He was nothing. He was of no importance to anyone. He had been living a life in darkness, a life where no light could penetrate his lifestyle. It wasn’t until he met her. The light to show him the way. Yet, he had to keep his secrets hidden from her to keep her safe. Who knew curiosity could lead to your downfall? It’s in his DNA.


1. Prologue

We weren’t safe, not here. Together we stood in darkness, hearing nothing else but the sound of our breathing. We stood in the cramped area, our bodies pressed up against each other. Outside I could hear a door being broken in. I could hear his slow, deep breaths. “I want you to run.” He whispered in my ear. What? “No.” I refused to listen to him and shook my head. “I will not leave you behind.” I looked up into his green eyes that were now dark.

Why are you so stubborn?” His voice was cold, harsh. I’ve never heard him speak in this manner before, and it scared me a bit. His eyes burned into me as he placed his hands on my shoulders. “Camille,” I shook my head as the tears began to form. He didn’t understand the reason why I would not run. He reached up and wiped the tears that had fallen down my cheek.

The sounds from outside were becoming louder. They were going to find us. “One of us has to live, and I want it to be you.” He said a bit quietly. I continued to shake my head. Of course I was stubborn, but I didn’t want to be the one to run away and live while he stayed behind to face what his fate was. “It’s both, or neither.” I told him; my voice was just as cold. Before he could reply, the door was ripped off its hinges.

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