Insecurities *Michael Clifford*


1. Chapter 1

 Bella P.O.V.


 "HI CALUM" I yelled as i walked in his house. I turned the corner and i ran into somebody

 "Oops, i'm so sorry" they said

 I looked up and saw a boy with pink hair and really PRETTY green eyes. I blushed and stood back up quickly and brushed myself off. The pink haired boy smiled and said,


"Hi I'm Michael, who are you?" 


"I'm Bella, and i'm looking for Calum." I said


He pointed to the living room and i smiled and thanked him and walked in there to find Calum sitting on the couch with 2 other boys. I ran up to Calum and covered his eyes.


"Guess who?" I teased


"Hmmm,,, Selena Gomez?" He joked


"No silly, it's me! Bella!" I said


"BELLA? OMG I HAVEN'T SEEN YOU IN FOREVER" He yelled making the other boys laugh. When he put my down, he turned and introduced me to the mystery boys.


"Bells, this is Ashton" He said pointing to a boy with curly brown hair, "and Luke" He said then pointing to a boy with blonde hiar quiffed to perfection and a lip ring. I waved and i heard a voice say, "so, your the best friend Calum won't shut up about".

I turned and saw Michael standing there leaning against the doorframe and then i turned back to Calum.


"you can't stop talking about me? i feel so special!" I exclaimed


He rolled his eyes and grabbed me and threw me over his shoulder. I whined over and over again, but he ignored me as we made our way down the basement. He sat me down and he made his way over to the stool and picked up his Bass, and Luke picked up his white guitar and Ashton sat behind the drums and Michael picked up his guitar. I got comfortable as they started to play.

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