My Dream Girl

My name is Tristan, I am 26 year old and I am an artist. I always dream this girl called Lily. Lily has black hair and blue eyes. I love her so much and she does not exist I wish she did because she is the perfect girl for me and she is only my dream girl.
Tristan came obsessed and addicted seeing Lily and he grew desperate to meet her. Little that he know someone will hurt him and he won’t able to wake up a less Lily exist. Does she exist or who can save him . This story has love, hate, action and friendship. Can Tristan cope with his life if it fall apart.


3. Chapter three Lily Lake's Story

My name is Lily Lake, I am 23 year old who worked in a library and I helped my mother's book shop at times. My hobbies are dancing, drawing and travelling. I was born in Australia and when I was four year old I moved into England. I lived with mother since then. My dad I do not know him much, all I know he moved away before I was born. I guess he was scared to look after me. Sometimes I did want to know about him, well what he look like.

In my dream a girl who look like me made me a vision I will see the person that I fall for him. I did not believe her because I was a coward to speak to anyone who I love or like, but I was wrong that when I saw Tristan. I met Tristan only in my dreams, I haven't met him even once in real life, but I have seem him once. It was in secondary school I was in year eight. I did not have many friends I like it to alone. I always in the art room when no one was there.


One day I went there to and I looked the art books and drawing things. I heard footsteps I hid under teacher's desk. I saw a young, tall boy with spiky blond hair. He was painting of outside the football field and school buildings. I went closely, but I stepped back because the boy's phone rang.

'Hey, this is Tristan, what is it?’

'What now, fine let's meet up, I will see you outside.'

He stepped out the classroom. I followed him and I assumed that was his dad. After I knew I was in love Tristan, but I could not fall him in front of him, because he was rich and I was poor, well I am not exactly rich, he is an artist and designer.

Every night I go in his dreams, to get know him better and I wish I could meet him. My fears always get the best of me. I see his face in the web, newspapers and bill boards.

I have the power to be in his dreams, because I loved him so much, I can't be with him in reality. I know he will get hurt by me. Maybe I don't have money and the authority to like him. When I saw his work I cried in tears, I was sad and angry at myself why do I let my fears get the better of me. The dream Lily and the real Lily are the same person, but we lived in different life style.

I saw him again it is the forest; I was sitting on the rock near the lake. I felt the cold chill on my toes; I stared at my reflection with a sad expression. I picked my head up and I heard a girl laughing and two boys talking loud. I ran away and I hid in the trees. A boy with dark blond and he was wearing green jumper with beige jeans. There was another boy brown hair with blue eyes and black stripe jumper with black shorts. There was another girl with light brown short hair, who wore a grey jumper with blue jeans. I knew the blond boy was Tristan and I closed my fist and I stepped closer. The girl next to him and she links arms with him and they both ran. The other boy followed them, I stood with tears falling over my face. I could not a chance with him, because I was too nervous to talk him .

On Friday night I was getting dress up. I puts a white dress with lace. I wore a scarf around my neck. I brushed hair and I stared the mirror. I looked at mirror and I took a deep breath.

'Let's have some fun now.'

I grabbed my coat and I put on my shoes with white buckles and gold metal heels. I puts over a baby pink handbag with a golden chain. I walked to Mue's bar and I met up with my friends Sandy and Emily.

There were colourful lights and the music was powerful, as I danced, I move gracefully and then I saw, tall man with blond hair. He was dancing so strangely and he turned out to be Tristan, I think he saw me. I ran into the crowd quickly and I text my friends I need to go home for emergency. I bend down with tears fallen my face. Why I am so scared of him, why I can't look at him. What is wrong with me?

Why do I keep running away from him? I slowly got up and I looked at the sign Mue's Bar. I am such a fool and coward I was not good enough for him.


A few days later I was finished work and I thrown myself on my bed. I hugged my pillow and I touched my lips. I remembered the kiss when Tristan gave to me in the dream. I smiled of joy and I want to make it for real. I got up I puts on a peach jumper and some jeans. I grabbed my jacket and I decided to buy a treat of ice cream.

As I was walking on the road, I stopped there I saw the convince shop. I picked a strawberry ice cream with a cone. I went out the door and I was looking across street. I saw Tristan and I looked across the road. I walked across the road, in my head I was thinking. What I am doing I can't walk up to him, I thought I don't care. I need to meet him to tell how I feel. I stopped at a restaurant called House of Comment.

'House of Comment, why Tristan is going there?'

I walked in there and I saw him talking the waiter. Tristan. I watched him like a hawk and I pounded sides to what is going on. As I stepped closer I was behind Tristan's back. Tristan's back was bold and strong. I saw his golden blond hair neat on the side. His hands on his side and he turned his face sides away on the floor. He looks upset and his eyebrows was facing narrow as he was angry. I stepped back and holding myself like a freighted child. I breath in and take a step. I opened my mouth and clutched my fist. 'I can do this', I thought.

'Hello waiter I have booked for a table for two. I think it written my name right?'

The waiter looked down on the book. He smiled and guide the door. I reached my hand out hoping to touch Tristan. As I missed him, the waiter stopped and he asked, 'Excuse me Madam how can I help you?'

I pushed myself I slowly answered, 'a table for one please?' He looked downed the book and he smiled at me, 'yes there is one more next the gentleman before, enjoy your meal'. I smiled at the waiter and I hurried to Tristan.

The restaurant was beautiful and posh, the table are in gold and they were covered in red velvet. I sat on my seat I watched over to see Tristan where he was. Tristan looked down at the lady it was Ruby. My vision was true my face frozen. Tears fallen down my face likes a waterfall. I ran quickly and waiter tried to stopped. I ran and I ran without turning to see if Tristan saw me.

Tristan stood there watched Ruby then he turned to see what was going on. he saw someone might be Lily, I was about to walk away. Ruby shouted at me, 'Sit down!' he sat down and I watched like a guard dog.


'What do you want?!'

'Nothing I just want enjoy the meal with you.'

He stood up and I told the waiter she will stayed and I had to go for emergency. The waiter nodded and he let me through.

Ruby got up and she yelled across, 'you can't do this to me!'

I call out for her, 'I don't care I didn't agree, I don't like you and I like someone else!' Everyone stared her and they laughed at her. She gripped her teeth in anger and displease. He run quickly who it was and He know it is Lily. It must be her why would someone just run like that.


In the park he saw the person might be Lily, she was still running. She ran through the park and she hid in the brushes. He stopped and he yelled her name. Hoping if that was her, I really hope she is Lily', thought Tristan.


'Why are you running, are you Lily?' No answer he stepped forward and he saw me with my shadow. The wind blew my hair. he stepped closer and I slowly got up. i did not turned around, her hands were by sides.

'Stop!' I yelled.

‘Why?' he stopped and he admired my back.

'Please forget about me, you already have someone'. he stepped closer and he almost just to touch her back. He stared my back, he looked my curves and my dark silky hair. he pulled my hair and he kissed it.


'I couldn't forget you; I have been waited for you for a long time.

There is no one, I only went on a date with Ruby because my mum wanted to do a blind date'. She pulled her hair away from me and she did not look at me. My back did not move. 'Look it has been too long, isn't too late now for us to meet?'

he asked. he smiled at my back. He touched my shoulders and he held me. He smelled my hair, it smells like daisies. 'No isn't too late, I rejected her, you are only for me.'

He puts my hand on his and I pushed away.

'Please give me some time?' I asked.

He stopped and he could understand my feelings, seeing the person in dreams into reality can be scaring thing.

'Of course Lily how can we contact, if you want to see me?'

I covered her hair and she call on her phone. His phone rang and he looked my number,

He looked up and I disappeared. He text her 'how did you known my number?’

I text back, 'I watched you a long time. Plus I got your business card it show it'. I looked my business cards it doesn't show it. Except the one did, it was a mistake, I thought how she found it. I text her back, 'How did you found it?'

I text back, 'I found out while I was cleaning, you must drop it.'

He was running through my memories in the book store. He asked, 'book store do you work there?' She took five minutes back and she text, 'sometimes to help my mum out.' He smiled and he cheering out loud, 'She does exist she is real. Lily is real!'


(Tristan's dialogue)

Later that night I was making for Lily, I know I would not able to give her face to face. I can post her or give her secretly. The necklace I have made, it was a dark blue and dark green pendant with gold curved line wires. I proud my work and I stared with an achievement expression. I put the necklace in a box with a letter.


I wrote in the letter, 'Dear, Lily, this is a gift for you and I may not see you even though I want to. I hope you are ready to meet up face to face. My heart and your heart has not changed through 13 years. It has be stronger each day. Your smile, your eyes and the way you dance is beautiful. I hope have a good future together love from Tristan.' I puts box and the letter in another box that is wrapped and I safety away in the desk. I placed in my blazer coat pocket then I went sleep early.

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