The story of my life

Jenna is 17 and her crush is 18 but he will never like a loser like her . How will she tell him will she date him or be ignored like normal find out in the story of my life .


3. getting caut

He kept staring until I said take picture it will last longer . After that he just blushed and I smiled . A few minets after that we had been kissing we heard a door shut and walk past . He told me to be quite I did as I was told he opened the door real slow so we would not make a sound . But just then his mom came she asked us why we were here he said that Dana bruised her stomach she just said ok and she looked at it . After that it. Was time to go home so he walked me home .

I shut the door to my house and walked up stairs . A.n in the beginning I forgot to tell you that my dad is a drug addict . Back to relaid my dad is passed out . My mom is nowhere to be found and I get my phone out and text Niall

Hey nini from Jenna

Hey babe nialler

Why the babe we arnt even dating Jenna

We are to nini

Well babe maby we are love you my moms here gtg bye

Bye bby

Sorry for the short chapter my teacher is giving us extra homework xx Brianna fav fan any thing xxxxxx

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