What happened to you (liam-louis)

Hi my name is Georgia-rose or ge-ge as my friends call me. I am from Wolverhampton but I live in London next to a really fancy hotel were I met one direction. I was in love with Louis or so I thought before Liam told me his true feelings.


1. chapter 1

I used to know Liam we were best friend at one point but as soon as he was THE Liam Payne from ONE DIRECTION we drifted apart. I want that to change for ever.

Hi I'm Georgia-rose (LOL) I'm 22 and I'm from Wolverhampton but I live near kings cross station in London I live by myself in I big apartment that looks over London. I came here for a job I was offered at the O2 as a assistant to the organiser of events. I have to go to every meeting which includes meeting all of the celebs. Next to my house is a very fancy hotel and celebrity's often come to stay at it and I once met Beyoncé and jay z when we all came out of our front doors. I have friends but Back in Wolverhampton, here I am alone but I like it.

I got used to the screaming fans after a year of living here and I've only complained about one guest who was jumping around there room all night ( there room was directly opposite my room ) and it was some lead singer of a rock band called zombiz.

Georgia's pov

I'm so sleepy it's 10:00 and I just got back from the arena. We were talking to the vamps about there performance which is soon. I usually get along with the celebs pretty well as they are usually around my age. I stumbled over to my bed room door and was met with photos and posters inside. The photos where me and Liam but the posters were mainly him and the boys.

Some insanely annoying people were jumping around the room across from me so I banged on the wall they hit it back. I got out of bed put some decent clothes on and walked out of my apartment and into the hotel. I waked up to the desk and a snobby looking man was sat behind it. " exuse me can you please tell the people across from apartment 34a next door to quiet down " he looked plainly up at me and then spoke " we have tried to get them to 'shut up' but they won't but you are welcome to try Madame " I listened carefully as he told me the way to the room. I followed all the directions and ended up I front of double doors at the end of a corridor. I could hear voices and laughter of about three men/boys. I stood for a second deciding wether to do it or not and I just went for it not caring what they would say if the opened the door and saw a small-ish girl in tiny shorts and a 'twerk it' tank top on.

I started to get inpatient as they were clearly fighting to get to the door first. When it first opened I was looking down and speaking quietly but then a strong hand lifted my chin up to look at him. OMFLG there in front of me was Niall, Louis and Zayn. Louis had lifted my chin and was smiling a big cheesy grin at me as the others just watched. I suddenly felt very awkward " sorry for all the noise but if you don't mind me asking what's your name ?" He seemed curious " ohh it's Georgia-rose nice to meet you all " he smiled at me and we stood in silence for a while before Niall shouted at Louis to quit staring. I went bright pink at that comment and Louis scratched the back of his neck. They invited me in because they needed my help with something.

I sat I between Zayn and Louis as Niall sat in front of us. He looked me dead in the eye and then his sexy Irish accent kicked in " Georgie it is alright if I call you that isn't it anyway, who do you think is hottest out of us three ?" I was so confused which one is the hottest " first of all I love the name Georgie and I REALLY don't know who's the hottest " they all sighed as I hadn't picked anyone. We got to know each other and I got all there phone numbers and they promised to quiet down. Not before Louis tried to teach me morse code so we could tap messages through the walls. Has he ever heard of a phone before.

I walked out of there room and waved goodbye down the corridor and walked down the stairs to the snobby man at the desk. He thanked me and then told me to leave. As I walked to my apartment I was thinking of how lucky I was to know them. I also decided that if I ever met Harry and Liam (again) I would see if he noticed me because I was gonna look totally different from when he last saw me. I pulled phone out and texted Louis :

To superman

Hey it's Georgie I was wondering if you wanted to come with me tomorrow when I get my hair dyed I need advice on colours 😋

To ge ge

Yeah of corse but don't get it cut I like it long 😝

To superman

Thanks x

To ge ge

No bother x night

I fell asleep with visions of me with purple hair for some reason but then they drifted of into dreams of the three boys I had just met. THEN I fell fast asleep to the sound of Louis's giggles next door. That was the moment I fell for Louis.

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