He or Him (Zayn Malik fanficion)

Amelia and Jake have been together for about a year. Amelia knows that she loves him, but lately he has been distant. He come home late and he doesn't want to talk to her.
She gets a call from her best friend, Daina, that she won tickets to a One Direction concert. Without hesitation she says yes.

But what happens when she end up with one of the boys in his apartment?

And what would happen to Jake and Amelia's relationship?

"Jake, I need to talk to you about something." I wasn't sure how to tell him. I know that he'll get angry, hell I know that I would have been angry if he did the same thing I did. I regret it so much but he still needs to know. I stared at him for a moment, before walking over to him. He just sat there, pretending he didn't hear me like he always does. "Jake.. I.. you know that I went to that One Direction concert yesterday... and something happen. I.. um.." He stoped me by saying: "We need to break up.''


6. He or Him - Chapter 6

He or Him - Chapter 6

I stepped aside so they could walk inside. Omg! I look so disgusting! Why did I even invite them inside? Oh yeah I know, because 2 boys from One Direction were standing at my door. Of course did I invite them in. Who wouldn't?

I excused my self and sprintet over to my room. I washed my face and changed to some jeans and a tee. I walked over to my kitchen and made some tea.

I walked over to the living room with the tea and sat down. There was an awkward silent before Niall said:'' I also wanted to say that nothing happen last night.

You were to drunk to stand up so you passed out. I let you sleep in my bed.''

I looked at him shocked. ''So we didn't sleep together?'' ''No we didn't.''

I excused my self again and ran over to my room and dialled Jake's nr. He didn't answer so I sent him an voicemail saying

That I didn't sleep with Niall and that it was misunderstanding. I walked back in to the living room.

''Thank you for telling me this! I really appreciate it!'' I said.

I could feel Zayn's eyes on me all the time. And every time I looked at him he still looked at me. I just smiled and looked away.

"We need to go now. The boys are properly waiting for us." Niall said. I walked them over to my door.

"Thank you for giving my phone back!" I said. "You're welcome." Niall said smiling. Before they walked away I asked them if I could take a photo with them. I mean they are One Direction! You don't always see them on the street

so I didn't let the chance ruin. They said yes. I first took a photo with Niall. I gave my phone to Zayn and he took the photo. Then it was his turn. He gave the phone to Niall. He came over to my right side and put his arms around my waist.

I could feel goosebums and some kind of excitment when he did that. He held me tight to him. Almost like he was afraid of letting go. It felt nice when he helt my like, especially when I was going through that

hard time with my breakup. He kissed my head before letting go.


What do you think about Zayn's behaviour, was it cute or was it too much?

Feel free to correct my mistakes, but don't be rude!

Thank you!


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