admired her and he looked down at his tie that she brought for him. She looked at him and he quickly pull a book to pretend he was studying. She looked back at the text-book. He peered over the book and he stared at her,he thought, 'what is wrong with me?'
Later on Kate was fast asleep and Mark finishing his work. He looked at her and he stroked her hair. He sighed and he wonder, 'what is wrong with me, I thought I like Rosie, now with Kate . No I can't be . Why not I am thinking. We made a deal, I should really catch up with Rosie in her good books.' He took his jacket off and he puts over Kate and he looked at the time and he realised he have to go home. He text her and he patted on her head.
Kate woke up and she looked around for Mark. She stared her phone, that he had to go. She sighed and she whispered, 'I wish he stay a bit longer, but I guess see him at school.'
Next day Jake was walking to school and he was looking for Kate. Kate was at her locker and he grabbed her locker, 'Kate Rosie left my place and she went her step dad 's place.'
Kate was confused, 'we know that I was there,'
'I know that, she is not coming to school until later ,'
'Why not?'
'I guess, she could she had things to sort out for her dad, she will come back after lunch,'
'So what is the problem?'
'I miss her.'
Kate side away and she said, 'you saw her last weekend,'
Ray looked Kate and he gave nasty look at her. She pulled back and he moody walk away. Andrew apologised, 'Sorry don't ask,'
'Okay then.' Kate looked at her phone there was a message on her dating blog Miss Cupid. There was a strange message. She patted at Jake, 'look Jake don't worry I see you later, I need take this message,'
'okay ooh damn,' said Jake.
Kate was looking up her message, it said, 'I have a problem Miss cupid I like this guy since childhood, he does not get it we are meant for each other. Sad thing I don't know what to do,'
Kate text back, 'Maybe you should try to know him better..' She paused look up there was Kim at the school hall and she saw Kim was text. Kim put her phone away and Kate looked at her phone, 'Miss cupid I decide to go his school today and I am at the school hall, maybe he would understand, do you think I did the right thing?' Kate looked down her phone, and she thought, 'now she want my help, well Miss Cupid, she gotta be kidding, she doesn't want advice. She want him to marry her. Now I am going to beat her up.' Kate puts her phone away and she was about throw a punch at Kim. Ray pulled and so did Mark. She tried to fight off them.
'No Kate this is Jake and Kim's fight,' replied Mark.
'I agree,' said Ray.
Kate resisted and she puts her hands and she glared at Kim and Jake were arguing.
'So Jake are you surprise?'
'Kim I can't believe you,'
'This is going to be fun.'
Jake ran away, Kate followed Jake, she got pulled with Mark and Ray stood be useless. Miss Petal stood behind him and he looked at her.
'Hello Ray can we talk before class?'
'Yes Miss Petal.'
They went up the roof top, she patted on his shoulder, he threw his hand out, 'look Miss Petal I am sorry what happened things has changed I like someone I think,'
'Really that is good,'
'You want to know who it is,'
'Really is not my business.'
She smiled at him and he gradually pull a smile and he understood her.
Later on Jake plan a prank on Kim and he placed a flour on top the door. He waited there and he text her to come in. Little that he know it was Andrew who opened the door. Andrew was covered in flour . Kim came behind and she laughed at him. Andrew chased Jake and Mr Wilson stopped them and he told them not to run in the class room.
Near lunch time Steven came back early from the airport and he dropped his stuff. He looked at the living room. He saw some crumbs on the floor. He was a bit confused, 'that is weird dad and mum said they come back tomorrow, why is there a mess?' He picked the crumbles and he dumped in the bin. He heard a foot step downstairs and he followed the noise. There was faint shadow and he leaned in and he opened the door. There was a girl with brown curly hair and freckles, she was making some sandwiches for her lunch box.
He moved forward and he looked down at her and he asked, 'Who are you?' 

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