My Dream Girl

My name is Tristan, I am 26 year old and I am an artist. I always dream this girl called Lily. Lily has black hair and blue eyes. I love her so much and she does not exist I wish she did because she is the perfect girl for me and she is only my dream girl.
Tristan came obsessed and addicted seeing Lily and he grew desperate to meet her. Little that he know someone will hurt him and he won’t able to wake up a less Lily exist. Does she exist or who can save him . This story has love, hate, action and friendship. Can Tristan cope with his life if it fall apart.


5. Chapter 5 The loop World

I woke up and I found Lily Lake world, the place the first time we met in the dream world. However there was no Lily, just an empty field. I got up and I look around to look for her.

'Lily where are you?'

No answer, I begun walked around to find her. Am I in a dream, what happened yesterday and where is Lily. I went down the hill and I touched the grass, it felt so real. I took my jacket and I held it on my arm. I saw an enormous tree and it shows a dark entrance. I felt a strange urges to go in there.

In the hospital, Tristan was in a coma and his mum, Hannah, Ben and Lily were sitting in his room. His mum held his hand and in tears of sorrows.

'Oh my son what happened to you?!'

'I am sorry it is my fault he was with me,' Lily patted on Tristan's mum shoulder. His mum turned and she placed her hand Lily's hand.

'No it is not fault he was trying save you,' said his mum.

Hannah picked Lily's hand and she threw it away. She screamed and shouted at Lily.

'No you are wrong Mrs Roland; it is her fault, if they were together last night. This wouldn't happen if you didn't see him. I don't know what is going on, to me I think a joke Lily. You were in his dreams and magically you are real and you came out of no where to see him. Get out, I don't want you near Tristan now!'

Ben got up and he looked Hannah with disbelieves.

'Lily take Ms Roland out please, I am going to have a word with Hannah.'

Lily understood and she took Mrs Roland away the room. Ben clutched his fist and he glared at Hannah. He slapped Hannah's face. She covered her hand and beamed a glare at him.

'You have no right to shout at Lily. This is not her fault, she didn't know Tristan was going to get hit by a car, beside she could get hurt as well, if Tristan didn't save her. You aren't the only one upset and angry about this. I am too and his mum. We all want to know who did this.'

'You are on her side, some friend you are, you love me and you decided to be her side not mine!'

He held her hand for comfort and he advised,

'Look I am doing what is right I am in no one sides. You shouldn't be shouting here Tristan is in a coma. We have to wait like the doctors said.'

She threw his hand and she walked out the room. She slammed the door out loud like thunder.

He looked down the floor and he stepped closer to Tristan. He cried and shaken.

'I will find out who did this no matter what,’ said Ben.

Later on Lily waved Mrs Roland good bye. She was about walk back Tristan's room. She knew who to ask. She went to Ruby's room to ask what is going on. Ben saw Lily walked to Ruby's room.

'Lily where is she going to ?'

He followed her and she went the room and she quietly the door. He creped behind the door. He listened to it.

'Persephone did you do this Tristan ?'

Persephone transformed original form and she sat the edge of the bed. She smirk at Lily and she asked,

'What if I did, no one believe you, beside it wasn't me behind the wheel. Obviously someone hate him more than I.'

Ben peered through and he saw Lily talking to someone however, he could not see who Lily was talking. He saw the bed was empty but it was tidy. Strange was wrong, he looked down and he looked up. Lily was still talking to thin air.

'Who is she talking to, has she gone crazy. Who is Persephone?'

He puts his ear closer on the door. Lily stepped to Persephone an she folded her fist and she puts head high,

'So what happens to Ruby, are continue being her or someone else?'

'Ruby doesn't exist I transform of her and I can be someone else. Beside I should leave now my work is done. Tristan will slowly die because of you.'

She vanished out thin air, Ruby appearance on bed and Lily moved her hand closer to Ruby's face. She picked shaken Ruby's body,

'Wake up Ruby, this is just a trick isn't it I am fully human not half goddess, I am just a normal person. I am not the daughter of Morpheus am I , please answer me?!'

The life machine shows Ruby was dead and Ben was not sure what he saw. He was more confused than ever. He saw Ruby appearance on the bed and he heard what Lily said.

'What Lily means Lily half human and goddess? She didn't know who she is Lily damn.' He pushed away the door and he shakes his head. He could not believe what was happening.

(Tristan dialogue)

I was walking through the hollow of the tree trunk. Slowly I went pass little lights appear. As I got closer I stopped I saw a woman shadow behind the purple and blue curtain. She was dancing gracefully like a swan swimming in a pond. I lifted the curtains and it was Lily her hair was waving and she was wearing a black flowing lace dress. She smiled and she stepped closer.

'Welcome to my home Tristan,'

'Lily is that you?'

'Of course silly.'

She closed the curtain and she snapped her fingers. There was a living room with a sofa, table and some food on the plate. Sandwiches and tomato soup with tea. She pulled a chair out and she offered to sit down with her.

'I know it is not fancy, it is great,'

'It is fine, am I still dreaming what happened to me?!'

She moved away from the chair and she placed her hands on the edge of the table. Crossed her legs in a flirting way.

'Don't remember you felt asleep when you working,'

'Really, man I must working too much,'

'Of course you earn a good amount of rest.'

'Yeah I do deserve.'

It felt nice to see Lily in my dreams, lately I have not dream of her. Maybe because the real Lily is here. Yet I have not seen her face in reality only her back. I was a bit upset but I understand. I mind as well enjoy the dream Lily to make me happy right now, until I see Lily's face. It will much better than this. It will be worth to wait when I see her for real.

I gazed at Lily and she was eating her food. She stopped and she wiped her mouth.

'What is wrong do you like the food?'

'Yeah I was thinking how we met in the park with your back showing me. I wondering what your face look like in real life,'

'Right me I remembered'. She rolled her eyes and she carried eating her food. She got up and picked the plates up.

'When you finish that I will take you outside, I have something to show'.

My eyes beamed of excitement and I puts my plate away and followed Lily behind. We went out the tree trunk. We walked on a beach and I saw metal poles hanged a wire of yellow lanterns. Lily threw her arms high and she let the wind blow her hair. I was amazed of her carefree emotions, this why I fall for her so she was different from other women. I knew it was crazy to have feelings for her for so long time. I can tell it was destiny to be with her. She turned and she pulled me around. She swung me around and we grew of love of laugher.

Back in reality Ben and Lily in the morning they stopped at Tristan's house. She was in Ben's car and she looked up the house. She was a bit puzzled and she asked,

'Who's house is this yours?'

‘I used lived with Tristan. Now he lived here, we need to pack more things for him,'

'Okay, what the person who hit Tristan?'

'The police investigated today and I will check it tomorrow.'

Ben and Lily got to door step and he unlocked the door, he smirk at Lily and he puts out.

'Ladies first,'


They went up into Tristan's room, she looked around and she observed of Tristan's things. There were his sketchbooks, notes and his photos on the table and the floor. It was a quite messing room, she looked at Ben was staring at her.

He coughed and he cleared his throat.

'Sorry just that Tristan was right you are beautiful. I mean I don't like you that way,'

'Ha, you like someone don't you is Hannah?'

'Hannah I do like her but I think I should get over her.'

She placed her hand on his shoulder and she felt sympathise for him.

'Sorry I didn't know that,'

'It is okay you don't need to apologised anyway we should clear this place. Last time it got worst his creative genes must kick in.'

They both the clean room. Ben puts the books away on the shelves and he puts the paintbrushes and paint palette on the table and he carried them to the next room. Lily looked up as she was putting the clothes away. She followed him to the next room. She was fantasized of painting of herself . She was dancing on the filed with a lake. She touched the painting and it was smooth and rough of the oil paint. She gave a soft smile and he went behind her.

'He really think of you a lot and talk about you a lot,'

'Really, it is beautiful is there more of them?'

He laughed and he picked a canvas of a portrait of her. He showed to her, she held on her arms. Her face shows a full of joy and he turned and he picked a sketch book. She puts the painting and she held the book.

'Should I look at this?'

'Trust me he want to show you this.'

She turned the pages and it was sketches of her. Her dancing, how she walk and what she eat. She had tears pouring down face. He looked at her and put the sketch book away. He took her away the room and he put hand on shoulder and he bend down on her high.

'Listen don't worry Tristan will wake up, I want him to wake up too, hey I will show you some high school pictures,'

'Okay thanks,' she wiped her tears and she followed him.

She stopped at Tristan's work desk and she saw a letter for her. She opened the letter it said, 'Dear, Lily, this is a gift for you and I may not see you even though I want to. I hope you are ready to meet up face to face. My heart and your heart has not changed through 13 years. It has be stronger each day. Your smile, your eyes and the way you dance is beautiful. I hope have a good future together love from Tristan'.

She opened the box and it was blue pendant and she placed the necklace around her neck. Ben looked back and he had sympathise smile.

'What is that ?'

'Tristan was going to give me,'

'That's is sweet come on let me show some photos and eat some cookies and tea, you would like that right?'

'Yeah that would be great.'

At night Hannah was Mue's Bar. She was drinking and she playing the edge the glass. She smiled in upset away. Ben found her there and he was not impressed of her.

'Please take her away, she is on her fourth one,' said the bar tender.

'Thanks come on Hannah.'

He puts her arm and he pulled away from the bar. Hannah pushed away him and she yelled at him.

'Let of me it is your fault you bring Lily here and now I hear more about Tristan spending time with her, loving her not me. Do it was annoying I cook with him and he shows no emotions with me or with Lily, what so great about her?'

Ben stopped her and he held her wrist and she tried to let go.

'What Ben, are you going to arrest me, come on you love doing the right thing,'

'Hannah stop it you don't act like this, stop blaming Lily for everything. You knew Tristan will love Lily forever and so does Lily. You can't make them break up they are almost there now,'

'Almost there, what about me I want him since I met him.' She felt sleep and she almost fall on her knees. He caught her and he picked her on his back. He took her to his house and he placed on his bed and he brushed her hand with his finger and he whispered.

'What about me Hannah I love you as well, why can't you look at me?'

Next morning Hannah got up and she looked her surroundings. She knew she was with Ben last night. She got up and she picked her things. She went downstairs quietly and she gave a sorry at him who was sleeping on the sofa. She shut the door quietly and she thought,

'I am sorry I don't want to be with you and I will make sure Tristan will be mine. I will make Lily pay what she done.'

Later on that day Lily stopped at her Mum's house. She wanted some answers who she really. She stopped at the door. She slowly knock the door, suddenly it was dark and she knew something strange wrong again.

'Lily let's play,'

'Persephone come out now, I am through of playing games now,'

'This is just beginning I hurt the people you love, first Tristan and now your mum.'

She picked Lily's mum and she squeezed Lily's mum neck.

'Mum let her go she hasn't done nothing do with this,'

'Really I disagree Morpheus and your mums were together and have you.'

Her nail went long and it was sharp. She stabbed Lily's mum in front of Lily. Lily dropped down and her face was stone.

'Oop I need to clear this mess,'

'How dare you!'

Lily puts hand out and a shot beam came out and it shot Persephone. Persephone's head stung so much and she bend down on her knee. She was screaming out of loud, Lily was to throw beam at her. She was stopped by Morpheus stopped Lily and he took Lily and her mum out the darkness. He placed his hand on Lily's head.

'Lily stop now before you lose control.'

Lily stopped and she turned around Morpheus was standing there.

'Morpheus what are you doing here?'

'Dad you should said, I came too late, I shouldn't have left,'

'Left what I suppose do now mum is gone now.'

He picked Lily's mum up and he carried her in his arms

'Come on let's bury your mum right now. I will tell you what happened and the real you.'

As they teleport they were up the mountain. Morpheus lift Lily's mum up the air and he slowed through the ground. He placed the stone on it and he turned to Lily.

'Go on talk to her,'

'Mum I am sorry I tried stop Persephone if only I knew what is going on,'

'Thank you keeping an eye on Lily and now she grew up a fine woman and I know she will the best.'

She looked back at him and she took breath.

'So please tell who I am really?'

'You're mum and me met here at the first time. I fall in love with her and she was beautiful like you. We had you Lily and we name you Vora. Later on I could not stay because I have a duty as a god, I couldn't stay with your mum and you. You have a choice now you stay on earth or work as a goddess,'

'I can choose great.’

'If you are thinking staying on earth you have to learn by yourself to control your powers,'


'Don't worry you will know.' He disappeared out of thin air and Lily touched her chest and she made a vow for mum.

'I will make sure I will stop Persephone before she hurt anyone that I love.'

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