My Dream Girl

My name is Tristan, I am 26 year old and I am an artist. I always dream this girl called Lily. Lily has black hair and blue eyes. I love her so much and she does not exist I wish she did because she is the perfect girl for me and she is only my dream girl.
Tristan came obsessed and addicted seeing Lily and he grew desperate to meet her. Little that he know someone will hurt him and he won’t able to wake up a less Lily exist. Does she exist or who can save him . This story has love, hate, action and friendship. Can Tristan cope with his life if it fall apart.


7. Chapter 7 : The Answers

Ben and Jay were driving back to the police station. Jay was complaining about today case.

'This is annoying Andrew's mum doesn't know where his son is, how we going to find him his phone is off,

'Look we track him later, now we had to find him where he could go,'

Ben's phone rang and he pointed at Jay to pick up. Jay picked the phone and he answer.

'Hi this Ben's friend, Lily?'

'Friend ?' Ben gave a funny look at Jay. Jay ignored him and he waited for the person to answer over Ben's phone.

'This is Andrew, put him on speaker phone,'

'It is Andrew I am putting on speaker phone,'

'Andrew he calling, what happened to Lily oh crap.'

Jay placed the phone in the cup holder and he pressed on speaker phone.

'I am speaker phone good I have caught Lily, if you drop the charges I will let off Lily,'

'What you want us drop charges how can we do that?' asked Ben in an anger voice.

'Easy, said you made a mistake and get someone like Ruby,'

'What she died yesterday,'

'Damn this is her idea,'

'What why?'

'I don't know why she is crazy she said some plan to ruin Tristan,'

'You know what send the map we will drop the charges,'


Jay switch off the speaker phone and he looked at Ben. He was frighted of the situation Lily was capture.

'Really are you going the charges Ben?'

'Of course not, I just record it what he said,'


Ben pulled out another phone with a sound recorder, it was switch on. The call recorded what Andrew did.

'Clever Ben,'

'Of course let's get Lily.'

Ben and Jay stopped at a dark warehouse. They went out from the car and Ben told Jay to sneaked in the back door.

'Jay go to the back door and sneaked up Andrew and hit him with the gun, I will distract Andrew by talking to him,'

'Okay just be carefully.'

Ben nodded at Jay and he open the front door. He saw Andrew, he was holding a gun at Lily. Lily was still unconscious. Ben slowly stepped forward and he dropped his gun.

'Hi Andrew I dropped my gun and I will dropped the charges what you done,'

'Good, Lily won't wake up it already two hours,'

'She hasn't what did you do?'

'None of business,'

'Look Andrew..'

In the shadows Jay moved slowly and he hit Andrew quickly with the gun. Andrew fell down on the ground. Jay untied Lily and he tried wake her up. Ben went over and he checked if she was breathing. She still was and Ben carried her and Jay grabbed Andrew.

'Now Jay you take Andrew to the station, I will take Lily to the hospital,'

'What I want to take Lily instead, not this kid,'

'Look come on I don't think this is the time to argue,'


Jay gave Ben a sharp glared and he dragged Andrew with him. Ben call 999 and he waited the ambulance to come.

Lily was still unconscious, in the dream she stared at the glass of Tristan and dark Lily on the other side. Dark Lily and Tristan were sitting down on a picnic. This made Lily jealous and she pull herself into the glass. The electrics shock kicks in and she flew across. She tried again as she pushed. Her hand and arms were bruised. Dark Lily noticed what is going on. She smirk and chucked the situation. Tristan turned and he asked, 'Lily what is so funny?'

'Nothing just happy being with you,'

'What he can't see me, Tristan that is not me I am here, behind this glass, Tristan please hear me, Tristan, Tristan!'

'Hey Lily did you hear someone calling,'


Tristan got up and he look around, Lily kept pushing and pushing through the glass. She was screaming the pain she was going through. Dark Lily pulled him for a kiss. Tristan pulled back and he started at the Dark Lily.

'Who are you?' he asked.

The dark Lily got up and she reached her hand and she frozen him. Lily landed on the floor and she got up slowly.

'Tristan what happen to you?'

Lily touched his face, his face frozen like ice. She got up and she closed her fist.

'I let him go,'

'Your power,'

Lily stepped back for a minute. She raised her voice, 'I will give my power if you let me spend one day with him,'

'One day, fine I can wait, it would bad if you didn't meet him properly.'

Dark Lily made me and Lily disappeared from the dream. I woke up and I looked around me, Everyone was standing there Ben, Hannah and Lily. The real Lily was laying on my lap.

'Lily, is that you?'

'Yes, Tristan,'

'Wait why are you cover in bruises?' I hugged her and she had cuts and bruises everywhere. She was nervous. Then Ben stepped in placed his hand and he point at another man.

'Me and Jay,we saved Lily from Andrew and he have evidences that he tried kill you,'

'Who is Andrew?'

'You remembered the kid wanted you to be his teacher that is him,'

'That is him,'

'You have to be in court tomorrow morning, we can get it out the way.'

Lily nodded sides and Hannah gave her a dirty look. Ben took her out the room.

'So we are alone Lily, you are beautiful,'

I stroked her face and she placed her hand on my hand. She gave a soft smile,

'You know Tristan, tomorrow after court can we spend each other please?'

My eyes beamed up for excitement, I grabbed her hand and I cheered out loud.

'Of course you don't have to ask, what you want to do?'

'Let's visit the place we first met the dreams Clear lake mountains,'

'Sure after court we go there.'

Hannah and Ben was outside the room. Her arms were cross and she narrowed her eyes in anger.

'Ben what are you doing?' Hannah asked. She threw hands and she snared at Ben.

'Hannah please let them be together, they are crazy about each other,'

'Crazy, fine they can do what they want, I am out of here,'

'Hannah wait.'

Hannah walked away from the hospital with tears and jealous. The darkness came out of where Persephone came. She smirked at her, Hannah stepped back in fear, Persephone stepped forward and danced around her.

'You are Hannah aren't you?'

'Yes you are?'

'Persephone, I heard you have feelings for Tristan, we can make a deal,'

'A deal, what kind of deal?'

'I will help you get Tristan and you help me to stop Lily Lake,'


'In time you will know.'

'Fine deal,'

'Good keep this our secret, go home acted nothing happen,'

'How this help?'

'Trust me your life will be wonderful,'


Persephone vanished and Hannah stepped and she looking around and she was back outside the hospital. She smiled of joy and she skipped along the car park.

Next morning I was in court Andrew was other side. I was holding Lily's hand.

'Order in the court, here with Andrew Stone sentence attempted murder of Tristan Rowland and Lily Lake,' said the Judge.

'What me I didn't kill anyone,' denied Andrew.

'Mr Stone stayed seated, Mr Rowland explain what happened the night you were with Miss Lake,'

'Well I didn't see what happened all I know I was hit by a car and I was saving Lily,'

'Is that True Miss Lake?'

'Yes your honor,' she nodded and Mr Lloyd the lawyer played the video of hit the run. He took out a phone, 'this is Detective Ben Robinson, here is evidences of Andrew Stone voice threaded Ben and Jay to dropped the charged of attempt on Tristan.'

He press the record and Andrew jaw was wide and he gave a nasty stared at Ben.

' I am speaker phone good I have caught Lily, if you drop the charges I will let off Lily.'

The jury was silence and Andrew banged on the table. The Judge cleared his throat and he declared,

'Guilty Andrew Stone will be in prison  five years for attempt murder.'

The polices took away Andrew and I looked back at Lily and I held her hand with a beaming smile. Ben gave a thumb up to me and I did the same. Lily blushed and I pulled Lily outside. She placed her hand by her side.

'Tristan this is good,'

'Yeah it is,'

'Let's go,'

'Right to Clear Lake Mountain.'

Lily and I went up the mountains and we sat the highest hill near the lake. I wanted to shows the place we first met here in the dream. Now it is reality, I looked Lily and she was amazing and beautiful. She bend over and she took a pack lunch. She opened the box and cumber, ham and grape sandwiches.

'This is fantastic Lily,'

'Thank you eat as you like,'

'This is nice,'

'Yeah it is quiet and peaceful.'

She laid on my shoulder and we listened the bird singing. The view was wonderful, I can see the mountains, field and lake. Lily got up and she danced around the lake she took her hands and she pulled me in.

'Just like the dream, but in reality here we are,' I said I hugged her tightly, she placed her hand sideways.

Later that night Lily showed me a cottage near the mountain. Lily opened the door and she pulled me in the bedroom.

'We sleep here,'

'Okay this is your cottage?'

'Yes for the holidays,please lay down.'

As I lay down I gazed at her and she played my hair and she slowly move in a kiss. The kiss was wonderful her soft lips. I held her head and I held her hand tightly. The night died away and we were sleeping. This was great, more than great I found Lily and we meet each other and see our faces in reality, it was worth to wait and it is better than I imagine and the dreams.

In the morning I woke up and I felt so relax. I looked the over side, Lily was not there and I saw a letter. I opened the letter and I begun to read it.

'Dear Tristan, I am glad that I met you and you can see me before I go, I will give my powers up just for you. I love you and I would like to spend a day with you seeing my face, holding and loving me before it happens. I love you Tristan and I always will.'

My hands were shaking and tears pouring down. Lily run away and powers. What does this mean, who is she what is going on. Lily why did you leave. I did not get a chance to give you the necklace and I did not said I love you Lily in reality.

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