Miss Cupid

Kate is a secret love dating blogger under the name Miss Cupid. She help people become a couple with strong advice. However her old enemy Mark need some help from her, this concern black mailing her because Mark like Rosie and he know that Kate likes Ray. Rosie has feelings for Kate’s step brother Jake.
What can she do? 
Should she help Mark or not?


2. Please help me

Next day Kate had a call from head mistress from Ray 's school. The school was called West Main King School. At first she did not know who was.

'Hello is this Ms White you do know me your mum's friend your brother Jake Millers. He is coming back here again, I just wondering if you come keep an eye on him', said Ms White.

'Hello Ms White I don't think I can afford the school,'

'Don't worry I will offer you a place, I owned your mother a favour,'

'Oh thank you, but I will repay you,'

'Don't worries can you come today?'

'Yes, what time?'

'Hmm before break time so about 10 o'clock to my office,'

'That would be fine.'

Kate jumped for joy, she was going to Ray's school, but she stopped and she ponder why her brother is back. She packed her notebooks, pencil-case and a pack lunch. She decided text Ray that she is coming. Then Ray text her back and he said,'great you are coming meet me at the rooftop at lunch time.'

Kate went to school on her motorbike and she parked next to another one. She looked at the other motorbike, it yellow and silver stripes. She stepped at the hideous colour and she compared to her bike was maroon.

'I glad I didn't choose that colour that will dirty easily,'

She gazed on the yellow bike and there was mud on it and she realised from her tire. She tired wiped from her tissue. It showed a very light shade. She swiftly walk away before anyone notice.

She head to Ms White's office and she knocked on the door. She opened the door and Ms White smiled at her and she handed her a seat.

'Hello Kate here is your uniform and here is a form to fill in and here is your timetable,'

'Thank you, I really I should repay you,'

'Really well you some fee here which I help but I guess you can do a part-time job as well,'

'Yes I have one,'

'Oh good, please fill this please.'

Kate finished filling the form, she gave Ms White. She closed the door and she held uniform. It was dark royal blue and the tie was light blue with lime and the skirt was dark blue. This is first time she went to a very rich school. She was so used to her causal clothes in school. This was different her brothers always on top and he goes the best school. She wasn't the favourite, but she decided to followed her dream.

Kate went to the roof top and she searched for Ray. He was looking at the fence and he tusked.

'Great Jake and Mark, look at these fools,'

She went behind him and she patted his shoulder, he turned around  and he smiled at her .

'Hi Ray what is going on?'

'Hi Kate, come on it is nothing,' he tried pushed her and she grabbed his arms and she pushed him away. He got up and he tried to stop her. It too late she saw Mark and Jake staring each other to start a battle between Rosie in the middle.

'Rosie goes this school?' she asked.

'Yeah she is new and Jake came back early today,'

'I am going to stop this,'

'Wait,' Kate ran downstairs quickly as possible and Ray was holding a small cake and he turned away slowly.

'Kate hurry up I want to give this cake to you.'

Mark marked with finger at Jake. Jake clutched his fist and he was about to punch Mark. Then Kate stopped him and she pull his arm and he pushed back.

'Kate what you doing here and you are wearing the uniform?' asked Jake. Mark stepped back and he said, 'Kate I didn't except you would come,'

'I know, really so you guys fight in front Rosie not cool, well don't you want fight with me Mark?'

'You come on girl, this  will be easy,'

'You think so?'

He swung a punch, but he missed her and she grabbed his trousers down and she slides his under knees. A roar laughing came from the crowd, Jake and Rosie laughed. Ray was laughing too and Kate turned around and she blew a kiss.

'Nice legs Mark,' she complimented

Mark looked down and his face went red as a tomato. He quickly pulled up his trousers and he gnarled at Kate. He ran to her and he tried grabbed her. His fist stop now and he turned around.

'What is now?' he snapped.

It was Mr Westwood and he was not please he told Kate and Mark that were in clearing litter duty. Everyone quickly went to  their classes. Kate and Mark turned their heads away each other.

At 12 'o’clock Kate and Mark were clearing the litter for punishment . She was clearing the garbage and he pointed at her with the stick. She gave him a dark look and she asked,

'What is it Mark?'

'It is your fault if you didn't pull my trousers down, this wouldn't have happened,'

'I think so, it is more your fault, if you and Jake didn't start this, this wouldn't happen anyway.' She pounded back with her stick to him and she continued picking the litter. He moved away and he walked to picked his end. She looked up at him and she took a deep breath.

'So that girl is that Rosie you like?' she was curious.

'Yeah, me and Jake saw each other on the court-yard and everyone was excited that he was came back. She is new too like you I guess,'


'Wait what?'

'Nothing, just that you and Jake used to friends,'

'Your point being?'

'Are you sure you like her, or is this another fight with you and Jake again?'

'What that is stupid?'

He accident threw the can of coke and it smashed the window. She turned around it was Mr Westwood 's classroom.

'Now you done it he find out we  will more than trouble,' snapped Kate.

'Hey it is your fault, beside is not your business, this is between me and Jake,'

'What of course it, he is my brother and you're my.. ' she paused and her voice. Who was Mark suppose to be, her friend, her enemy. This is the guy who like  Rosie. She knew that Jake like Rosie. She didn't know it  was the same Rose, who Mark like. What could she do, she has no choice help him, because she like Ray and Mark know Ray, because they are friends and they goes to the same school.

Kate moved her eyes from Mark. He stepped forward to her and he reached his hand out to her. Suddenly there was an angry voice came from the broken window. It was Mr Westwood and he was not pleasant.

'What this you broke my window, this it, both you have detention after school!' Kate pointed at Mark and she shouted, 'Mr Westwood I didn't breakit  it was Mark!'

Mark gave a furious look , 'Me you are stitch don't tell him!'

'I don't care both of you in detention after school in my room!'

In the English Miss Petal taught the class about a book called the bear and I. As she was reading the book to them. Rosie was falling asleep and Jake tapped her shoulder. She smiled and she moved away to hide her shyness. She closed her eyes and she pushed her blush away. Miss Petal asked Rosie to read the next line. She didn't know page did Miss Petal read. Jake whispered,' page 30 Rosie.' Rosie begun read the page and it was sweet and sudden. Mark admired her beauty so did Jake. The two boys stared at her as she read the page. Kate smacked her face with her palm and Ray laughed with her. He wrote a note to Kate, Kate read it on her book, 'Hi Kate, meet me after class I got a present for you.' Kate turned around at Ray and hebeamed at her. Mark looked at them with an unsure face. He knew Kate liked Ray, does Ray like her. He thought, 'I wonder I make a good deal to get Kate to help me, she has no choice or I will tell Ray. What if Ray like Kate? No way he does like Kate, she is a very strong girl, Ray likes  gentle girls, what if I am wrong?' He shakes his head and Kate caught him looking at her. She had a clueless face and Mark looked straight back at the book.

'Crap don't look at her, she will get wrong idea, why I feel guilty about this what if Ray reject her instead,' He thought. As he thought he didn't notice he his action, 'Man this is stupid why do I still thinking about her, she just a girl used to tease me !' Everyone went silence , then a roar laughter from the class. Mark's face went red and he realised he said his thoughts out. Kate gave a strange look and she looked at Rosie was embarrassed. Jake was laughing at him and Mark were angry at Jake. Kate thought, 'What was he on about Rosie, I didn't know Rosie teased him'

At lunch time Rosie was sitting by herself and Kate saw her. She was about to walk up to Rosie, until Ray call her, 'Hey Kate come here,' She turned around and there Ray and Andrew lent her a seat. Kate looked back at them. She saw Mark getting the food, she walked to him instead. Ray stopped waving and he got annoyed, 'What did she just blank me?' Andrew patted him shoulder, 'there there I am sure it is nothing.' Ray was a bit suspicious at them and he had weird feelings which he wasn't sure.

'Hey Mark you see Rosie sitting there by herself why don't you ask her sit with you for lunch?' Kate elbowed Mark. He smirked at her and he nodded at her. Kate sat down with Andrew and Ray. Ray looked annoyed at Kate, 'So you took your time Kate, what you Mark were talking about?' Ray asked.

'What nothing we kinda friends,'

'Hmm,' Ray didn't believed Kate's lie and he hid the cake in bag. Andrew caught Ray hid it.

'So Ray where that present you were going to give me?' Ray puts away the cake under the table and he took out a coupon  and he gave her instead.

'here is your present,'

'a coupon?'

'You know I am going to toilet, look after my food Andrew,' Andrew and Kate leaned back and Ray stomped out the canteen.

'Man what wrong with him?' she asked.

Andrew shrugged and he kept eating  his food. He wasn't sure why Ray hid the cake away from Kate. Kate looked at Mark and he walked up the table and he sat to Rosie. He flirted with Rosie, 'Hello Rosie you look fine today, you definitely should have lunch with me,' Rosie was annoyed and she looked him like he is out of this planet, 'no I do not want to sit next to you okay?'

'What why not?!' he threw the chair and Kate hit the palm of her forehead again. Jake stepped in and he grabbed her hand. Rosie picked her tray and she went with him. Mark was about followed  them. But Kate sat beside of him, 'sit down Mark you are making a scene,' Mark turned around and he slowly sat down. Everyone turned around went to eat their food. Ray came back and he sat down, Andrew was staring at Mark and Kate, Ray leaned forward and he turned to Mark and Kate eating lunch together.

'What did I just miss?' asked Ray.

'I don't know I am confused as well, Mark got reject by Rosie and Jake took her away. Kate sat next Mark,' answered Andrew.


'I don't know maybe Mark and Kate are dating,'

'Aw come on really them two never,' Ray gave a nervous laugh.

Mark huffed his reject with Rosie. Kate carried on eating her food and he glared at her,

'Kate go sit next Ray and Andrew not me. Don't feel sorry for me,'

'I don't you should ask her, not force her,'

'I didn't force I offer her,'

'Really I think you need more help,'

'Me, come on I am not that bad.' Kate ignore him and she kept eating her food. Mark turned around ate his food. He looked up at her and he grinned at her.

After school Kate was with Mark in dentition. Mr Westwood was marking the class homework. Kate and Mark glared each other in silence. Mr Westwood stood up and he announced, 'I am going to the toilet and I am going to lock the door. So better behave in here.' He locked the door and he went to the toilet. Kate sighed and she laid on her arms. Mark puts his leg up, he said, 'this is ridiculous I shouldn't be here,' Kate stood up and she slammed on the table.

'It is your fault I should go not you. If you stop being stupid fighting with Jake over Rosie this wouldn't happened, I don't get it just a girl!'

'Just a girl, you don't know nothing about her!' He stood up and he slammed on the table as well.

'Of course I only met her.. once today.' There was a silence and Kate thought about this, 'should I tell Mark that I already met Rosie at Jake's house. No I can't he is my brother and I don't know the detail between Rosie and Jake.'

He bended down and he looked away from her, 'look I am sorry Kate, you are right this is stupid, me and Jake always fight, you are wrong this is just silly fight. This is first time I like someone ever I don't talk to girls properly not even when I was little,' Kate reached out her hand placed his shoulder, 'what about me?' she asked.

'I guess Rosie is cute and interesting and you are different,' Kate gave a strange look at Mark. He got up and he stood beside. Suddenly they heard the door unlock and they quickly sat down. Mr Westwood opened the door and he looked at the time, 'Okay you kids can go, please stay out of trouble,'

'Yes sir,' they said. Kate walked with Mark, he was in front of her, she stared his back and she pondered, 'different, what Mark means by that?' Mark turned around at Kate and he asked her,

'What you think Miss Cupid?' he asked.


'You know Miss Cupid I wonder she will help me, I need more help,'

'She is good I guess I heard good reviews,'

'I am reading comment and her reviews as well, she sounds like someone who I know,' Mark leaned over at Kate, she sweated nervously and he beamed at her and her heart beat like fast as lighting.'Like Miss Petal,' he walk away. Kate sighed relief and Mark waved at Kate, 'See you tomorrow Kate,' Kate opened her eyes and she waved back, 'Good- bye Mark,' She took another deep breath. 'Man I thought a second Mark find out I am Miss Cupid.'

Then Kate heard something a strange sound from Miss Petal's room. She peeped through the door. There Ray and Miss Petal kissing each other. Kate threw herself back and tears fall on her face and she ran away from the scene.


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