The story of my life

Jenna is 17 and her crush is 18 but he will never like a loser like her . How will she tell him will she date him or be ignored like normal find out in the story of my life .


2. breakup

So my locker is next to nialls so I hear him talking to Dana I hear him say I want to breakup I smile to myself maby he would like me but she says no he slams the locker shut and walks away leaving me with Dana she says you did this but I won't let him breakup with me don't worrie you can have him I'm dumping him today at lunch so I find Niall and tell him wat she said and he got upset and kissed me just then Dana walked up to us and got us. Apart and she punched me in the stomach Niall picks me up and we go to his house he likes to walk. So he carried me there he laid me on his bed and lifted my shirt up and looked at it it's bruised I love you Jenna he says I love you too Niall.

Sorry for the short chapter xxxxx Brianna fan fav anything

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