My Dream Girl

My name is Tristan, I am 26 year old and I am an artist. I always dream this girl called Lily. Lily has black hair and blue eyes. I love her so much and she does not exist I wish she did because she is the perfect girl for me and she is only my dream girl.
Tristan came obsessed and addicted seeing Lily and he grew desperate to meet her. Little that he know someone will hurt him and he won’t able to wake up a less Lily exist. Does she exist or who can save him . This story has love, hate, action and friendship. Can Tristan cope with his life if it fall apart.


2. Chapter two Am I getting close to her ?

On Tuesday I did not talk to Ben for a few days. I chose not talk to him, because I think I should leave him alone for a few days, until he has calm down. I was thinking to talk Hannah how I really feel about her. That I do not think of her that way. I do not know how to said it in the right way or the gentle way. Anyway I was with my client, a head teacher. She wanted me to designed the wall for the kids. I was discussing with the children what they want on the wall.


'Hmm pony', suggested one of the kid. A girl puts her finger at the boy next her, 'Tiger, houses or tree'. A boy laughed and he had mischief smile. 'What is so funny ?' I turned around my sketch book was gone. The boy with blond curly hair had it. He opened it there was a page of Lily. He dragged my shoulder and he pointed at the painting. 'Who is she ?' The kids gather around and they stared at it. Then they all turned to me with strange looks.

'That's well..' The girl leaned towards me. 'I have seen that woman'. Another girl agreed as well.


'Really who, where you have seen her ?' I asked.

The girl smiled and she took the sketchbook from the boy. She said, 'She worked in the book store across street not far from here.'

I took my sketchbook and I puts in my bag. I got up and I shouted,

'Thank you'.

The boy yelled out, 'What about the design ?'

I shouted back, 'Don't worry about it!'


I went in the book store and I poured around. I saw a woman with long dark hair and she was wearing a white summer dress. I stepped closer towards her. My heart beat loudly like a drum. I rested my hands on the counter.

'Lily is that you?'

She turned around and my jaw dropped.

'Excuse me who are you?'

Unfortunately it was not Lily, it was an old woman. I ran out the shop of embarrassment. What a fool and why did I believed the kids.

I stood there and I was looking down at my feet. Wondering with my thoughts,until my phone rang.

'Hey Tristan where did you go, the children told me you ran off like that, what about the design plan ?'

My voice started shaken and I did not know what to do.

'Hmm, sorry I have to go the toilet, I'm fine, yes we will continuing the idea, I will discussed with you in your office'.

She smirk and she said, 'good let's talk about it over there'. I ran quickly to the school quickly as I can.

Little as Tristan knew, a girl with dark hair and with blue eye like the sea. She was wearing a black and white shirt with blue jeans and she was wearing red trainers. She was looking at Tristan with a sad expression. She turned around and she sighed. 'Was he looking for me ?'. She stopped her mum working at the counter.

'Mum you can rest now okay ?'

The old woman smiled and she said,

'A strange man thought I was you, do you know him ?

'She looked uncomfortable and she whispered,

'No, not in reality only in his dreams.'

Her mother was confused and Lily pushed her mum in the other room.

'Come on mum you need to rest.'

She rested her hands on the counter and she sighed,

'Tristan were you looking for me or dream Lily, well the real Lily hasn't met you . So should I fall for you ?'


I was in the head teacher's office and I felt a bit annoyed with her, because she was smiling a bit too much. She puts her pens on her lips. She got up and she wandered around me. She looked up and down my body.

' Excuse me Ms White, can get on to business please'.

She sat on the desk and she smiled,

'Of course please call me Tina, Tristan do care about the children ?'.

I laughed in a carefree way.

'Yes I think we should talk in a professional way, or I will reject the offer of the project'. She got up the desk and she pulled the shirt. She gave me a mischief,

'fine we worked in a professional way let's plan a date for the project.

'I smirk at her and I knew she was lying to me. She is flirting with me and she was showing off her legs to me,' I got an idea for the wall, I give to my team to design . They will come instead of me'. She shocked and grabbed of my shirt.

'What you are not coming, what is the idea ?'

I pushed off and I said, 'a tree that shows dreams.'

I pushed her a side and I walked out the door. She ran after me, but I quickly took my car. I did not stop, I kept driving and I didn't care she was yelling out my name.

As I was driving, I stopped at Hannah's flower shop. I parked my car and I picked some tulips. I hold out her. She turned around and she smile of joy.


'Hi Hannah I want to set things right, I am sorry I don't have feelings for you. Can we stayed friends.' I put out the tulips in front of her.

She smirk at me, ' I guess you heard from Ben, but that is my flowers in my shop. Really Tristan there is no gentle way to tell me, you don't feel the same that I do.'

I puts the flower away and I smiled at her.

She held them, 'I also figure out Ben is not talking you. I puts my hands in my pocket and I was surprised of her, 'how do you know ?' She puts away the tulips and she rested her arms on the counter.

'Trust me I know you and Ben for too long now, I knew this will happen. I guess it was my fault. I shouldn't said my feelings for you to Ben. When he confessed to me that he had feelings for me. I am a stupid woman, you know you should talk to Ben. He miss you a lot Tristan.'

I gave her a soft smile,' thanks and Hannah you are not stupid'.

I text to Ben ,'Let's talk we meet at Charlie's coffee now'. I drove in my car and there was Ben . He was drinking a cappuccino. I went in and I order some mint cappuccino. I sat with him. He looked unhappy and he sighed,

'What do you want ?'

I smile and I pointed at him, 'you miss me didn't you?'

Ben looked confused and he covered his expression with his cup.

He got up and he yelled at me, 'No I didn't !'

I got up and I gave him a manly hug, 'you miss me.'

He tried push me off, but he couldn't me and he hugged back,

'Yes I miss you, now can you get off. Everybody is looking at us!'

I got off quickly and the people were smiling and they were cheering for us. However Ben was not pleased as he sat down.

'So Ben how you been?'

Ben was drinking his tea and he asked me,

'I am fine just I am thinking how I should talk to Hannah ?'

As I was thinking about Ben what can I do for him. I felt it was my fault that Hannah like me and Ben like her. I encouraged Ben to confessed to her. Even thought it is not my fault really, just I did not know Hannah had feelings for me. I decided to helped Ben how to talk to Hannah. I rested my hands around my cup and I advised,' Ben I think you should..'

Then a teenage boy came up to us. He was quite short and he was wearing bomber jacket with some jeans. He was holding a notebook and pen.

He asked me,'Can I have your autograph Tristan Rowland please ?'. The boy stumbled and he puts his head down. I smiled at him and I asked,'what is your name?'. I held the pen and notebook and his head was still down,'my name is Andrew'. I was writing his name down and he asked me a favour, 'can you teach me to be like you?'. I looked at the boy and I was not sure what to said, but I gently said, 'I can't do that I don't have much experience as a teacher, I am sorry'. Andrew puts his head and he snapped back the notebook and pen. He shouted,'You are mean and horrible!'. He walked away from us without looking back.


Ben sat forward and he defended for Andrew,

'Why can't you teach him, you have that teaching degree?'

I sighed and I answered his question,'Even I have one it won't matter, because I am working at the movement plus I don't know that kid.' 

Ben twisted and turned,'fine I am saying, anyway what I should do with Hannah?'

I took another sip of my cup,'just talk to her face to face and said you are sorry'

Ben agreed and I wanted to tell him about Lily, should I, I went ahead and I said it.

'You know last week we went to the club, I thought I saw Lily, I think I was drunk. Then today the kids from the school, they told me they saw a person, who look like Lily in my sketchbook, but it was an old woman look like her.'

Ben was shocked and he looked away, he cleared his throat and he said, 

'Tristan it has been thirteen years now, I think it is time to tell yourself, Lily does not exist, I don't know half the time you still see her in your dream. All the time you talk about her , now you think you saw her in real life.'

I stopped Ben and I raised my hands in front of him,

'look I know it sounds crazy, what if Lily does exist now.' Ben puts his cup and he laughed out loud. He cleaned his tears and he got up,'you know Tristan we talk more later. I think I am going to see Hannah now.' He walked away and I got up and I shouted,'

I will prove it to you she does exist!'.

Everyone stared at me with strange looks. I got down quickly and I covered my face.

At night-time I was working at my workshop. I was looking book of different types of techniques of media. I painted with oil, acrylic and water-colour on my canvas. I used a palette knife to paint the lights and the shade of the city lights. I picture myself that I was sitting beaches near a beautiful sun set city.

Suddenly I fall into a deep sleep. I saw my painting came up to live. I felt the cold air surrounded me. I gazed at the city lights and I was shaking a lot , then slowly a blanket fall me. I turned around to see what was going on.

'Boo!' yelled Lily.

I got scared and I shouted at her.' Don't do that!'

She puts her hands behind her back. She had a huge smile and she skipped around me. I gave an angry look at her and I stood up and I shouted,

'Lily why change yourself to Ruby?'

She bowed down,'I am sorry I was showing your future.'

She laughed and she slapped my back, 'I am sorry I won't do that again, is this what you were painting ?'

I looked at the city lights and I smelled the fresh air. She was underneath the blanket and she held in my arm. 'Aww you are blushing now!' I turned quickly and I pulled her down to sit on the grass.

'My mum set me on this date, which I don't want to go.

'She stopped me and she said,

'Is because I don't exist, everyone thinks you are crazy.'

Tears fall on her face and her eyes was full sadness.

'I wish I did exist in your life Tristan'.

My throat went dry and I slowly hugged her. I looked at her eyes and I moved gracefully for a kiss. She stopped me and she placed my lips with her finger. 'Kiss me in the right time, at the moment isn't, when you are meeting with your date is coming soon'. I stepped back and I smirk at her,'are you jealous ?'. She gave a strange look and she crossed arms,'eerr no', she lied. I kissed on her forehead and I whispered,

'don't worry I will reject her just for you.'

She smiled and she slowly disappear and the city disappear as well.


On Friday I was in a meeting with the team that I was doing the projects . It was hard work discussing about ideas and planning it. Then I came across this opportunity well it was competition to design installation for the music festival. I told myself I have to this, because my work will be more famous and I can win music television reward. This wasn't too bad all I have to design draw on paper and write in the detail of work. I was looking online about music and how different types of instrument were made and music technology.

t was getting late and I drifted to sleep. In my dream I was at Lily's place with the grass and the lake. This time it was night time and she was sitting on a huge rock. She smiled at me and she slowly gets off, but she accidentally slipped off. I just caught her before she hit the ground. She shuts her eyes and she shaken in fear. I laughed out of loud and she looked up at me. She gave a quick look and she pushed off me. I stepped forward to her, she is cute and she hides her feelings. I know she like it, she is shy to me.

'Tristan is not funny!', Lily screamed.

'So it was kind of sweet, you keep doing this I will fall for you more,' I smirk. She blushed hard and she walked away. She took a deep breath and she turned away with tears her face. I stepped forward to her, but she raised her hand in front of me.

'You shouldn't said that because I know you in love the dream not the real me. If you meet the real me, will you fall me still ?'

It was silence between us and I gazed her for a long time. This is real her a girl has been hurt so many time. She looks so confused more I am. I took a deep breath and I run to her and I squeezed her tightly.

'Lily doesn't matter you are real or a dream, I want to meet you soon in real. I know I still love real you as well.' I moved gracefully her and I kiss softly her lips. She smiled with tears falling her cheeks. I held her face and I puts my other hand on her wrist. I woke up the dream and tears fall my face and I knew that I have to find her soon a later, I will.


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