My Dream Girl

My name is Tristan, I am 26 year old and I am an artist. I always dream this girl called Lily. Lily has black hair and blue eyes. I love her so much and she does not exist I wish she did because she is the perfect girl for me and she is only my dream girl.
Tristan came obsessed and addicted seeing Lily and he grew desperate to meet her. Little that he know someone will hurt him and he won’t able to wake up a less Lily exist. Does she exist or who can save him . This story has love, hate, action and friendship. Can Tristan cope with his life if it fall apart.


4. Chapter 4 Bad luck Occurs

Next day I decided to call my mum about the blind date. I was playing with my phone and I wasn't sure what to do. I dial her number in and I waited for her pick up. I was looking at the computer screen. I was looking my emails. I came across a strange email, I thought it was client I open the email and it said,

‘Tristan Rowland killed Ruby McGee'. I dropped the phone and staring at the screen with confused and fear. I looked the internet to search my name and I heard a voice of my mum.


'Hello Tristan, are you there, hello?'

I picked my phone up and I told her, 'sorry mum I will call you later.'

I switched my phone and I looked and back the articles of me, accused killing Ruby. My hands were shaking, I took a deep breath and I puts my head. Then my phone rang it was Ben.

'Tristan what is going on, have you heard someone accused you killing Ruby,

what happening?!'

It gripped my phone tightly. ' I had a date with her yesterday and I didn't know my mum set up with her and me. This must be a trick from her because I rejected her.'

Ben went silenced and then he whispered on the phone, 'right now go to my place and a hat and sunglasses. Soon a later the polices will find where you live.'

I stood up and my chair slipped across, 'what you want me run a crime that I didn't do!' Ben yelled back, 'look doesn't matter if you didn't or not you need evidences and you need my help I worked with them. Plus Ruby has more power and money than you. Come to my place and we get some evidences. Also switch your phone off, you won't track easily and come my place right now'. I switched my phone, grabbed my coat and my hat on and I puts on my sunglasses on. I stepped my house and I took my car.


Lucky no one saw and I went to Ben's house. He lent a space on the sofa. He passed an orange cup of tea. 'Here Tristan I think you need this'.

He sat with me and he had a notebook with me.

'I am going to write your alibi, tell me what time you met Ruby and what time did you finish'. I took a deep breath and I thought carefully what time I met with Ruby.

'It was six o'clock I came in the restaurant. Then I finished about maybe ten minutes, because I saw. I paused and he gave me a strange look, 'then what?'

I reached my phone and I switched on.

Ben grabbed my phone, 'What are you doing don't switch on your phone on okay!'

I puts my phone down, 'I saw Lily.'

He was clueless and he stood up, 'Tristan what how can you see Lily she doesn't exist!

I stood up and I yelled, 'I saw her with two eyes you can check the restaurant I went to. I got her number too!'

He stared at me and he said slowly, 'really what does she look like how you described of her?' I sat back down and so did he.' I didn't see her face, I only back of her, we talk her about how we feel, you only met me when she is ready to meet me.'

Ben got up and he grabbed his key.

'You stayed here okay here is my extra phone, I will take your phone and I go and see Lily'.

I stood up and I raised my fist, 'this is unfair, how come you going to see her first ?'

He rolled his eyes, 'look any minute the police track your phone if it is turn on. The best thing to do is that I am going to find Lily ask questions, where she work or where she lived?'

I looked away and I said, ' I know she worked at her mum's book shop sometime is at 45 Greenwood road near the school that I did a project on'. He puts his coat and he grabbed his badge. He was going out the door,

'I am sorry I didn't believe that Lily does exist.'

I smiled at and I reply, 'it is okay, see you later.'

He waved and he call, 'I will be back about three hours hanged here, help yourself, if something happens call use the house phone, see ya.'


Ben was in the book store and he saw a woman with dark black hair and blue eyes. She wore blue a white stripe shirt with long sleeves and skinny blue jeans. She was sorting the books in order. She looked up and she beamed at Ben.


'Hi how can I help you?'

He puts his hand on his fore head. He reached his pocket of his badge. He cleared his throat.

'Sorry are you are Lily?'

She tipped her head on the side, 'yes I am', He shook her hand and he showed his badge to her, 'I am detector Robinson, Ben Robinson. I am a friend of Tristan Roland, I think you have met him, he is in deep trouble'. She put the books down and she went the other room. She call out, 'mum cover for me'. The woman stepped out and she looked exactly like her expect older.


'Okay dear I will who is this?'

Lily went in front of Ben and she waved her hands and she smiled,'

a friend will be in next room.'

Her mum smiled and carry putting the books in order.

Ben looked around the room there a lot book on the shelves in A to Z order. On other side there was blue table with olive-green chairs. Lily sat down and she puts hand out, 'sit down Ben.' He sat on the chair and he rested his hands. He leaned forward,

'I don't know you heard the news Tristan killed Ruby last night, was he was with you?'

She stood up and she slammed her hands on the table.

‘What you mean, he was with me, I turned back to talk to him.’

Ben gazed at her and he was very so confused. He crossed his arms with unbelievable eyes he commented,

‘Can you are real can you show me you are Lily Lake?’

She looked around and she got up and she had documents of she worked in the store with her mum. She smiled also she showed her band cards and drive licence. He studied the cards and documents. Then he looked up at her and he asked her,

‘how you know Tristan?’

She rested her hands and she was not sure how to answered,

‘well I saw Tristan in his art room and I want to know him more. Plus I know you went to the mountains with him and that girl as well.’

He was not how to reaction. He wrote what she said and he asked,

‘Do you have a prove like texts or anything?’

She looked her phone of all the time. The phone showed the texts from Tristan. He looked the time when Ruby got killed. Ruby got killed at 8 o'clock. The text showed that she text him at 10 minutes past eight. He looked the phone and he saw a photo of Tristan is holding up a blue box it said, ‘you will see it soon.’

He gave her phone back and he asked, ‘did you see this picture?’

She looked her phone and she smiled softly, ‘no I felt sleep as well, before him.’ He picked his phone and he asked, ‘forward the text messages to my phone.’

She agreed with him ‘What is your number?’

He nodded, ‘my number is 07786623123, call me if anything happens, but don’t call or Tristan, because polices are looking for him. What I am going to do get the evidences.’ Ben got up push his chair in, but Lily stopped him. She touched his wrist and he stared at her, ‘where are you going?’

He gave understand look, ‘do you come with me to the scene of the crime?’

She got up with huge smile and she call out her mum, ‘hey I am going out now!’

Her mum said, ‘have fun.’


I was watching television every channels keep saying that I kill Ruby. I got up switch off it. I looked around I went on Ben’s computer it said, ‘the password is raygo123’. I told don not look your website, face book or new. I got on the computer and I wanted to check my emails. I was anger at my clients kept blaming about Ruby. I got up and I look up and I tried to call Hannah.

‘Hey Hannah I am at Ben’s house bring some snack with and make sure you don’t any know where I am.’

Hannah replied, ‘okay sure, did you something to Ruby that made her do this?’

I sat down and I tried to think, ‘well I rejected her last night.’

Hannah laughed and I yelled at her, ‘come on is not funny.’ Hannah stopped laughed, ‘okay I will get some food as well, I think polices went to your house because I was about to come there’. I got up and I asked her, ‘why you were coming my house?’ She said in innocent way, ‘oh nothing I want to see you.’ I had a funny look and I thought, should I. Well I am hungry and there is not much food, only egg, tomatoes and cheese.

Hannah knocked on the door with a white plastic bag in hands. I peeped through the door to make no one was there only her. She quickly went inside and she had this huge smile. She stood still and she hesitated for a moment.

'Hi Tristan can you lead me in the kitchen,' she said.

I looked at her with a confused look. I asked, 'sure I thought you have been in Ben's place before?'

She nodded and she puts her head down, 'yes I want to be polite that is all.

'I nodded and I leaded her into the kitchen. I took the eggs, cheese and tomato on the table.

'I was thinking we make an omelette, is that okay?'

'Well that is good I got chicken and carrots, we can cook as well.'

I smiled at her and she went to the sink her sink. She tied her hair, her hair a cherry blond hair was quite short. She looked at me with a huge smile and she replied, 'let's cook!'


Ben and Lily were in the scene where Ruby was killed. She bended down and she observed the body mark. He looked around and then he look down at her.

'Hey Lily what do you think actually happened here ?' She got up and she wiped her jeans. She tied her hair with hand band into a pony tail. 'I don't know, there is something'. She took a tissue from her pocket and she reached a strand of brown hair. He took out a plastic zip see through bag put in the hair. He analysed the hair, the hair was long, thin black in it as well. 'Look like it could be Ruby 's hair. I send a DNA text and I might have to check CCTV as well'.

Lily stared at  the piece the hair, a strange version occurs, flash images of a woman with red eyes with black armour dress and dark curly hair. She gave evil smile, 'you are next Lily Lake'. Lily stepped back and she was shaking in fear. She puts her hand on her face. Ben stepped closer and he rest his palm on her shoulder, 'are you okay?'

She looked up and she looked away.

She asked, 'Where is Ruby?'

He stared with a strange look and he replied, 'She is in Med Crone hospital, she is in a coma we don't know she is still unconscious, why did you ask?'

She looked up with tears and danger looks.'I am going to see her.'

She quickly run away and he tried to grab her hand, but he missed. He searched more clues. There was security camera up there, so he decided to the security office and he asked a tape. Then he decided to call his house number for Tristan.

Lily ran quickly as she can, there was something wrong that version she had.

'Who was that woman and what has to with Ruby?'

She thought. She went to the hospital and she talked the receptionist.

'Hi I am Lily Lake, I am here to Ruby McGee I am a friend of hers.'

The receptionist searched the name on the computer,

'okay madam, Miss McGee is in room 34 on the second floor.'

Lily nodded and she smiled, 'thank you'.

She got up the lift and she was about to open Ruby's room.

She opened slowly and she looked at Ruby. Ruby was lying down on her bed. Her eyes were closed, she was wearing an oxygen mask on. Lily stepped closer and she asked her, 'Ruby what are trying do, who are you really, that vision that I saw of your hair. I know there is something tell me now?'

A dark aura spread the room. Black flames came out where. Ruby opened her eyes and her skin changed into grey her eyes were red and her hair changed to brown to black curly hair. Her clothes turned into black armour and she had a swear on her hand.

'Lily is nice to finally meet you or should I said Vora.' Lily was terrorized and confuse, she stepped back and she crunched her fist, 'what is going on who is Vora, I am Lily, this is a joke isn't it?!'

Ruby snapped her finger. The room disappear and the space was filled darkness around them.

'How rude of me, my name is not Ruby is Persephone. Ruby McGee does not exist really. I transformed myself into her. I am here to rid of you Vora'.

She stepped closer to Lily and she looked at her eyes.

'Stop calling me Vora it is Lily this is crazy!'

Lily screamed so loud is it sounds an eagle. Persephone covered her ears and she bended on the ground.

Suddenly a man came in and he grabbed Lily quickly. Persephone stood up and slammed her spear on the ground she smirked, 'look like her daddy rescued her, maybe I should hurt the one that she love the most.'


Lily threw the man's hand and she threaded him, 'what is going on where am I?' She looked around a green field with mountains and the lake. The place was in her dream world, this time she knew she was not in her dream. She looked up at man, the man have well groomed white hair and he wore a white suit. He beamed at her.

'Hello Lily I am your father,'he said.

She looked him in a nervous way, confuse with anxiety. She asked in frighted voice, 'you are my father. Who are you and what is going on?


He went closer and he puts hand on her shoulder, 'I am Morpheus the god of dreams, you are half human and half goddess.'

She was breathless and she stepped back, she threw his arm away. He bended down on her height, 'Lily I know confused, have you thought it was strange you can easily go in Tristan's dreams'. She closed her eyes and she disappeared out his sight. Morpheus smiled in cheerful way he said,

'My Vora is confuse, I guess her mother has not told the truth about her.'


Lily appearance was on the payment, she looked around where she was. She was near her house, she took her keys out her pocket. She unlocked the door and she swung herself behind her door. She moved down herself with tears.'Why my mum didn't tell me who I really are ?'

Next day Ben and I were in his office, I was scared of all the polices were looking at me. Ben told them he found a local shop. He lied to them to keep me in his house. He sat with me and dropped the evidence, a photo shot of Lily's text message, DVD of the park camera and the knife. I picked up the bag of the knife.

'Where you got this from ?'

I asked. Ben smirked and he answered, 'I got it from the evidence room, don't worry I checked it with the DNA people and apparently the finger print is unrecognised .

'I was a bit confused and I puts down the bag, 'what you mean?'

He pull out another a pieced of bag with a strand of hair.

'Who is that one?'

He showed a cheeky smile and he said, 'yours, I did when you sleep yesterday, did you invite you Hannah?'

I threw my hands against and I said innocently,

'we did nothing we just cook some food!'

Ben gave me a strange look, 'look I trust you, I wish Hannah like me instead.'

I patted his shoulder with sympathy smile. We spread out evidences and we looked at the clues. Ben got up switched the camera in the room. He showed the evidences and one by one.

'Now Mr Roland tell me what happened when you with Ruby McGee?'

'At six o'clock I was with her at the restaurant for a blind date, I left about 10 minutes before we order food.' Ben placed the items and he said, 'right that is impossible now the reason we haven't sent court yet we are looking the evidences, apparently you are innocent, because I saw morning on CCTV of scene Ruby got attempted murder someone else look like you.'

He show another DVD of me talking Lily at the same time. He said with a smile, 'it is impossible you can two places at once, plus your hair shows it actually on paper. The bag with a knife doesn't match with you, it is someone else, you are free to go.' I smile with relief and so did Ben. I came out the one of the polices apologised what happened. I asked Ben how I am going sort out my reputation, 'What about the my client'. He puts on his hand on my shoulder,

'don't worry I will tell the reporters and evidences, let me do the rest.'

I hugged him and I knew I was lucky to have a good friend of Ben and Hanna. Ben cleared his throat, 'Lily help out as well. I have seen her she is much beautiful than you draw her.'

I ran quickly as I can, picked my phone and I was about call Lily. Then I felt someone grabbed on my hand and cover eyes. The smell was daisies and I said, 'who is it?'

She whispered, 'it is me Lily I am sorry.'

She hugged me behind, 'don't be sorry, it is not your fault, thank you for helping.' I turned around pull her hand away my eyes and I grabbed her hand and I kiss her softly lips. Just gentle and quick one, my lips was unsure how to feel. My eyes were still closes, but I can tell Lily was shocked, without looking at her.

'Tristan, I wasn't ready for that.' Lily stoke my cheeks, my eye were still closed. She leaned in she gave a peck on the lips. She yelled out, 'stop being cheeky I will speak you later.' As she walk away, I opened my eyes and I grew biggest smile that ever had. I started Lily's back, she looked left and right on the road. I followed her and I looked there was a car was coming faster. It was not stopping she still crossing the road. I pushed her out the way. Unfortunately I got hit by the car, my head slammed the head, my mind black and I can hear Lily's voice calling me.

'Tristan get up, why did the driver drove off that. Someone help please, help him please!'

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