Miss Cupid

Kate is a secret love dating blogger under the name Miss Cupid. She help people become a couple with strong advice. However her old enemy Mark need some help from her, this concern black mailing her because Mark like Rosie and he know that Kate likes Ray. Rosie has feelings for Kate’s step brother Jake.
What can she do? 
Should she help Mark or not?


3. Clear feelings

Chapter 3 Clear the feelings     

 Miss Petal gave a slap on Ray's face. He was stunned and his jaw drop down. She shut her eyes and she pointed the door. He knew what she meant and he walked away without any sound. He walked up to Mr Westwood's room to see Kate was there, but no one was there and he sighed and he paced go home. Ray felt so reject and hurt, he looked at Miss Cupid and he wrote his user name and he wrote an email to her. He laughed and he screamed, 'Damn I got rejected it!'

He got home and he was goes upstairs until his mother call him,

'Dear why are you late?'

'I got things to do as a student council,'

'Oh good your father wants to know if you are free this weekend. He wants to help him with friend's daughter?'

'Sure whatever, can I go?'

'Of course.'

As he swiftly went upstairs, he thought, 'really mum now there is a time limit when I come home.' He went on the computer and he saw Kate was online. He clicked on and he waited her.

Kate was reading the email of her site, until she received a web chat from Ray. She froze, unknowing what to do. She remembered she saw Ray kiss Miss Petal after school. She cried a little and she didn't want to know what happen next. She took a deep breath and she wiped her tears. Then she clicked Ray's name.

'Hey Ray what's up,'

'Hi Kate I wondering how was detention with Mark?'

'Hmm it was awkward,'

'I guess so, are you him are friends?'

'I guess we should patch, we were just kids. I used to tease him why you ask?'

'Oh just Andrew said something stupid,'

'Like what?'

Ray played with collar and he smiled nervous, ' you and Mark are dating?'

'What?' she slammed the desk and she burst out laugher, 'Me and Mark come on it will be weird, because he like..'

Kate paused and she thought about Mark, 'should I tell Ray that Mark like Rosie, I could, Ray is my best friend he won't tell Mark or anyone would he?'

Ray gave a funny look and he asked, 'Kate hello anyone there, Mark like who?'

She tweeted and she whispered, 'okay don't tell anyone not even Mark okay?'

'Kate I am your best friend I keep secret very well, who is it?'

'It is Rosie,'

'The new girl,'

'I am new too,'

'Yes I know that, but I know you very well, Rosie seems okay but is Jake is dating Rosie?'

'What no!' She laughed in a weird way.

'Are you sure she seems stay with Jake most of the time,'

'So do us,'

'That is different,'

Kate went silence and she was unsure what to said, 'What you mean we are different from Jake and Rosie?'

'I don't know you are like a sister to me.'

She sank down low on her seat and she pretended her phone was ringing.

'Hey I will talk you later, okay?'

'Okay sure bye,'


Kate minimized her web cam she laid down on her bed.  She cried quietly and she kept record in her mind what Ray thought of her. 'A sister, I already got two brothers I don't need another one,' she threw her pillow on the wall. Stupid Ray, why he like Miss Petal I am better than her, I am going to my read my email.'

As she was looking the email she saw an email from Darksore234. The same sender who asked her about he like a woman is older than him.

'Hmm Darksore234 again, I wonder my advice work,'

'Hi Miss Cupid today after school I took your advice it didn't work I kiss her and she slapped me, what should I do?'

She gazed at the screen and she looked at her phone and she realised the user name was Ray. She looked emails that Ray sent to her real name. She thought what to said and she wrote back, 'Well I am sorry it happened, don't worry try to apologised maybe it up to move on or not, You know there someone out like you me Kate,' she erased the bits, 'you know there some like you me Kate.' She knew she could not reveal who really is. She hit the send button and she moved from the computer and she picked a picture of Jake, her and Steven as kids.

'Is Ray right what is going on between Jake and Rosie, Jake used to tell me when we lived now any more after I left home. Steven hate me even more, he never used, I don't know why he doesn't speak nicely to me,' she thought.

The phone rang it was Steven and she picked the phone.

'Hi Steven,'

'Kate what is going on with Jake I can't contact I think he block me and I heard dad gave him a house . Why is he is getting the good stuff ?'

'I don't know beside you should leave him alone,'

'No this is unfair, I am coming down there now!'

'No I don't think you should come down now,'

'Why not?'

'You have..' She stopped talking and she said, 'you got work,'

'Don't worry I make plan as well to work on business,'

'Wait don't.' Steven hung up on her and she tried call him again. He didn't picked and she threw phone, 'Crap he visited he going to find out about Rosie, a less she can stayed with me for a while. Should be okay,' she thought.

Next Morning Kate was changing in her room and she about to grabbed her uniform. She saw something herself on the screen. She went to her computer and she realised the web cam was still on. She saw Mark's face, she covered herself and she closed the screen.

Mark looked at Ray's computer and he turned around to Ray, 'hey Ray how long you know Kate?'

'Since middle school I guess,'

'They struck together too long,' said Andrew reaching some crisps.

'Hey not in the room, my mum will kill me,'

'Okay,' Andrew went the room and Ray followed him. Mark look back the computer and he saw Kate's email, he type on his phone. He asked Ray, 'Do you want me shut the computer?'

'Yeah you finish your email?'


Mark went red and he walked away from Ray and Andrew. Ray gave him a strange look at him, 'what is up why your face is red?' Mark laughed and he lied, 'it is hot today,' He opened his collar and Andrew commented, 'you are strange,'

'What?' Mark snapped. Ray pushed Mark and Andrew, 'Come on you guys we going to be late.'

Kate was under her desk and she moved slowly, to check her screen. The web chat was off and she tried to relax. She looked at the time and she grabbed her clothes and she went the door. She text Jake that she needed to talk to him.

Jake was waited Kate at the front gate and she stopped and she catch her breath, 'big problem Steven is going to come now or tomorrow in your house,'

'What?' Jake looked surprised and he slammed his head, 'Why Steven want to come my house?'

'I don't know you have to tell Rosie to stay over my place,'

'What I am going to help her study and I want her to stay my place,'

'Is not like you two are dating,'

'Well..' Jake moved left to right, ' we are not almost..'

'What you almost you haven't told me the story why she is staying over your place!'

He took away from the gate and he hid behind the tree, 'quiet I don't want the who  school get the wrong idea,' She picked her fist and she warned him, 'tell me now!' He held his hand up to protect himself, 'okay her aunt kicked her out and I met up outside my house so I kinda want to help her out,' she was not impress, 'you picked up a girl who you don't know at all and you got involved, why didn't you gave her hotel. You know dad is going to find out about this,'

'You didn't make a big deal out of this,'

'Now I am because Steven is going to come now,' Rosie walked by and she beamed at them. Kate folded her arm and she glared at Jake. Jake sighed and he said, 'look Rosie we need to talk you are going to stay with Kate's place a few days.' Rosie was confused and she shrugged her shoulder, she asked, 'why?'

Kate stepped and she moved Jake's hand away from Rosie's shoulders, 'Just a few days, because Steven our brother is coming to visit,'

'Okay, what about us Jake aren't we still going to study?'

'Sure Kate will let you don't have to ask, 'he laughed and Kate rolled her eyes. They heard a scream from the court-yard. They ran and they found Mark strangling a boy's neck. He threaded him and he said, 'So are you are going to stay quiet now,' Rosie stepped up but Jake stopped her, 'don't you want go in the food chain,' she gave a narrow look and she paused. However Kate decided to stepped in and Ray tried stop her. She pushed him out the way, she dragged Mark from his collar and she announced, 'That it we need to talk, show is over.' Everyone walked away and they lost interested. The boy crawled away and he tried not to be seen. Andrew hushed at Ray, 'Now you think they are not dating, 'Ray folded arm and he grumbled, 'I don't know.'

Kate threw Mark like he was a tennis ball, and she yelled at him, 'before home room start in ten minutes and you decided to start this?'

'What are you, the teacher now?!' he snared back.

'No you could start listen and taking my advice. I don't think showing how you are tough as a bully in front of Rosie will help,'

'What you know you are not Miss Cupid, Miss Cupid said to me I should get know Rosie. I know Rosie likes strong men.'

Kate rolled her eyes and she thought, 'only he knew I am actually Miss Cupid.'

'I don't think Miss Cupid mean that, I think she like guys are strong from the heart. Like Jake,'

'Jake really?' He folded his arms and she copied him too, 'yes really they seems get along well,'

'Soon a later Rosie will get along with me,'

'Not like when you acted like an idiot!' Kate leaned forward and so did Mark, he picked his fist up and Miss Petal grabbed his hand.

'That it enough both you are late for home room, both of us have detention,' she shouted.

'What, Mark I was always get into trouble by you?!'

'What my fault, what about you?'

'Enough don't make me put both in detention longer.' Kate and Mark hurried to home room, Miss Petal walked away, Kate looked back at Miss Petal and she thought, 'I wonder it did really happen between Miss Petal and Ray. Did she really slapped him?'

Later on Steven tried changed his plan to visit Jake today, Unfortunately he could not come today he text Kate he will be coming next week on Saturday at 2 o'clock.  He rest his hands and his father came the room,

'Hello, son how are things?'

'It is fine,' Steven lied and he rolled his eyes. His father stepped forward and he said, 'don't worry we see Jake and Kate soon. I think we move back there soon.' He patted Steven's shoulder and he shrugged, ' No I don't miss them, is that Jake need to his work and Kate stopped being silly and come back here to do the family business,' He covered his face with hands and his father patted on his back.' Don' t worry I got someone will help us to keep an eye on him, other than Kate, she is not helping I can tell.' Steven gave a strange look and his father walked out the door. Steven thought, 'Who is it ?'

After class Kate looked at her phone and she cheered out. She ran up to Ray and she spinned him around.


'Yes for what?' Ray smiled and he asked.

'My brother Steven is not coming until next Saturday which is good,'

'Really, oh right enough time, ' Ray did not know what Kate was on about but he nodded. Andrew interrupted, 'enough time for what?'

Ray laughed and he patted Andrew's back, 'to prepare his coming,' He winked at Kate and she grinned at him, but Andrew was confused. Then Andrew stopped walking and he said, 'Damn I forgot we need to studying the Maths test next Monday,' Ray smirk and he said, 'Don't I think we fine except Kate,' Kate stopped and she was freighted about the test. She realised need help and she asked, 'Ray can you help me?'

He patted on her shoulders, 'I am sorry I can't I am busy this weekend I have to help out my dad friend daughter this weekend,' She turned to Andrew and he smirk and he puts his arm around her. Ray pushed him off, 'don't even think about it, you are not good at teaching maths,' Ray warned Andrew and he dragged away. Kate laughed, Mark pulled in and he said, 'I can help you,' Kate swiftly turned around, 'You no way!' He folded his arms and he asked, 'why not?'

'I don't trust you,'

'I will listen and take your advice on Rosie,' He surrounded and Kate his hands to her. She cheered for him, 'brilliant,' Mark threw her hands and she giggled, 'don't get too happy,' he blushed. Ray turned around and he had a jealous face at Mark and Kate talking each other.

After school Ray and Andrew went to juice café. Ray was drinking his banana milkshake loudly. Andrew was staring at him and he asked, ‘What wrong with you?’

‘Nothing!’  Ray shouted.

‘Really you seem annoyed about Kate and Mark, Ray banged on the table and his drink spill a bit. Andrew wiped from the table.

‘No I am not just that Kate like studying with me and this is my mum’s fault I have to help. If only I was free I could her. If it is like Mark is taking her away from me!’

Andrew drank a bit and he rolled his eye, ‘No he is not anyway you are acting a bit over protective’, Ray walked out and Andrew looked at him blankly. Andrew thought, ‘Okay I didn’t except that.’

Ray went in his room ad he screamed on the pillow. He turned around and he puts hand on his forehead. He looked up the ceiling and he pondered, ‘What is wrong with me, I don’t like this with Kate before, ever since Kate hanged with Mark I get angry about it. What is this feeling?’ He covered his face with his hands. He turned on his side and he gazed at the picture of him and Kate. He turned back, ‘I thought I still had feelings for Miss Petal, but I am surprised I got over quickly maybe it was lush?

Jake and Rosie were studying in his room. The books as out and they were looking their on Geography text book and practice paper. She was analysed   the paper and he helped by looking some information. Rosin sighed and she said, ‘I hate Geography too much information, how come you know already what we are doing?’ He smirked and he said, ‘I have done this test already, so I know most the questions.’ She was stunned and she asked, ‘What if they asked different questions instead?’ He drummed on the page, ‘don’t worry I know Mr Wilsons he is too predictable.’ They gazed into their eyes. However she was pouring the tea and it went on Jake’s hand. She stopped pouring and Jake leaped and he yelled, ‘oooww!’  She stopped and she lifted his hand. They went to the bathroom. As she held his hand, they grew red and Jake said, ‘you know Rosie I wondering..’

Then they heard a door bell Rosie went downstairs to open the door. There was a girl with bright brown hair with blond highlight. She was wearing a yellow knitted jumper with light blue jeans. On her feet she was wearing Gucci pink and gold high heels. Rosie looked up and she said, ‘hi how can I help you?’’ The girl stepped up and she pushed her on the side, ‘hey who are you? She asked the girl turned around and she yelled at her,

‘Who are you what are you doing at Jake’s house?’ Rosie paused and Jake ran downstairs and he asked, ‘What is going on I heard shouting and yelling?’ He saw the girl and he realised who she is.

‘Kim what are you doing here?’  Kim threw herself to his arms and she held secured his hand. She saw his hand covered in bandaged. ‘What happened to your hand?’  Kim asked. Rosie felt guilty and she was about it, but Jake gave the look, ‘I accidently threw hot water this morning, anyway what are you doing here?’ Kim showed the ring on her hand and she show off to Jake, ‘I am engaged with you and I want to visit you,’ He looked up and he threw out the door. He shut the door behind her. She kept at banged the door and Rosie was confused, ‘Jake you didn’t tell me you are engaged with Kim.’ Jake swift around and he said, ‘no I am not, to be honest I am confused as well, who you gave that ring to her. I need to talk to Kate about this. Maybe she can help me, sorry about this ‘Rosie stepped forward and she held his hand, ‘it is fine.’

Kate and Mark were looking at the maths textbook. She puts her head on table and she sighed, ‘this is hard my head hurts,’ Mark rolled his eyes and he smirk at her, ‘Okay let try the basic A4 times B2 divides twelve equally too?’ Kate studded and she stared the number. Mark took a spare paper and Kate took the same paper. Their hands touched and there was silence between them. As they were gazing Mark’s face blushed so did Kate. Then her phone and they threw each other’s hand away.

‘Hey Jake,’ she answered.

‘Kate we have a problem Kim visited my house she saw Rosie,’

‘Why Kim was there I thought she went to France?’

‘Me too and you know what she said I am engage with her. I didn’t give a ring and I don’t like her!’

‘Calm down Jake, look it probably a joke,’

‘Don’t think so you Kim is like, spoil and demanding,’

‘Is she there?’

 He looked over the door and Kim was gone.  He turned around he said, ‘she is gone I think we talked to dad later,’

‘Yeah I agree I am kinda busy I am studying at the movement. I will come over tonight,’

‘Thanks I always count on you bye,’


Mark asked, ‘Kim I remember she was that spoil girl who followed Jake around, so she is is here?’

‘Long story I don’t think you want to get involved with her,’   Mark nodded to agree with her. Kate looked at the book and she answered the question and Mark looked over and he whispered, ‘don’t worry I preference you over Kim anyway.’ Kate was bursting into a red colour and she tried not looked at him, ‘thanks Mark.’ He beamed at her and he wrote more questions for her, ‘no problem.’

Suddenly they heard a bark outside there was dog that ran upstairs. Mark shooed his dog away and Kate walked up and she patted on the dog’s head, ‘Oh you are nice,’ she said. Mark got up and he was a bit surprised, ‘I can’t believe d he remembered you’ She looked at the dog she remembered the dog. It was Mark’s first dog and the dog was called Rex. ‘This must be Rex I remember you Rex use chased your dad’s girlfriends or anyone in the house. However he likes me I wonder why?’ He patted Rex and he smirked, ‘I know Rex, Kate is the enemy,’ Kate rolled her eyes, ‘you always said that when we were little he never listen, he likes me too much.’ Rex jumped on her and she laughed and Mark gazed at her. He thought, ‘man Kate has changed, she is not the girl I used to be scared of, she is gentler and she is nice to me. I guess she grow up, wait why I am staring at her?’ He shook his head and Kate gave him a strange look, ‘yeah what is wrong Mark?’ He nervous said, ‘nothing,.’

 She got up and she asked, ‘Later on I am going to my brother’s place before we do that can see my parents and mum’s graves like right now. We can study tomorrow afternoon,’ Mark nodded and they went to the cemetery.  She puts the flowers on her parents grave so did Mark. Then they puts flowers on his mum’s grave, ‘remember my parents were good with your mum’s,’ Mark was nodded and his hand was shaking. ‘Strange how come we weren’t friends like them?’ Kate held his hand and she smiled, ‘I don’t know maybe I was a kid back then, I did like you a lot as a friend I am sorry I used tease you a lot.’ Mark laughed and he said, ‘that is in past now maybe we can be friends now.’ She looked over the grave and she looked at him with a big smile, ‘yeah I would like that. 

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