The story of my life

Jenna is 17 and her crush is 18 but he will never like a loser like her . How will she tell him will she date him or be ignored like normal find out in the story of my life .


4. school

The more I went to scoop the more I got beat up . The more I got beat up the more I got made fun of . The last time I got beat up I went to the bath room and Niall came we both got In trouble . We explained that Dana had beat me up but since Dana is his nice he would not believe us he call Niall"a mom and then my mom . Niall's mom tried to tell him but again he woul dent believe her . My mom finally got there and she was I ovisly mad at me .

Sorry for the short chapters my dumb teacher gives us a lot of homework xxx Brianna

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