Just an extra. ~loganlerman~

A movie set in town. One helpful normal extra. Catches the eye of an extraordinary, famous, gorgeous actor.


2. A film set comes to town.

A loud bang wakes me up at around 6 in the morning. I hurry downstairs and realise it was the front door. I open it up and watch as my brunette work friend turns around and smiles.

"Not asleep were you?" She smirks.

"Not at all." I grumble, not normally a morning person. "Do you want to come in?"

"Okay, but I want you to get ready right now!" She demands, while pushing herself past me. Even though I'm confused, I get ready into my skater skirt and crop top and wind my curly brown hair into a bun. I apply my make up quickly, going for the natural look. Foundation, powder and mascara. I rush downstairs to see Maria tapping her feet, before she grabs my hand and yanks me into the street. I only just manage to lock the door. 

"Any chance of telling me what's going on?" I mumble. 

"God, you're grumpy in the morning!" She laughs. She drives me towards the national trust house where we work. 

"Our boss told me something last night, when you went home. Today, a film company has come to use the house!"


"Yes, and the best thing, the actor who is in it ...... is ........ Logan Lerman."



My celebrity crush.

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