What happened to you (liam-louis)

Hi my name is Georgia-rose or ge-ge as my friends call me. I am from Wolverhampton but I live in London next to a really fancy hotel were I met one direction. I was in love with Louis or so I thought before Liam told me his true feelings.


2. chapter 2

Louis pov

I was frantically running round the room looking for my top that has 'said her name was Georgia-rose' on it when in walked Harry, Liam, Niall and Zayn. Harry and Liam looked so confused " what is he doing ?" Harry pointed to me as he asked Niall " ohh he's going out with a girl we met yesterday " Harry and liam oooooooooooood and then started to ask me questions

1. Is she hot

2. What's her name

3. Will we get to see her

4. Where's she from

5. Do u like her

" yes, Georgia-rose, maybe, I dunno sounds like Liam and I kinda do like her " Harry clapped like a school girl because he was getting to meet 'his boo bears REAL soulmate that wasn't him' but them he pretended to be a mother saying thing like "my baby's all grown up" and "my big brave boy". Once I was dressed in my blue top with 'said her name was Georgia-Rose' on and a pair of black skinny jeans we all waited to see when she would call.

--- 5 minutes later ---

Still nothing

Georgie's pov

OMG I could not think what to wear I wanted to look pretty for Louis. I finally picked a white top with 'LOL your not Harry styles' on it and my black skinny jeans. I pressed my ear up to the wall and it was dead silent. I walked out of my apartment and into the hotel. Luckily there was nobody in the lobby and I just walked into the lift pressing the top floor. Once I was out of the lift I walked to Louis door brushing my hands through my hair and straightening my top. I knocked and I heard Niall say " shit that scared me " in his sexy accent. Zayn answered and pulled me into a hug as he dragged me inside. OMG they are all here.

" love the top Hun " I blushed at Harry's comment as he stood up to shake my hand but I hugged him instead " one thing you gotta know about me I'm a hugger " he just laughed and sat back down. I sat next to Niall and stole one of his Oreos. Everybody gasped as I put it in my mouth " you are so gonna pay Georgie " Niall looked scary. He sat on me and started to tickle. I laughed so much my stomach hurt but Louis saved the day by screaming " NO JIMMY PROTESTED don't hurt her ". Niall jumped of me and Louis and me said goodbye but Liam still hadn't looked up from his phone the whole time I was there. RUDE.

We made our way out of the hotel without being spotted by paps holding hands. We got to the hairdressers and louis picked my colour. I wasn't allowed to see though.

Louis pov

I decided on bleaching it then turning it light pink with bits of candy floss blue in it. I thought it would make her look prettier. Not that she's not already pretty. When we got there I made ge-ge put on a blind fold so she couldn't see. As the bleach went on she giggled at the cold contact and grabbed my hand. OMG I thought I was dreaming the girl of my dreams was holding my hand and not just like 'mummy can I hold you hand' hand holding real life fingers intwined hand holding I thought I was gonna die.

Ge-ge pov

What are they doing to my hair was my only thought but it's Lou so it was sure to look nice and I trusted him.

~~~~~2 hours later~~~~~

They were finally done and wow I looked so different with candy floss hair and it was slightly curled at the ends. I ran to Lou and hugged him thanking him repeatedly for picking a lovely colour.

We went to the mall next door and went to nandos Niall would of killed us if he found out. We were caught by fans and surprisingly they all had nice things to say to me. When we left nandos we went into a fancy dress shop next door and mucked around trying dresses on and shit so we got kicked out the shop.

"I'm having a really fun day today ge-ge how bout you?" He was asking with real concern as if he was scared I wasn't having fun with him. I nodded and reached to hold his hand when we got mobbed by paps asking a load of questions about us, me and him. We walked as quick as we could to the closest shop which happened to be Victoria secrets. We couldn't get out because of everyone outside so while Louis was standing awkwardly in the corner I browsed the shelves. I picked up a few things and bought them all. By now the manager had arrived and allowed us to use the back exit which was fairly near Lou's car. We piled all 12 shopping bags in the boot and drove back to Lou's hotel for as Lou called it the sassy tommo catwalk of the century.

Louis pov

I couldn't believe that day would be so fun. But it was. We walked inside and all the boys were playing monopoly. NERDS. I handed Niall the takeout bag from nandos and he kicked the game away to sit on the couch instead of the floor.

Zayn's pov

Me, Harry, Niall and Liam were sitting on the couches waiting for Lou and Georgie to show us there other clothes. This is what happened :

First : G- blue floaty dress L- chicken onsie

Second : G-short pink dress L- dinosaur onsie

Third : G- electric blue skinny jeans L- red chinos

Fourth : G-princess onsie L- 'i luv Harry' top

Fifth : G- red lacy crop top L- carrot pj's

Sixth : G- greeny-blue hoody L- jack wills hoody

Seventh : blue 'luv makes the world go round' shirt L- map shirt

Eighth : pink lacy crop top L- 1D shirt

Nineth : short White poofy dress L- 5sos shirt

Tenth : ......................…………And so on

Liam's pov (owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww)

I was watching my former best friend prance around with Louis I wonder if she remembered me. Well I did leave and didn't call her or visit. Ooops! (Louis tattoo lol). I do remember her but I've seen her angry and I don't want to get on the wrong side of her right now.

After all of the clothes she went into the kitchen and I followed " Georgie " she went stiff even though she thought I couldn't see because she had her back to me.

" yes Liam "

"do you remember me ?" She spun around with complete shock on her face

" you remember me ?"

" yes how could I forget "

" well you seemed to forget the past 4 years !" She sounded angry

" I couldn't call because Sophia thought I was cheating when I told her about you "

" I don't wanna hear it Liam you left and broke our promise "

" what promise ?" I really was confused

" the one where you said you would never forget me and we would stay in touch " she started to cry and it broke me to see her like this. I tried to hug her but she pushed past me.

"Georgie come back "

" goodbye Liam " she grabbed her coat and bag and walked out of the hotel room ignoring the questions from Louis and Zayn.

Zayn came up to me with that scary look on his face "WHAT DID YOU DO TO HER we've only known her two days and you've ruined Louis' chances"

"I didn't do anything we used to be best friends back home and I promised I wouldn't forget her but Sophia thought I was cheating every time I tried to contact her"

He released his grip on my tshirt and calmed down

"you.....you used to know her?" Louis managed to stutter

Georgie's pov

After I talked to Liam I got so emotional and couldn't handle it so I ran home and cried. And cried. And then cried some more as I listened to their conversations through the wall next to my bed about the tour and Louis' chicken onesie he was wearing.

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