The story of my life

Jenna is 17 and her crush is 18 but he will never like a loser like her . How will she tell him will she date him or be ignored like normal find out in the story of my life .


1. the birthday.

Hi my name is Jenna and today I'm 17 I have. Crush and his name is Niall horan he's a football also known as soccer player he's really cute but he fell for the head cheerleader I hear an Irish ascent behind me so I turn around and there's Niall with some flowers and he hands. Me them and says happy birthday and I say thank you for the flowers just then comes Dana with her group and want he doset no is she's sleeping with his bestfriend just as the walk. Away Dana kicked me in the shin and whispers stay away from my Niall. Me and Niall have all the same classes without Dana . He saw me limping for erlyer he asks me why I'm limping I say Dana and He just nods he knew she was mean he did wang to break up with her but she won't let him go . He helps me to my locker just my luck she's walking toerd us she say why are you holding her Niall she's probly faking cause everyone know that she likes you and with that she pushes me into a locker and I start to cry and comes back to help me cause he had already walked away

Sorry for the short chapter xxxxxx Brianna

It will be longer next tin fav fan anything

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