My Dream Girl

My name is Tristan, I am 26 year old and I am an artist. I always dream this girl called Lily. Lily has black hair and blue eyes. I love her so much and she does not exist I wish she did because she is the perfect girl for me and she is only my dream girl.
Tristan came obsessed and addicted seeing Lily and he grew desperate to meet her. Little that he know someone will hurt him and he won’t able to wake up a less Lily exist. Does she exist or who can save him . This story has love, hate, action and friendship. Can Tristan cope with his life if it fall apart.


6. Chapter 6: The stages of the plan

On Thursday morning Ben was looking at CCTV what happened to Tristan. He kept repeated the video, because in the video shows the car was recognised it was  Andrew Stone.

Who is Andrew Stone?’ He played the video again until he realised it was the fan that Tristan rejected. He leaned back as shocked what has happened.

Okay I going get Andrew,’

Hey wait,’

Ben got up and Jay his co worker and he was trying to stop him. Ben stopped and he picked his bag.

This is my case Ben not yours,’

Look the chief we both working on it, beside I crack the case. I am going to go now,’

No I am coming as well,’

So am I.’

Ben and Jay turned around it Lily, Jay looked down Lily’s figure and he  impressed what saw. Ben rolled his eyes and he grossed of the situation. Jay took his hand to Lily,

Hey I am Jay and you are?’

Lily, Ben I want to come as well,’

Well you can come, just stay with me,’

What about me I can look after her?

Lily and Ben gave a strange look at Jay and they decided to leave the room. Jay followed them and he yelled.

What did I do?’

(Tristan’s dialogue)

Lily and I went to building on a beach; it was a tower and it was shaped in a castrate horn snail-shell. The building was in a salmon and mustard colour. It also had a curve edges. There on the doorstep there were blue curve stairs. There were different levels of the building each of them has semi oval shape with wood frames.

I turned to Lily I asked her what is this. She took my hand and she leaded me the building.

This is your dream house when you were a teenager right?’

How do you know?’

I know you so well.’

Inside the building shows a hall way of my art work. I was impressed and I touched one of my paintings. They are paintings that I did pass and each of the shows the date and the year. In the next room there was the kitchen. It was warm and cosy, the pot and pan were handing on hooks and the counter and the cupboards were different shades of green.

Lily placed her hands on counter and she clapped her hands. She gave a huge smile to me.

So what you want to eat?’

Hmm, my favourite’

Yours favourite what is that?’


I grabbed her body and I gazed her eyes. She was shocked and she smirked at me. Her face did not look right. She usually she screams and blush. I lift her in the right place and let my hands go.

What is wrong Tristan?’

Nothing, you know my favourite it is Largesse.’

Right I forgot ,’

She shows a nervous look at me and she quickly cooked my meal. That strange she forgot, Lily doesn’t usually forget stuff, probably nothing. I decided to brush it off.

Ben , Jay and Lily were looking for Andrew’s address. Ben was looking at his phone and they finally found the house. They knocked the doorstep and they waited the door step. Andrew’s mum opened the door. She had hand in her coffee in her hand.


Hello I am detective Ben Robinson, this Lily Lake Ms Stone right we are looking for Mr Andrew Stone he has been arrested for a hit run for last two night’

Hey what about me?’

This is detective Jay Harper,’

Andrew, why he would do that, this isn’t true,’

Really we have document that his car in the scene and his face.’

Ben took out a photo of the scene of crime. Mrs Stone looked the photo and her face was shocked and she asked,

So who did he hit?’

Tristan Rowland and Lily his lover,’

Lily turned Ben and she surprised so was Jay. Ben grabbed Lily’s hand. He passed the photo to Jay.

Jay I will explained later you handle the rest,’

Okay then’.

Ben and Lily were away Andrew's house and they talked at the park a lot. Lily threw her hand away.

Hey Ben why did you lie to Mrs Stone I am not Tristan’s lover I am his crush I guess,’

Look I have to so she will tell us, beside I think Jay like you and you don’t like him, only Tristan right?’


Good in court you have to tell what last night that is all,’

Okay. I understand Anyway I am going to visit Tristan now and I will see you later,’

Sure I will call you later and I visited Tristan later when I finish my duty,’

Great see you soon thank you,’’

No problem.’

Lily went off and she got on the bus and she went to see Tristan. She was holding the necklace that Tristan was going to give her. She held the chain and she hope Tristan will wake up.

Lily was in Tristan’s room and she held his hand and she patted him with a cool cloth. She wanted Tristan to wake up.

Tristan please wake up everyone is waiting for you even me. We haven’t met face to face , only you seen my back.’

She closed her eyes and she focused to go in Tristan's dream. She waited and waited nothing just darkness. Suddenly she saw an image a girl look like her but in a black lace dress and she was dancing Tristan on a beach. She touched the image and she felt an electric shock, she stepped back and she tried go in again. The electric shock was much and it felt a force of wind blew her away. She landed on the floor and she got up and she looked at them.

'What is going on who is that girl who Tristan with?'

She went closer and the girl stopped dancing with Tristan. She took him away and she looked at Lily with a cunning smile.

'So this is really fresh Lily standing in front of me,'

'Who are you?'


'What you mean by that?'

'Another version of you the dark side, every human has that,'

'Dark side Persephone did this?'

'Maybe, soon I will kill Tristan meaning he never wake up and I will make sure to take him with me,'

'No you are not doing that , he needs to wake up everyone is waiting for him even me,'

'I don't think so, he seems to enjoy being here,'

'No, he doesn't need to be here, look take me instead, please don't kill him,'

'You are useless to me maybe if you give your powers to me than I will let go off Tristan,'

'Fine just take it!'

'Really I let you think about it first, if I take your power you can die.'

Lily stood up and with tears pouring down her face. The dark Lily slowly disappear. Lily was down on her knee feeling helpless.

Back in reality she opened eyes with tears. She stared down at Tristan who was lying unconscious. She cleared her tears and she got up to get some water to drink.

Later on Hannah went into Tristan's room she grazed at Tristan and she stroked his cheek. She played his hair. It was soft and delicate. She kissed his forehead and she looked with a pale expression.

'Oh Tristan I love you so long time yet, you love someone else. Who is just a girl who was in dream now she is in reality. I don't believe I am ten times better than her I know you for longer time and I know I can treat you right and I will not let happen to you like she did.'

Little as Hannah know Lily heard what Hannah said. She held her breath and she dragged herself while holding on the door nor. Tears fallen down her face and she shivering of her sorrow. She got up clear her tears and she went home.

At home she wrote a plan about what she going to do wake up Tristan . When she was writing her plan she wrote a letter about how she met Tristan.

'Dear Tristan, I am glad that I met you and you can see me before I go, I will give my powers up just for you. I love you and I would like to spend a day with you seeing my face, holding and loving me before it happens. I love you Tristan and I always will.'

Lily knew it was a difficult decision giving up her powers that she barely control and at the same it could kill her. She was doing it to save Tristan before it was too late. She closed her eyes and she focused, but suddenly a hand with a cloth reached her behind. She came crashing down on the floor. The man took his mask and he picked Lily and he drove her away with her.

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