Miss Cupid

Kate is a secret love dating blogger under the name Miss Cupid. She help people become a couple with strong advice. However her old enemy Mark need some help from her, this concern black mailing her because Mark like Rosie and he know that Kate likes Ray. Rosie has feelings for Kate’s step brother Jake.
What can she do? 
Should she help Mark or not?


8. Child Memory


They were still staring each other and Mark's dad stepped forward. Mark came in and he went in front of her.  He glared at his dad with no fear. His dad stared down at Mark.

'Don't you dare lay a finger on Kate!' he threaded his dad.

His dad laughed and he walked away. Mark closed the door and he picked the gift box on the table. The gift box was in a yellow and brown poke a dots and it wrapped in a blue ribbon. He handed to Kate and she gazed on it, 'open it Kate.' She opened it and it was green and purple string with a lily and a bell. He picked her phone and handed to her. She was amazed, 'thank you Mark, what is this for?'

'Just that we have the same phone, so I decided to puts something different to tell them apart.' She smile and she took a pen and she used it as a guide to puts the hold on her phone. She admired it and she smiled at him. They gazed each other and slowly they moved for kiss. Their lips were  inches closer, then Kate's phone interrupted them.

'Hello Alex,' said Kate.

'Hi Kate, can you help me with  some delivery today?'

'Sure right now?'

'Yes as soon as possible,'

She got off the phone and she apologised to Mark,

'Sorry I have to go to work,'

'Why don't I come?'

'I guess you can come, it would help me,'

'Okay I will text Alex that you are coming to, come on let's get on my motorbike,'

'Sure, I will test your skills on your driving.'

She rolled her eyes and  she shake her head.

Rosie and Jake were in the living room. Jake's dad  and his mum waited anxiously.

'Mum and Dad, Rosie and I knew each other before and we love each other more than friend and family. We want to start a relationship together, ' said Jake.

'What, no this can't be, she is family, I raised herself to be a daughter,' he raised up and he shouted, 'what happened to Kim?'

'Kim, our wedding is off I didn't love her. I didn't know about this marriage. Look dad I am sorry I love Rosie not Kim!'

Jake's mum took her husband, 'son we want you to be happy. Kim is perfect for you. You shouldn't be dating a family member,'

'Wait this isn't right I love Jake, we shouldn't choose who to love,' Rosie tried persuaded them.

'What I am leaving!' Jake's dad stormed out and his wife followed him. Steven came in and he saw his parents walked away. He looked at the situation, and he saw Rosie holding Jake's hand.

'What is going on?' he asked.

'Steven let's us explain,'  said Rosie.

'I am not getting involved this family is messed up I am outta of here.'

He slammed the door and he went straight. Rosie tried followed him, but Jake shake his head and he held her tightly, 'leave him be.'

Mark and got on motorbike, he was a bit nervous riding on the back and he puts his arms her hips. She took his hand around her tightly. He was pure red and he looked other way.

They got to the bakery shop and Alex took them in. Mark was looking with an interest face, Alex was smiling and he puts his hand out, 'so this must be your boyfriend right?'

Kate looked shocked and she choke of laugh, 'no he is a friend this is Mark.' Mark shake Alex's hand and he shifted away. Alex chucked and he leaned on Mark's ear, ' Don't worry Mark you will get Kate.' Mark leaned back and he nervous look the other way.

Kate picked the package and she call out Mark, 'Come on Mark!'

Mark turned around and Alex said, 'good luck it was nice meeting you,'

'Thanks nice meeting you too.'

Mark got on the motorbike and Kate looked him strangely, but she ignored it. They reached their destination. There was gorgeous house and it full of people eating and dancing. There was a green house and white tents. The woman came out and she smiled at Kate and Mark.

'Oh hello my name is Rose Tyler is this my daughter' s cake. Ruby come here. ' A girl with black hair with hazard eyes. She was wearing a salmon colour dress. She smiled at Kate and she looked at Mark intently. She asked Mark , 'have we met before?'  

 'No it is fine yes I am Mark, I don't remember meeting you sorry,'

'Ruby, my daughter can be a bit you know,'

'It is fine, and this girl,'

'I am Kate, Mark was here to help me out,'

'Right, Mark can we talk alone please?'


She gave the cake to her mother and she took Mark away. Kate was confused and she decided to wait. What can she do she has to wait. Mark was alone with Ruby,

she was shaking and she took a deep breath, 'Mark I used go your school long time don't you remember?'

He studied her face carefully, 'wait minutes I remember you were in my English class?'

'Yep, remember that rumour your dad had an affair and Jake told everyone, well he didn't tell everyone. I was the one that I told everyone,'

'What, how did you know about this?'

'Well I know who your dad had an affair with, it was my aunt and it about I was mad about it. I decided to hurt you,'


'It is because Jake and you were good friends and you guys always together and I wanted you all by myself not anyone else sorry I shouldn't kept in,'

'This is all your fault, I guess it is my fault I should believe Jake.'

Mark walked away and he didn't looked back Ruby. Tears fall on his face and he held breath to hid the tears away. He pretended to smile at Kate and they drove on the motorbike. He face down behind her back and she looked at the rear mirror and she stopped at the playground, 'remember this place?'

Mark looked around and he slowly smile, ' this place I remembered where the first time we met.' She touched the slide and she smiled, 'this place was good,' Mark stepped up and he asked a question, 'Kate you know teased when we were kids why was that?'

'Come on  I just a kid as well.'

'Do you like me back then?'


'I think so, now I like..'

He paused and slowly he moved for a kiss, then Kim came in she shoved Kate away. She smirk and she looked at Kate and Mark, 'how romantic I don't know what to said, you two  you act like  a couple. No defence Kate you can do so much better.' Kate swung a punch at Kim. Kim grew angry and she threw a punch, she got stopped by Ray. He took her away. Mark got up and he looked Kate. He got pulled away from Andrew.

Kate was by herself and she touched her lips  where Mark and her almost kiss  She sank down and her tears so badly, 'I wanted Mark kiss me so much, stupid interrupts.'

Kim threw hand away from Ray, 'what is your problem?!'

'My problem, can you leave them alone,'

'Ray why I thought you like Kate?'

'Wait how do you know that?'

'It is oblivious,'

'It's doesn't matter now she told me she like Mark. Mark likes her but they haven't told how they feel,'

'You still have a chance right?'

'Kim I got reject and so did you, can we leave them be,'

'Ray maybe you are right.'

Kim looked down and he held her closed and he hugged tightly, 'Maybe we can dated?'


'Why not?'

'We could.' He patted on her head and she smiled gracefully.

At the Keep your pant cafe, Mark and Andrew were talking,

'So Mark do you like Kate, what happened to Rosie

'Nothing I like Kate, okay?'

'Good but still what about Jake?'

'What does this has to do with Jake?'

'Wouldn't he get mad if he find out that you like Kate?'

'Let's me sort out with Jake first.'

Little that they know Jake was there in the cafe with Rosie. Jake grew furious and Rosie tried to calm down him. He got up and he grabbed Mark by collar and out the cafe. Rosie chased them down. She panicked and she call Kate to tell what is going to happened.

'Kate Jake and Mark are going to fight, please come !'


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