Miss Cupid

Kate is a secret love dating blogger under the name Miss Cupid. She help people become a couple with strong advice. However her old enemy Mark need some help from her, this concern black mailing her because Mark like Rosie and he know that Kate likes Ray. Rosie has feelings for Kate’s step brother Jake.
What can she do? 
Should she help Mark or not?


9. The battle is over


Mark and Jake glared each other without any fear. Jake punched him on the face and so did Mark and he grabbed up on the wall. Everyone were staring them at the cafe. The waiter tried to stopped them. He got pushed him. He stared at Jake like a predator who wanted food and he smirked at Jake.

'Look Jake what is your problem?'

'My problem is you why you chased after my sister?'

Rosie begged Mark to let go off Jake, she pulled him off and Jake dragged him on the floor. He punched Mark's face several times.

'Jake stop it!' Jake ignored Rosie.

One more punch and he purposely missed, he asked with tears of anger, 'Mark why did you fall on Kate?'

'I like her a lot and I am sorry that I accused you all these years, what happened to my dad. I know the truth it was Ruby told everyone about it,'

'Ruby?' 'How and why?'

'She ear dropped our talk and she wanted me for herself. Typically I am popular.'

Jake and Mark laughed and everyone were confused and they shocked. Then Steven dragged Jake's collar. Mark got up and Rosie tried to help him, but he rejected it and he walked away. Kate missed the fight and she looked for Rosie.

'What happened?'

'Steven took Jake and Mark walked somewhere,'

'Where I don't know, but he went that way,'

'Thanks Rosie.'

Kate ran and she kept calling for him, but he did not pick up. She looked over the playground they used to go. He wasn't there and she looked in the convince store. He wasn't there either, she saw him sitting on the bench. He was starting at the city light. He looked sad and he was deep in thought. She came up and she had tears over her face. She clutched her fist and her hair flew with the wind.

'Hey!' she yelled.

He looked up and she went down on the bench and she hit him with the first aid box on his knee. Mark slapped on pain he was feeling now.

'Ow, what is your problem?'

'You didn't answer my calls.'

He picked his phone and he realised his phone was on silence and he pushed the tears from Kate's face and he brush her hair off her face. He felt a string pain on his injured on his forehead. He naturally touched his forehead. Kate took his hand away and she looked his injured. His heart beat loudly  and he leaned her for kiss. Her eyes widely open and she kissed back. They slowly pushed away, Kate got up and her back towards Mark.

'I better go,' she said.

'Really you can stay,'

'No I can't Jake and Steven. I have to see what is happened,'

'Right I understand, well see you tomorrow right?'


She smiled shyly and she ran quickly, Mark jumped in air and he cheered loudly.

Kate came home and she heard shouting from Steven and Jake.

'What was that Jake?'

'What did I do wrong?'

'What you think, you had a fight in the mall, do you know how humiliated if your name got out. Our parents will be humiliated if came out the media!'

'I just had a fight with him,'

'You said it is a normal thing, you know I am moving out because this family is mess up you want to be with Rosie and she is your step sister, Kate just annoying and dad and his wife are messed up. It is his fault my mum left me and your fault as well!'

He slammed the door and he walked to his room. Kate looked at Jake and she could tell he wanted to be alone.

Kate opened Steven's door. She leaned on it and she crossed her arms. She thought what to said.

'Steven that was a bit un call for, dad's wife and it Jake's fault?'

'What do you want?''

'I want you apologised to Jake,'

'No, why should I?'

'Steven you are acting childish. This is getting stupid, all you do is blame everyone but yourself. You know why your mum left you because she wanted a new life.'

'You weren't there, dad is lying to you!'

'Even he is why are you are staying this house if you are angry at dad?'

He silenced and he didn't know what is  the answer.

Then he shouted, 'you know what Kate you know nothing at all!'

He pushed Kate and he shut door. She reached hand out and she looked down the ground.

'Steven I wish you just ambit that you are still hurt that why you stayed with dad and us.'

Steven looked down at his and a photo of his mum and he tossed away the photo. He slapped his face, his phone was ringing. He looked over and he picked his phone.

'Hi Sandy how are you?'

'I am fine what about you?'

'Can you come out I need talk to you, are you at home?'


Steven took his keys and he drove to her house. Sandy was Miss Petal and she worked at the same school as Jake and Kate.

He bang the door very aggrievedly and she peered behind the door. She showed a worry face she asked, ' what is wrong with you?'

'Nothing,' he walked passed her. She followed him into the living room and she lent him a chair. He rested his palm as he sat down. He looked up at her and she asked again,

'What is wrong with you?'

'Everything, my family is complicated. My brother like our new sister. My dad was marry three times. He decided to have another kid that is Kate. I have to get along them,'

'They are good kids and I teaches them and they gets the best grades, anyway who is their new step sister?'

'Rosie she goes the same school as them, Jake and her, he like her. Since they met in school and they are dating now.'

She patted his shoulder and she had a concern face. 'Listen Steven it is going to be hard for Rosie and Jake because their dad is finding hard to accept this. What about Kate is okay with this?'

'She is fine about that. Her lover boy is causing trouble with Jake. All sudden they get along after a fist fight,'

'Her lover boy who it is,'

'Mark you teach him,'

'Oh Mark, you mean Mark used to friends with Jake. At least he hopefully he accept them being together,'

'Sandy how can you calm with this?!'

'Come on is not a big deal you should support them!'

He stormed out her house and he took his car. She ran out her house and she tried to stop him. 'Oh Steven', she thought. She held her fist and she closed the door.

'Maybe it was a good idea to keep that Ray kiss me. I don't think Steven will be okay with that. When so much things are happened  with his family.'

Ray was with Kim and they went passed Miss Petal's house. Kim pointed out and she squeezed his arm.

'Is that Miss Petal and Jake's brother?'

'Nothing your concern let's go,'


He pulled her hand quickly without looking back. Ray and Kim head over the cafe, they saw Kate and Jake working their laptop. Mark stepped in the cafe. An awkward silence between Jake and Mark. They decided to go out to talk. Kim took Ray on Kate's table. Ray and Kate felt comfortable. They tired hide what was going on. Kim send a message to Miss Cupid. Kate's phone make a sound in vibrate mode. Kim narrow her eyes at Kate. Kate tried to hide her phone.

'I need to go outside,' said Kate.

'I will go with you' said Kim.

Ray was by himself and he followed them without them knowing.

They were outside, Kate text to Jake where was he with Mark. There no reply from him. Kim smirk at her and she asked, ' so how long you came Miss Cupid?'

'Kim come on I am not,'

'You are liar, you are Miss Cupid. you decided to make Rosie and Jake to be together didn't you?'

'No I didn't, oh shit,'

'I knew it,'

'Kim stop it,' Ray shouted.

'Ray why?'

'Kim you know Jake never love you and there isn't any point to push it, ' he persuaded her. She gazed at him and she walked away.

'Ray you chased Kim,'

'Leave her she will be, we need to talk,'


Mark and Jake were back the entrance. They started down each other  they fired a punch on their cheek. They dropped on the ground and they burst out laughter.

'Fine I accepted you and Kate,' declared Jake.

'Thank you I am sorry I accused you Jake ,'

'It is fine, but we do a lot to catch up,'


They put their arms over shoulders and they head to the cafe. They saw Ray talking to Kate. They quietly walk over the cafe. They came over their table Kim was not happy and her arms crossed. Jake looked over Mark and Mark nodded.

'Okay I need to talk to you Kim,' Jake said.

Kim followed him and Mark was by himself . He looked over and he realised Kim left her phone, 'Kim left her phone a message send to Miss Cupid about ten minutes. Oh no Kim might find Kate is Miss Cupid and she is going to tell Jake,' he chased after them.

Ray and Kate walked to the park. He took a deep breath, ' listen Kate I am sorry I guess you can stay with Mark. I still want to be friend with you,'

'Really we still can,'

'That is great anyway Kim and I started dating,'

'Really I didn't except that,'

Kate text Mark and Mark replied, 'Something going bad happen Kim find out you are Miss Cupid and she might tell Jake,'


'Ray let's go now,'

'Where?' He ran with her and they head over the end of the forest.

Jake and Kim stared each other and she threw the ring away and  she declared, 'I am not going to marry the marriage is off. I am in love with Ray,'

'Okay I told you the marriage was off first', Jake corrected her.

'You are wrong,'

Mark ran into Jake and he knocked him over onto the ground.

'Hey Mark we just came back friends I want to be injured after that,'


Kate and Ray stopped and Kim held Ray's arm. She announced to them, ' Ray and I are dating!'

Mark and Jake were shocked and Kate smiled. They were confused both said, 'when this happened?'

'You two came back friend how that happened,' said Kim, Kate and Ray at the same time.

Later on the day Kate found a letter got accepted a music of arts in France for college. Kate sat down her bed and she hid the letter in the draws. She laid on the bed and she wonder what to do.

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