He or Him (Zayn Malik fanficion)

Amelia and Jake have been together for about a year. Amelia knows that she loves him, but lately he has been distant. He come home late and he doesn't want to talk to her.
She gets a call from her best friend, Daina, that she won tickets to a One Direction concert. Without hesitation she says yes.

But what happens when she end up with one of the boys in his apartment?

And what would happen to Jake and Amelia's relationship?

"Jake, I need to talk to you about something." I wasn't sure how to tell him. I know that he'll get angry, hell I know that I would have been angry if he did the same thing I did. I regret it so much but he still needs to know. I stared at him for a moment, before walking over to him. He just sat there, pretending he didn't hear me like he always does. "Jake.. I.. you know that I went to that One Direction concert yesterday... and something happen. I.. um.." He stoped me by saying: "We need to break up.''


14. He or Him - Chapter 14

He or Him - Chapter 14

I walked over to Daina's house. I needed to talk to her about Jake's request. I still didn't knew if I should go with him or not. I knocked on the door. She opened and invitet me inside.

"So, what is it that you want to talk about?" She asked as we sat down on the couch. "Jake asked me if I wantet to go with him to a buisness trip." "What did you say?"

"Nothing, I don't know if I want to go. My families and friends are here. I can't just leave them." I said. As she was beginning to say something, someone knocked on the door. She frowned and walked over to the door to open it.

As she opened the door Mrs. Barkovic, Daina's mother, stepped inside. She looked a little angry, properbly because Daina hasn't been answering her phone calls. "Daniella Maria Barkovic!" She said angry. Daina flinched hearing her birthname. She hated her name and changed it when she turned 18.

"Mom! How many times have I told you not to call me that!" Daina said. "Daniella is what I named you and what I'm gonna call you." Her mother said. "Why havn't you been anwering my phone calls? Do you know how worried I was?"

"I was busy" She said. I rolled my eyes. The only reason she didn't want to talk to her mother is because, the only thing she will talk about is when she was getting married and having kids. She is only 23, but her mom thinks she is getting to old and that she needs gandkids.

"Too busy to answere your mother's phone calls?" She was about to shout something, but then she noticed me standing awkwadly in the kitchen. Her mood changed and she smiled. "Amelia? How are you sweetheart"?

"I'm good. What about you, mrs Barkovic?" "Oh honey, how many times have I told you to just call me Alica? I'm good by the way. How is your mom and dad?" she asked. "They are good too."

"Um, mom what is that you want to talk to me about?" Daina said interrupting us. "I just want a daughter mother bonding time." She said. "Well, I'm gonna go now. Bye Daina, Bye Mrs. Bar... I mean Alica. " I said.

"Why don't you stay honey?" Alica asked. "I would, but I need to get bakc home, before is gets to late." I said.

And with that I hugged Daina and Alica and walked outside. It was cold so I hugged my coat tight against me and hurried home. I didn't notice where I walking and bumped into someone. I looked up and saw Zayn standing there.

Shit I thought. Why did I need to bump into him? We looked at each other fo a while. This was the third time I was seeing him under 2 weeks. What is happening I thought. How is it even posible to bump into a worldwide band-singer more than you see your parents?

I didn't knew what to say after last time that happened.

''Amelia I...'' He said breaking the silence. ''I'm sorry for kissing you the other day. I know that it was wrong.''

Wow, I thought. I didn't what to say, so I just stared at him.

''It's okay'' I said after a while. I smiled at him and he smiled back.

Then I heard someone calling my name.

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