Miss Cupid

Kate is a secret love dating blogger under the name Miss Cupid. She help people become a couple with strong advice. However her old enemy Mark need some help from her, this concern black mailing her because Mark like Rosie and he know that Kate likes Ray. Rosie has feelings for Kate’s step brother Jake.
What can she do? 
Should she help Mark or not?


5. Our Place


Steven asked the girl again, 'who are you, what are you doing in my parents' house?'

The girl puts away her food in her pack lunch, 'Excuse me this is my step dad’s house and who are you?'

'Step dad who is it your step dad?'

'None of your business!'

He slammed on the counter and he stared down at her, 'I asked you one time who are you?'

'Rosie,' she finally answers and she gathers her pack lunch and she ran off. He tried to catch her, but she too so quick. He sat down and he was shunted, 'Rosie why she sounds familiar, no couldn't be she is that baby and her mum who left my dad. It can't be?'

Rosie went up her locker and she looked at time, it was lunch. She was sweating and she nervous. She swallowed and she opened her locker and she took her books in her bag. She looked at the mirror. She touched her face, 'who was that, why did I ran away what should I do. He must be my dad's son as well. Steven has grown up so fast. He doesn't recognise me,' she thought.

Kim grabbed on Rosie's locker and she looked at Rosie with an evil smirk, 'So Rosie we meet again,'

'Kim what are you doing here?'

'What you think Jake is my finance I have to follow to be with him,'

'Really I feel sorry for you Kim, why you doing this, he doesn't love you and you decided to buy your own ring and you said you are engage. That is not love and you know that.' Kim held on Rosie's arms and she gave narrow look. Kate pulled Kim away and she was about to swing a punch. However Ray stopped Kate and he took away. Rosie went forward to Kim, but Mark took Rosie away. Kim laughed and she threw her hand in the air then Jake took her hand away.

'Hey Jake!' she screamed.

They are outside at the flied and Jake was mad at Kim, 'what you think you are doing?'

'Me, what have I done?'

'Don't play innocent, don't you dare hurt Rosie, she has nothing do with this!' Kim stepped forward and she played around on Jake's chest, 'who are right you have followed your dad's plan you get marry and your dad keep his business.'

He slapped back her hand away and he banged on the wall, 'My dad's business is fine, he doesn't need your dad's help. You think your dad going to be there all the time. Kim, grow up stop being a spoil brat!'

 He leaned back and he walked away from her. She grew with rage and jealous and she thought, 'you will pay Rosie and Jake!

Mark was with Rosie, he held her hand and she looked way and she threw his hand. She folded her arms, 'Look Mark I didn't need you save me,'

'Could said thanks, I am impress at Kate was about throw a punch at Kim. It will be nice to see, but Ray took her away,'

'Why didn't you go after her?'

He stepped forward and he went on the same eye level as her, 'are you jealous?'

'No you spend a lot time with her. Don't understand your feelings?'

He was clueless what she was on about and his face went red. He ignored his feelings and he grabbed on her arms, 'what you mean by that?!'

Jake swiftly took Rosie away from Mark, 'She is not in you!' Mark was about to follow them, but he stopped, 'what is wrong with me, why my heart telling stop this, you don’t feelings for Rosie.' He shook head and he sank down on the bench.

Ray and Kate were on the roof top. They gazed each other's eyes and Ray took a deep breath, 'I used like someone Miss Petal, but she reject me. I decided to move on,'

'Really you like her and she reject you?' She relieved.

She smiled and she realised she has chance to win Ray's heart. Ray stepped forward and he looked her, 'you are smiling you are mean. I am hurt what happened.' She swallowed and she stopped smiling. 'Do you like her still?'

He leaned back and he patted on her hair, 'no not any more somehow I starting to like someone I am not sure it is love or something else,'    

'What you mean?'

'I like your smile Kate. After school let's go somewhere?'

She smiled, quickly, she was upset, 'I can't I got work afterwards. Maybe we still hang around because, there is only me in the bakery. My boss and the baker have day off. So they told me my friend could help me o

‘do you want help from me?' He smirk at her and she nodded. He puts his hands in his pocket.

'Well if I help you, you should help me my work school council we picked some work to give the teacher after history class,'

'okay I guess help.'

At maths class, everyone were taking the test and Kate was staring at her paper. She looked over at Mark and he puts a thumb up. He whispered, 'you can do this Kate.' Mr Wilson stepped forward and he blazed at Mark, 'No talk Mark Jang.'

Mark ignored Mr Wilson and he stared at the paper and he started answering the questions. Kate did the same and she remembered what Mark taught her and the studies she puts effort. The minutes gone by and the time was up. Everyone breath of relief and Mr Wilson took the papers in. Kate leaned forward and she whispered to Mark, 'how was for you Mark?'

'It is okay for me, what about you? '

'I think I did okay, thanks to you I remembered what you taught me.' She beamed at him and he turned around and he hid his face, because his face was extremely red, 'whatever, ‘he said.

Kate was looking at the message on her phone. She knew it was Kim's message. She decided to reply to it, 'Hi Prettykimmy234 I understand how you feel but follow the boy you like won't help. Beside are you sure he love you. Real love is how you earn it not by forced.'

Kim was at her locker and she threw a scream, 'what Miss Cupid said that?!' She sends a text back.

'Whatever Miss Cupid, whatever your name I will make your website get close down, you think you are all that you are not I am rich and better and I will make sure Jake Miller is mine.' Kate turned around Kim was frustrated. Kate smirks and she text back, 'hmm I like to see you try.'

Jake was looking at Kate with a strange look and he took her away. He coughed quickly, 'Kate did you know dad is coming before Saturday?'


'Well he is coming today, so we see them on Saturday and Steven I heard he came back today.'

'Oh I thought he will come to your house,'

'No they moved in. I can't believe this, why our family is complicated?'

She patted on his shoulder and she smiled at him, 'Don't worry beside I have to see Ray now.'

He patted her head, 'hmm sound you and Ray are getting cosy,'

'Please,' she threw his hand.

'Have fun,'


'Bye Kate.'

Kate was looking her Miss Cupid messages while she waited for Ray; she helped a few people there. One girl had problem about how to choose the right guy. She told her to follow your heart and it work the girl feel than ever. Another one she gave advice a boy how to handle distance relationship to do little things communicate. As she schemed through her message. She found a strange email from someone that she recognised. It's said, 'Hey Miss Cupid it is me I have busy a lot thanks for your advice. Things didn't work out with the woman that I liked. I decided to move on. However lately I have been over protective with an old friend. At first I thought I like her as a sister, but I am not sure. What should I do?' It was from Darksore234, it was Ray. She thought about this 'could be me, no come on Ray like me now?' She typed down as honest she can be, 'Hi Darksore234 what you should pay attention your feelings toward your old friend.' She clicked it to send it. Ray came  out the door. She dug her phone in a flash. She smiled nervous, 'hey Ray,' Ray looked confused and he puts his papers in his bag, 'sorry I have to picked some work for conciliating, what is wrong?'


'Okay let's go,'


He looked at his phone and he grinned, he thought, 'hmm thanks Miss Cupid I might take that advice, pay more attention to Kate.'

Mark and  Andrew was at Keep your pants cafe. Mark was playing with his food. Andrew stared at him. he asked, 'what is wrong with you Mark?' He stamped his food with fork and he looked the window, 'I don't know I like Rosie now I am not sure.' Andrew had a drop down face,

'What you like Rosie?!'

'Shh not so loud. I don't know what wrong with me?'

'Really you have been spend time with Kate too much. Have you realised you and her now?!' He leaned on the seat. Mark leaned forward and he was curious, ' what do you mean?'

'Me and Ray saw you and Kate on a date last weekend,' Mark slammed the table and everyone turned around, 'we weren't on a date, we just study okay?!' He stomped out the cafe. Andrew laughed and he sank further on his seat.

Kate and Ray set up in the kitchen. They followed the instructions of the cakes were need in the shop. She puts her hands on her chin and he whisked the mixer and he placed on the tray.

'So Ray have you done this?'

'Sort of in cooking class, you are better than me,'

'Come on I am not I can help you,'

They made a few cup -cakes, cheese cakes and chocolate. Kate was making a strawberry tart and Ray watched her and he admired her skills. She stopped and she grabbed his hands to teach how to use the icing.  He was blushing quite hard and he took a deep breath.  He shook his head and she leaned side way, ‘what is wrong?’


‘Okay,’ she put the tarts away and she was get small bowls of fruit. Without noticing she tripped over a chocolate. He caught her and he picked her up and they were staring in their eyes. Slowly he moved a kiss. She shook her lips and her eyes were wide open.

Then Mark came in he sat down. Kate stepped back and she looked at him, ‘what are you doing here?’ He looked up and he gave her a shrugged, ‘what you think I am here as a customer, could get a strawberry tart and water please?’ she gave a dirty look and she took down his order. Ray was annoyed at Mark. She came back with a fork and strawberry tart. ‘Here you go,’ she said in nasty way. He looked down and up at her uniform and he smirked, ‘I like your uniform.’  Her face went bright red like a rose. Ray was raging with anger and he clutched his fist, but his phone beep. He looked at his phone and it was a message from Kim. It was urgent, he put his pocket. He took his apron he call Kate, ‘hey Kate I have to go now!’ He looked at Mark and he pulled out the bakery, ‘don’t worry I need to talk to Mark.’ She was puzzled and she pretended nothing  has happened.

Ray threw Mark on wall and Mark pushed him away. Ray was trying to get his balanced , ‘what is your problem I thought you like Rosie not Kate?’ asked Ray. Mark bounced of the wall, ‘what I like Rosie what about you, you said Kate was like a little sister!’ Ray pushed Mark arm, ‘look I changed my mind but you keep your hand off Kate got that?’ Ray walked off and Mark picked his collar and glared at Ray.

Mark went back in and Kate sat with him with two cups and a teapot. She poured the tea and she passed to Mark, ‘So what did you and Ray need to talk about?’

He stared at his cup, ‘men stuff,’ she smiled and she drank her tea, ‘you like it, it is earl grey?’  He took another sip, ‘yeah thanks,’ he gave her some money, ‘what is this?’ she asked.

‘Whatyou think the order?’

She pushed the money and she patted his shoulder, ‘you don’t have to it is on the house, beside you help me study so thanks,’

Mark got up and he took her hand, but she pull back and she grabbed her keys and locked the shop. He dragged to a small forest. She stepped forward and she look around the city lights. It glitter so beautiful and she looked the bright colours. She beamed at him and she held his hands, ‘where you found this place is great, I think I been there before.’ He stepped forward and he leaned close her. He could smell her hair and it smell like elflower.  She turned around her face was levelled at his, ‘we used come here when we were kids. Even you used teased me a lot you are always fun at the same time,’ he leaned forward and she stood still. He leaned in, but he pushed back, he was held back by Ray’s words. She stared at him, ‘how you feel about Rosie?’

Mark gazed her eyes and he slowly, ‘hmm I am not sure, I got things on my mind now,’ she looked confused and she gave a gentle smile, ‘maybe you should show this place to her then you will understand?’  He gave an anger look at her, ‘what no this is our place not her or anyone else!’ she leaned back and he took a step and he walked away.  She call him, ‘wait Mark I am sorry I thought I could help!’ but he ignored her and he kept walking away. She stopped chasing and she was deeply confused why did Mark shouted at her like that.

 On Saturday Steven was getting his clothes and he looked quite nervous. He went to the door step and he looked at his watch, ‘okay you can do this,’ he tried pushed door bell. He held back and turned he saw Jake and Kate walking by. They stopped and Steven turned and he pretended he wasn’t doing anything.  Jake sighed and he stepped in and he pushed the door- bell. Steven pulled Kate and Jake away from the house. An older woman opened the door and she looked left and right. She closed her door and Steven sighed relief. Jake gave an evil smirks,

‘You cheeky devil I didn’t know you like older women,’ Jake patted his back but Steven threw his arms. ‘No. That is my mum I wanted said him and I could ask her she wanted go to dad’s birthday!’ Jake leaned forward, ‘I am sorry I don’t think your mum would like that, you know what happened she abandon you and dad took you in.’ Steven threw his arm and he tried to punch Jake. Kate stopped him and she held his fist, ‘stop it Jake is right you know it and dad told us about this. Should dad know about this, it is his birthday.’ Steven took his hand back, ‘we are still family,’ he walked away and they follow him to their parents house.

When they got there everyone gather around and everyone turned. Steve step forward to his dad. Kate and Jake pulled Steve, and she said, ‘sorry dad, hi mum.’ Their dad pulled Steven and he puts his arm over him. ‘Now everyone I have a surprise I have a new family member and I would everyone to meet her, this is my step daughter.’ A girl with a white lace dress and it was Rosie. Kate and Steven went silence and their jaw drop. Jake stepped forward and Rosie stared in confuse ways. Jake’s eyes were wide and his hands dropped.

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