He or Him (Zayn Malik fanficion)

Amelia and Jake have been together for about a year. Amelia knows that she loves him, but lately he has been distant. He come home late and he doesn't want to talk to her.
She gets a call from her best friend, Daina, that she won tickets to a One Direction concert. Without hesitation she says yes.

But what happens when she end up with one of the boys in his apartment?

And what would happen to Jake and Amelia's relationship?

"Jake, I need to talk to you about something." I wasn't sure how to tell him. I know that he'll get angry, hell I know that I would have been angry if he did the same thing I did. I regret it so much but he still needs to know. I stared at him for a moment, before walking over to him. He just sat there, pretending he didn't hear me like he always does. "Jake.. I.. you know that I went to that One Direction concert yesterday... and something happen. I.. um.." He stoped me by saying: "We need to break up.''


12. He or Him - Chapter 12

Hey guys! Sorry for updating so late. I have an exam tomorrow, tuesday and wensday so I have been studying lately. Please don't hate me! For making it up to you, I've made the chapter longer. 


He or Him - Chapter 12

I knocked on Daina's door. After 3 knocks she opened the door. "Hey, girl! Come in." She said hugging me. I walked inside and took my shoes off.  I followed her into the kitchen. She sat on the counter while I stood beside her. 

"So, are you and Jake together or...." She asked. I smiled. "Yeah, we are. He's been so sweet since he came back." I said. "You really do love him, don't you." I frowned. "Of course I do that. I'll always love him. Why are you saying it like that?" I asked. 

"Because you've been having dreams about Zayn. You can't just dream about another man, when you're with Jake." She said. "But that doesn't mean, that I don't love Jake." "I'm not saying that you don't love Jake. Maybe your love isn't that strong as it was before." 

Maybe she was right. No! Of couse she's not right. I still have the same feelings for Jake! Nothing has changed. Or has it.....?

"Am?" Daina said, wawing a hand in front of me. I snapped back to reality. "What were you thinking about?" she asked, curious. "Nothing. I need to go now." "Okay, see you soon then." She said.

I walked out and into the cold weather. As I was walking I couldn't stop thinking about what Daina said. Then I heard someone saying: ''Zaynie, why did you end the call? I really want to talk to you.'' 

I looked up and saw a girl standing infront of a door step. She was talking to somebody, but I couldn't see  the person inside the house. Zaynie, I thought. That sounds like Zayn's name.. 

I walked a little closer. Then I saw Zayn standing there. He looked a little schoked and frustrated at the same time. Who was that girl? His girlfriend? I thought that he was single?

Properbly not anymore, I thought. He started yelling at her asking why she was there. They properbly had a fight. As I was watching them the girl grapped him, and kissed him.

I just stood there, awkwadly, and watched them. And as I was going to walk away, he pulled away from the kiss and looked directly at me. Shit! I thought. He looked at me confused then suprised. 

Wow. This is awkward... I thought. The girl turned around a bit anoyed and looked at me. "Who is this?" She asked Zayn, really anoyed. Zayn just stood there not saying a word. "Zayn? Hello? Who is that?" 

She asked again more anoyed. "I'ts a friend of mine." He said hesitating. A friend? I thought. Since when did I became friends with an internationel boyband-singer? "Yeah, a friend. I've been waiting

for her to come, but then you came." He said not even glancing back at her. Wow. That's really rude of him to say to his girlfriend. And why did he wait for me to come? 

"Oh, well I'm just gonna go now then. Bye zayn." She said kissing him on the cheek. He winced of the contact and backed away a little. She looked down, sad. Then she walked out making sure to hit 

my shoulder hard so I almost fell. Bitch! Zayn still looked at me before asking me to come in. I smiled and walked inside. We walked over to his couch and sat there. "I'm sorry for interupting you

and your....girlfriend?" I said a little unsure. "It's okay, and she'e not my girlfriend... Anymore. We broke up and now after a long time she want's to come back to me again. 

"Oh" I said.  "That's why you said that you were expecting me." "Yeah, sorry, I really needed to get rid of her, and thought that this was a perfect oppotunity." He said. I smiled nodding as an undersandtment.

"Please don't take this as if I don't want you here, but why are you here?" He asked curiosly. "Well, I was walking home from my friends house and then I saw your ex calling after you. 

I kinda got curious and walked over to her and then I saw you. I was going to walk away, but then you saw me."

"Well I'm glad that I did see you" He said. "Or else I would have been stuck with her for awhile." I didn't even notice that he had came closer to me. He was sitting really close to me, almost to close. I smiled at 

him and said: "Well I think that I'm gonna go now." But before I could stand up from the couch he had taken hold of my wrist. I looked down and saw he had a firm grip. I looked back up and to my surprise

he leaned in and kissed me.


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