My Story

I have never really spoken about my past and the things that had happened to me when I was a little girl.. but I guess its time to get it out there... maybe people wont judge me for what had once happened... I hope


1. hello

  Hey guys, my name is Makayla Cooper. I usally go by Mickey or Kayla.

  I am 14 years old. I now live in Dallas Texas.

  I was born in Fort Worth, Tx. I lived in Texas since I was about 6 years old. I moved to Pontotoc, Mississippi after my mom had died.

  It was not easy for me. I had problems reading, and concentrating. I was scared to ask for help because I thought the other kids would make fun of me because I was stupid...

  I now know I am not stupid and I am my own hero!

  My best friends are Raya Mcdonald, Elizabeth Adair, Ryan Lane, Christan Kilgo, and Preston Gibson.

  when I was in about third grade.. my dad got remarried to a woman named Leeann Helms.

  I was not happy because I thought my dad was replacing me and my real mom. but he was happy so I kept quiet, I still do.

  I got held back in first grade because I was ... not as good as the others

 fifth grade was when I had my first relationship. It was a very awkward stage for me.

  After fifth grade I moved back to Texas ... I had moved south. Harlington Texas

I was there for a whole year then my grandma got really close to dying and we moved back when I was in seventh grade. I took care of her when my dad couldn't.

  about half of that year I had to move back to texas to where I am now.


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