He was nothing. He was of no importance to anyone. He had been living a life in darkness, a life where no light could penetrate his lifestyle. It wasn’t until he met her. The light to show him the way. Yet, he had to keep his secrets hidden from her to keep her safe. Who knew curiosity could lead to your downfall? It’s in his DNA.


10. Nine

Camille's pov

I was finally back in my own apartment and now my eyes were finally dry. I can't believe he said those words to me. Why did he have such an impact on me? Why did he make me feel this way? Was I suddenly falling for him?

You're being ludicrous. My subconscious told me and I couldn't ignore her. A part of me was right about Harry. I was falling for him, and yet, he didn't care about me. He still cared about his first girlfriend. Why was I jealous? Harry and I weren't even dating, or were we?

I shook my head and stepped into the shower, letting the warm water run over my body. It calmed me just a little bit, but I was still worked up from earlier this evening. I dried myself off and changed into a set of pajamas.

I walked into the bedroom and got in bed, then turned off the lights. Maybe sleeping it off will help. I thought and laid my head down on the pillow. Yet, resting didn't help. The next morning, I awoke still feeling tired. Today was Friday and I was already late to work.

Ethan might be mad at me, but I don't give a damn about his opinion. I had fifteen missed calls. Five of them were from Harry. It was one o'clock in the afternoon. Everyone was getting off of their lunch break.

The weekend had quickly passed by and I was once again back in the office. Ethan had seemed to back off after what happened that day. He had only yelled at me once, but that was for not clearing Harry's name in the system.

I avoided everyone at work. I didn't look at anyone, didn't talk to anyone. I sat at my desk, completely silent. "I wonder what's wrong with her." I heard Jade whisper to Perrie and Jessy.

"Probably about Harry." Jessy replied. She approached my desk and pulled Perrie's chair over, then sat beside me. "What's going on?" she asked. I continued to stare at my keyboard, unmoving and silent.

I heard her sigh, stand up and pull me out of the chair. Man, she has such a strong grip. Much like Harry. As soon as we arrived at the main lobby and stepped out onto the sidewalk, I broke down in tears.

I just knelt to the ground and cried. I had a breakdown in front of Jessy, but I didn't care. Jessy crouched down beside me and pulled me in for a hug. "It's going to be okay Cam." she said. "Let's talk over coffee."

I wiped my tears away and looked at her as I nodded. She helped me to my feet and we walked out to her car. She drove down to a local cafe that was two blocks away from the company. We ordered our coffee and sat down at a table. "Tell me what's wrong."

Everything I had kept up inside of me had finally come out. I told her everything about Harry and how I felt about him. I told her about Genevieve and Ethan wanting to wipe Harry's name from the system. Jessy listened intently, nodding every so often.

"Harry also told me about Genevieve when we started working together at the agency. Yet, the day he met you, he couldn't stop talking about you." Jessy said.

"What?" I asked.

"Yeah, he's quite fond of you Camille. Honestly, I didn't think he'd ever feel that way about a girl again. You didn't hear this from me." I simply nodded. "Genevieve may have a hold him because she's his first love, but I say to hell with first loves.

"He's just stuck in a point in his life where he doesn't know what do do. You need to help him Camille. Now, I don't know why Genevieve left him but I feel that it has something to do with Ethan.

"Harry and Ethan used to be close, but certain events happened and now they hate each other." I had gotten more information out of Jessy in one hour than a course of a few months with Harry. I thanked her for the chat and we drove back to company.

"Harry's been a long time friend of mine when he first started at the agency, but honestly, he seems to trust you with a lot of his secrets." she said. "The reason why he's so protective is because he doesn't want to lose you like he lost Genevieve, his mum, and his sister. He really cared for them, his mum especially."

We stepped out of the elevator once we reached our floor. I sat back down at my desk and finished the rest of my work. After work, I went with Harry out to his car and we got in. He started the car, but we weren't going in the direction of the apartment building.

"Where are we going?" I asked him.

"I think you have an idea of where we're going." he replied and turned down a street. Suddenly, it all became familiar. We were heading towards the agency. Why was he taking me here? He parked his car in the lot and stepped out of the car.

I got out and followed him towards the entrance of the building. "Styles, no one's allowed-"

"She's with me Carter." Harry interrupted the man who approached us. The man immediately shut up and gave a small nod. I followed Harry through some double doors and into an elevator. "Where exactly are we going?" I asked him.

He didn't answer me as we climbed a few flights and stepped out on the nineteenth floor. Harry pulled out a card from his pocket and slid it through the reader. There was a click and he turned the handle, opening the door.

"This... is my office." he said. I stepped inside and directly before me was a black desk. A computer sat upon it with sleek black chairs in front of the desk. He closed the door behind us as I looked around the entire room.

"Why are you showing me this?" I asked.

"I'm sorry of how I acted that night. I shouldn't have said what I said. It was just- I was so overwhelmed with the whole Genevieve thing, I had forgotten who I was talking to. I've never told anyone else about her, except for Jessy and Ethan."

His office wasn't just an office. There was a long narrow hallway leading to whatever was down there. "I stay here some nights. It kinda helps me forget about her." I just nodded and sat down on the black couch in the room.

Harry sat down, still keeping his distance. "The associations are different now. I can't stay at my own apartment knowing that you were staying with me more than a week ago." he said. "Don't take it as a bad thing Cam. You're nothing like her.

"She was manipulative, controlling. She worked for the agency that I work for now, and when I discovered the reason why she left me, I was mad and upset. I fell for her... hard, but she couldn't care less about me.

"She played with my emotions and fancied some other guy, a guy who I used to be friends with." His hands were now balled up into fists. "Ethan." I said. He didn't look surprised, but just nodded. "Yes, Ethan. He and I were close in college. He was a previous member of this agency, but now he's an ex-agent.

"He disobeyed the rules of the agreement, the contract we all signed. I guess you can say he's more of a rogue agent. I thought I had trusted him." he said. "Look, you know more information than anyone, too much in fact.

"I'm keeping my word about you not getting hurt. Camille, I hurt you and I don't ever want to hurt you again. I don't really know how to... to open myself up to anyone anymore. Not after what happened in the past with Genevieve.

"But I don't live in the past anymore. I live in the present with you." He took my hand, caressing it gently. "I'm sorry for everything, and if you don't want to see me again, I understand. If you want to forget about me, I understand that as well.

"I haven't felt this way about any girl in a long time. I'm falling for you Camille." The words had just come out so fast that I could hardly keep up with what he was saying. His eyes had told me the truth and I did believe him.

I didn't say a word, but I leaned in and kissed his lips as I should've done when I first wanted to. Harry didn't hesitate another moment, but reached up and ran a hand through my hair. He deepened the kiss by parting our lips and our tongues wrestled with one another.

He continued to hold my head in place while we kissed. He took of his blazer as I began to unbutton his shirt. His hands had now moved to take off mine and I let him slip the shirt over my head.

In just minutes, we were both naked on the couch. Our moans synchronized with each other. It was in that sheer moment of bliss I had shared with Harry, I knew what we both felt was real. He admitted that he was falling for me.

We lay there on the couch after we were finished, my head resting on his chest. We were still catching our breaths, but I was more focused on the sound of his heart beating. His arms were wrapped around me.

Our bodies were so close together and I would've never expected for this moment to come. "Can we just stay this way forever?" I asked. I heard him chuckle, feeling his chest move. He kissed the top of my head as I nuzzled mine within the crook of his neck. "We sure can." he said.

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