He or Him (Zayn Malik fanficion)

Amelia and Jake have been together for about a year. Amelia knows that she loves him, but lately he has been distant. He come home late and he doesn't want to talk to her.
She gets a call from her best friend, Daina, that she won tickets to a One Direction concert. Without hesitation she says yes.

But what happens when she end up with one of the boys in his apartment?

And what would happen to Jake and Amelia's relationship?

"Jake, I need to talk to you about something." I wasn't sure how to tell him. I know that he'll get angry, hell I know that I would have been angry if he did the same thing I did. I regret it so much but he still needs to know. I stared at him for a moment, before walking over to him. He just sat there, pretending he didn't hear me like he always does. "Jake.. I.. you know that I went to that One Direction concert yesterday... and something happen. I.. um.." He stoped me by saying: "We need to break up.''


18. He or Him - Chapter 18

He or Him - Chapter 18

''Jake! We can't!'' I whispered/hissed. ''Come on Amelia, no one will notice.'' He said. ''No!'' I said. I was not going to do some funny business with him on the damn beach where people could see. He wouldn't stop kissing me and grabbing my boobs. ''Jake, please!'' I begged. He sighed. ''Fine!'' he said. I giggled. ''Aww, come on, baby. Cheer up.

I wrapped my arms around his neck and learned down to kiss him. He wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me down with him. Even though I liked being in his arms it just didn't feel like I used to feel.

I broke the kiss and looked at him before giving a peck to his lips, and sitting up. I looked up and of course I see Him. My eyes widened in shock. He was looking at me with... anger? I tried to smile but he looked away. Screaming girls where running towards them. Security were trying to lead them back to their car. He looked at me once before getting inside the car.

Why am I always meeting him?? But he sure looked hella hot. Stop it, Amelia! I thought to myself. I looked down and saw that Jake was asleep. I smiled and kissed his forehead.

After the beach, we went back to the hotel. Jake had some work to do, so I went to the mall. I looked around and found H&M. I bought some clothes and shopped a little more.

As I was minding my business and looking through some clothes, someone cleared their throat.

I stopped was I was doing and turned around.



Wuhu! I finally updated! Sorry for taking so long!

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