My Story

I have never really spoken about my past and the things that had happened to me when I was a little girl.. but I guess its time to get it out there... maybe people wont judge me for what had once happened... I hope


2. my mom

  My mom died when I was six years old. 7-15-06

  she died one month before my birthday. 8-13-99

  I guess I am going to get to the point here...

  My mom was a good person my dad says, but there is a story behind her and her family.

  The way my dad was that he was the owner of a dance club. My mom was a waitress at the time and my dad was at a table with some of the other workers.

  later on my mom started working for my dad. She became a pole dancer. My dad says that is where I get most of my street dance moves is from my mom.

  well so on so they liked each other got married and my mom had me and my little brother Nathan.

  ... My mom was a drunk and a druggie... she was drunk at all times. my councilor had told me that she could not help it, that it was not her fault. she was a full blooded indian and it is easy for them to get addictied.

  When she would try to take me and my brother places after the divorce, my dad would not let her because she would be dunk.

  I guess she got tired of it one day, I was kidnaped by her and her mom.

  When my dad found me we was at a hotel and smoke filled the room. She was with her brother, mom, and me. my dad came in the room and was fighting my uncle.  he was really high.

  finally my dad had gotten me and we left.

  A few weeks later I was taken again and it was worst. I had snuck out the house while she was asleep so I could go for a walk when some teen boy found me. I was lost.

  I was lucky he took me to the cops and saved my life. Till this day, I still don't know who he was or how to thank him... I feel bad.

  One day I was supposed to go with my mom to hang out and celebrate for my upcoming birthday. but my dad would not let me go. My mom went to party with her brothers and friends. She was drunk... they was jumping off the dallas bridge and swimming to shore and just messing around. My mom was not the best swimmer. When she had jumped she had not known that people fish off that bridge. she was in the water simming and messing around until her feet got hung in a fishing net wire, she could not come up out of the water.

  she was not on the news but she was in the paper the next few days... 


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