Till Death do we part

Till death do we part is a Doctor who and Sherlock crossover . Sherlock has broken down when he found out his most important person in his life ; John . Is getting married and moving out of 221B street. Sherlock breaks down and turns to drugs to heal his broken heart.
Hope starts to fade away; day by day.
Until a blue box lands in Sherlock's living room
Remember : the real monsters are inside our heads.


1. A tale

This is a tale of two wise men. One a man trying to be god. Another god trying to be a man. Who ever knew that these two people would join together in their dark dismal times. Their names are known through time and space.

The mystery man, a detective. Know for his collar up coat and scarf. They call him a mad sociopath but he is the smartest of them all : Sherlock Holmes.

The ragerdy man,the warrior or healer. No one really knows. He is the only person who could link the two words together. A bow tie , a fez and fish fingers. The child who stole a Tardis and ran away from the time war.

They both have lost their friends throughout their desperate times.

They both hide their inner selves in the deepest , darkest places

They both understand how it feels to be alone

Remember ...

The loneliest people are the kindest,

The saddest people are the brightest,

The most damaged people are the wisest ...

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