He was nothing. He was of no importance to anyone. He had been living a life in darkness, a life where no light could penetrate his lifestyle. It wasn’t until he met her. The light to show him the way. Yet, he had to keep his secrets hidden from her to keep her safe. Who knew curiosity could lead to your downfall? It’s in his DNA.


12. Eleven

It was the day of the party and a box was sent to my apartment. I was in my bedroom and took off the top. There was a card sitting on top of the dress. I picked it up and opened the card.

I hope to see you in this dress tonight.

Harry x

I set the card near the box and took out the dress. It was a blue long strapless formal dress with a slit just a few inches below where my hip would be. Harry didn't have to go through the trouble of buying me a dress, but it was thoughtful of him.

By five-thirty, I was ready for the party that night. I was anxiously checking the time on the clock, pacing back and forth in the living room. Why was I suddenly so nervous? Was it because Ethan was my date? No. Was it because the plan was somehow going to go wrong? No.

Was it because that Genevieve would possibly be there? Maybe. Around six, a knock came at my door and I nearly jumped. I took a few deep breaths before opening the door. There Ethan stood before me in a black and white formal attire.

For a guy so bad, he was so hot. "Wow, you look beautiful." He said. I watched his movements carefully, seeing his eyes glaze up and down my body. I smiled, "Thanks."

"Ready to go?" he asked. Ready as I'll ever be. I thought, but only nodded. I exited my apartment and closed the door behind me, locking it. We stepped into the elevator. We passed Harry's floor and I assumed Harry had left early to talk about the plan with the others.

I remember the conversation last night we all had in Harry's apartment with a few of the other agents besides Louis and Jesy. Carter was another agent who Harry knew that knew about the plan as well. There were a few others, but I couldn't remember their names.

Why was I the bait? Why did it have to be- "We're here." I hardly even noticed getting in Ethan's car and the drive to the venue. Was I literary lost in my own thoughts? I shouldn't distract myself. I have to be the distraction.

Ethan's voice had called me back to reality as he stepped out of the car and walked around to the other side, opening the door for me. I thanked him as I stepped out of the car and he closed the door.

We entered through the main entrance and walked down a long corridor that seemed to go on for ages. Finally we arrived at the ballroom. People welcomed Ethan as we entered and I frantically looked around for Harry or anyone that I knew.

Harry wasn't in the ballroom. I immediately became worried. He wouldn't leave me with Ethan, not in a situation like this. Where was he? I continued to walk with Ethan and we sat down at one of the numerous tables in the room.

"Camille, is everything alright?" Ethan asked, now focusing his attention on me. What should I say? "I'm fine, now that I'm with you." I gave him a reassuring smile. He smiled back at me and his eyes were much more kind than  before.

"I am so relieved to hear that." he said. Everyone else was seated and that's when Ethan began his speech to welcome the guests. From where I sat, I saw Harry sit down at a table on the other side of the room.

His eyes locked with mine, only for a moment and looked away. Our food was brought out to us and Ethan sat back down. "Having fun yet?" he asked.

"Will there be dancing involved?"

"Anything your heart desires." I couldn't say anything more, but took a quick glance at my phone. There was a text from Harry, but I dare didn't read it when Ethan was beside me. The music began playing and Ethan stood up, holding his hand out to me.

He was inviting me to dance as I took his hand and he helped me to my feet. He led me out to the dance floor and he held me close. While we danced, I would look over his shoulder from time to time and see that Harry was watching us.

I wondered what was going through his mind, seeing the girl he loves dancing with his enemy. Ethan spun me out and spun me back in, so that my back was against his chest. I could feel his lips against my neck.

We untagged ourselves and we were now face to face. "What do you see in him?" he asked quietly. I was too dazed to answer his question. "What hold does he have on you Camille?"

"He has no hold over me." I lied. Harry had a hold on me since the day I first saw him in the elevator. "Yes he does, I can see through your lies." he said. I didn't know how to explain the hold Harry had over me.

The way his eyes pulled me in and his lips seemed inviting at the start. His mysterious personality that I have yet to figure out, but yet, I fell in love with that. I fell in love with Harry altogether. Everything about him, every aspect had made me fall for him.

The reason that Harry was the way he was and that made him different from Ethan was everything was in his DNA. "This isn't about me Ethan." I reached up and touched his face, gently caressing his cheek. "You are all that I care about, no one else."

I leaned in and touched my lips to his. I was going to regret kissing him, but it was the only way I could keep him distracted. Ethan's arms wrapped around my body, pulling my close to him as I wrapped my arms around his neck.

I pulled away and looked into his bright blue eyes. "Genevieve..." His voice had become a whisper, but I wasn't confused. His eyes said all when I looked up at him. I pulled away and turned to see a girl emerging from the crowd of people who were dancing.

Genevieve was exactly how Harry described her. Her long brown hair and those brown eyes that mesmerized you as soon as you looked into them. She was wearing a dark green dress that hugged her body.

She smiled at Ethan, wrapping her arms around him as she pulled into a hug. "Ethan darling! I've missed you." Wait, a British accent? I thought she was from France. She pulled away and then looked at me. "Who's this?"

Ethan cleared his throat. "This is Camille." he said. Genevieve held out her hand towards me and smiled, "Enchante. I'm Genevieve." I reached out and shook hands with her. I gave a small smile and told her, "Nice to meet you Genevieve."

We pulled away from the shake and I excused myself to go to the bathroom. I walked out of the ballroom and walked down the corridor. Harry was waiting for me in the lobby with his hands in his pockets. "I saw Genevieve." I told him.

"I know. I saw her and left before she could spot me."

"She has a British accent."

"She grew up in the UK, but moved to France. The accent, of course, stuck with her." Thanks for the clarification. "You look beautiful by the way."

"Thanks. So, what's the next plan of attack?"

"You are starting to sound like me." he smirked.

"That's because I'm dating a sexy secret agent."

"I would love to take you into a closet and-"

"Let's go Styles." A man, I perceived to be Anderson called out to Harry. Harry kissed my lips before leaving. I retreated back into the ballroom and joined Perrie at another table. "I love your dress." Perrie smiled.

"I love yours too." Perrie was wearing a simple black halter top which I thought suited her nicely. Zayn was sitting in a seat beside her. "Glad you could join us." Jade smiled. "We saw you lock lips with Ethan, was that a part of your task to be the distraction?"

"I wasn't intending for the kiss to happen. I did it because I felt that he knew something was up." I replied.

"Seems like he's got his eye on that other girl." Perrie said.

"Genevieve." Jesy said. "She apparently was Harry's 'first love' and the reason Harry's not friends with Ethan anymore."

"What exactly happened?" I asked. But before anyone could answer, the lights were turned off and there were multiple gunshots being fired. As everyone had gotten under the table, I was suddenly whisked away by an unknown figure.

His hand was around my mouth, masking my screams. I remember everything had gone pitch black and being stuffed into the back of the vehicle. I continued screaming, but something was covering my mouth. Where was Harry?

Harry's pov

The lights in the ballroom turned back on. "Sorry to have alarmed everyone, but the party will resume in a moment." Anderson called out over the whispering crowd. The music began shortly after as I walked back to the table.

Louis and Carter had taken Ethan and Genevieve into custody. "Where's Camille?" I asked. They all looked around and shrugged. Someone must've taken her, but who? "Where do you think they might've taken her?" Jesy asked me.

Everyone had followed me outside. "I have an idea. Jesy, I want you to check the office with Perrie and Zayn. Liam and Niall, you two can check her apartment. Make sure you're not being followed." I instructed.

They nodded and had gotten into separate cars. I got into mine and drove to the agency. My gut feeling told me that she would be there, but I couldn't be so sure. I quickly drove over to the agency and got out.

As soon as entered through the double doors, Carter was doubled over in pain with Louis crouched next to him. "Carter's been shot." Louis said.

"Where did they take her?" I asked, not really caring about Carter.

"They mentioned the pier." he answered. I thanked Louis and immediately left the agency. I called Jesy to tell her to meet me at the pier with backup. I hung up the phone and immediately got into my car, then drove down to the pier.

I drove as fast I could to the other side of the city. Why did the pier have to be so far away? Why did Camille have to be brought into this? This was all my fault. I couldn't lose another person in my life. I couldn't lose her.

I would never be able to live with myself if I did. Another person's life would be risked and I had to end it now.

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