He or Him (Zayn Malik fanficion)

Amelia and Jake have been together for about a year. Amelia knows that she loves him, but lately he has been distant. He come home late and he doesn't want to talk to her.
She gets a call from her best friend, Daina, that she won tickets to a One Direction concert. Without hesitation she says yes.

But what happens when she end up with one of the boys in his apartment?

And what would happen to Jake and Amelia's relationship?

"Jake, I need to talk to you about something." I wasn't sure how to tell him. I know that he'll get angry, hell I know that I would have been angry if he did the same thing I did. I regret it so much but he still needs to know. I stared at him for a moment, before walking over to him. He just sat there, pretending he didn't hear me like he always does. "Jake.. I.. you know that I went to that One Direction concert yesterday... and something happen. I.. um.." He stoped me by saying: "We need to break up.''


3. He or Him - Chapter 3

He or Him - Chapter 3

"Jake, I slept with someone last night."

He just stared at me like I was kidding or something. A couple of moments later he asked: "Who?" I was woken up by his voice and didn'd quite get what he said. "Huh?" "Who did you sleep with?"

I paused before answering: "Jake, babe, I'm sorry! Me and Daina was at the club and then I got drunk. I don't even remember anything. Please jus..." He stopped me. "I said, who did you sleep with." I sighed, "Niall Horan."

"Haha, you are joking right! How the hell could you end up with a worlwide band singer? Are you trying to fool me, because it is not working." He sarcasticaly said/laughed.

"No, I'm not trying to fool you! It was Niall and I'm really sorry! I regret it so much, please forgive me! He didn't mean anything!" I begged.

"It doesn't matter, Amelia. We are not together anymore so you can do whatever you want with your life and I can with my mine. I already packed my stuff. I going to stay in hotel."

"Why cant you just stay here for tonight?" "Well that was my plan until you ruined it with your outburst." He harshly spat. And with that he walked away to our room.

I could feel tears in my eyes and as I was about to burst out in tears, I heard him coming out of the room. He had his suitcase with him. I wanted to convince him to stay so I walked over to him.

"Baby, please I don't want us to say good bye in this way! Please just stay the night!" I begged. "Don't baby me, Amelia! You have no right to call me baby. I already told you, we are done! Nothing more. Nothing less." He said harshly.

Again tears started to form in my eyes. I started to cry. No sob. He siged, and pulled me close against him. "I love you." He mumbeld.

And with that he walked out. Out of the house to his car. And out my life to his new journey.


Did Jake had the right to get angry, even though she was drunk or was the right thing to do?

What do you think Amelia is going to do?

Feel free to correct my mistakes, but don't be rude!

Thank you!


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