He was nothing. He was of no importance to anyone. He had been living a life in darkness, a life where no light could penetrate his lifestyle. It wasn’t until he met her. The light to show him the way. Yet, he had to keep his secrets hidden from her to keep her safe. Who knew curiosity could lead to your downfall? It’s in his DNA.


9. Eight

Harry parked his car in front of a restaurant. I didn't think that spending an entire day with Harry was going to be like this. I thought he would just take me to some boring place or stay in his apartment and watch TV. I didn't think he would actually take me out when I asked.

We both got out of the car and he opened the door for me. I thanked him and stepped inside the restaurant. He followed me in and we were shown to a table by one of the waiters. "Can I start you two off with something to drink?" The waiter asked us once we were seated.

"The usual for me." Harry replied and the waiter turned his attention towards me. "Iced tea." I told the waiter. He nodded and walked away. I looked at Harry who was eying me. "What?"

"Iced tea?" he asked.

I shrugged, "I'm not a fan of alcoholic beverages."

"What else are you not a fan of?" I told him a list of things that I didn't like and he was surprised with a few of them. "I think you're being a hypocrite." he said.

"Why do you think that?"

"You say you don't like guys who are like me, but yet, you're sitting at the same table as me and spent this entire day with me."

"I think you're different from those other guys." I looked down at my drink. After our drinks had been brought out, we ordered our meals and continued talking. "How do you know I'm different? I could be really good at hiding my true self." He smirked and took a sip of his drink.

"I just know Harry. What was your first impression of me?"

"My first impression of you? Well, I thought you were going to be as stuck up as Miss Princess. I was really surprised when she met Zayn. I didn't think any guy would date a girl like her. I wouldn't date someone like her.

"Now that I met you, you seem like a sweet girl who just needs someone to show her how to have fun." he smiled. There was the look in his eyes and I knew what he was implying. I don't think I'm ready to put myself through that.

After dinner, Harry and I walked out to his car. We got in and he drove back down the street to the apartment building. We entered the elevator and he pressed the button to his floor. "I had a great time with you Harry." I looked at him and smiled.

I wasn't lying when I said those words. "Me too Cam." His smile was so genuine and in that moment, I wanted to kiss him. I knew he wanted to kiss me because I could tell by the way he looked at me when we stood in the elevator together.

The doors opened and we stepped out, walking down the hallway to his apartment. Later that night, we climbed into bed and I cuddled into Harry's arms. He held me, resting his head atop mine. It was there in his warmth I fell asleep.

Two weeks have seem to gone by within a flash and I was already back at work. "Hey, we heard about what happened to your grandmother." Perrie and Jade both gave me hugs. I glanced over at Harry through the hug who was leaning back in his chair, smiling.

I rolled my eyes at him and hugged my friends. "Thanks. It really means a lot to hear that." I told them and we pulled away. Liam and Niall gave their share of hugs to me as well, welcoming me back to work.

"So, finally you're ready to come back to work I see." Ethan approached me as soon as everyone had sat down at their desks. "Here's a folder and a list of things I need you to do with the contents of this folder. As soon as you're done, come deliver it to my office."

He handed me the folder as I nodded, then watched him walk away. I looked at the list of things and sighed. I've been gone for two weeks and already put to work. I sat at my desk and began to look through the contents of the folder.

What surprised me about the contents was they were of Harry. Why did Ethan want me to go through Harry's file? I looked at the list again and saw the last thing I needed to do: clear Harry's name from the company's system. "Camille, what is it?" Perrie asked me.

Should I show her the list? Would Ethan be furious with me? Would he fire me? There are a lot of other possibilities, but those were the ones that appeared in my mind first. I took out a Post-It note and handed it to Perrie who read it, then threw it into the trash. "Is he serious?"

I just shrugged and started doing the work, but I couldn't seem to complete it after it was finished. I sent a quick text to Harry before grabbing the folder and walking towards the elevator. I stepped into the elevator and pressed the button.

I stepped out as soon as it reached Ethan's floor and walked down the hallway. I knocked on the door and entered after hearing a faint 'come in'. "Ah Camille, please sit." Ethan motioned towards the set of chairs, but I didn't dare move from my spot.

"Or stand, if you wish." He added. "I take it you're here to question me about Mr Styles' file."

"What exactly are you trying to do?"

"I know all about Harry's private agency. Did he tell you about what happened in London?" I just gave him a blank stare, confused as to what he was saying. I didn't want to be in the office. I was caught in the middle of whatever happened between Ethan and Harry.

"He didn't tell you? I thought you were his most trusted insider, afraid not. Have you cleared his name?" I nodded. I lied. Ethan smiled, "Thank you dear." I handed him the folder and quickly left the office.

After work, Harry and I got in his car when he asked about what happened in Ethan's office. "What happened in London?"

Harry's pov

Her bright eyes looked at me. I hardly started the car and she was already questioning me about London. "What are you talking about?"

"Tell me Harry." The tone in her voice reminded me of her. Camille reminded me of her. Why was it brought up? I'm guessing it was Ethan who put her up to this. She was the reason why I was in the agency. I stayed in the agency because my mum was killed and my sister was never to be trusted again.

"Not here. I'm not going to tell you here." I told her and started the car. I drove out to the building where I had taken Camille. The building when I told her that I have never taken any one to. I lied about that.

I only took one person into my apartment and took one person to that building. I took one person to that same restaurant Camille and I ate at. Genevieve. That was her name. I parked the car in the empty lot of the building and pulled Camille along with me up the stairs to the rooftop.

"Her name was Genevieve." I told her after letting go of her arm. Camille was silent, which meant for me to continue. "She was beautiful, from France. She was staying in London and I had just gotten out of college..."

3 years ago...

"Why can't I find a good man around here?" Her voice was so lovely. I wanted to get to know her name. I entered the the local bar and just saw her sitting on a barstool. "What about that guy?" I saw that her friend had motioned towards my direction.

Her head turned towards me. Her long brown hair and those eyes - brown, but yet so inviting. She smiled at me and I felt myself walking towards her direction. I sat down on a stool beside her and she ordered me a drink. "Genevieve." She held out her hand towards my direction.

"Harry." I shook her hand and something between us ignited as soon as our hands touched. I took her to my flat where I spent the night with her. Every single day after that, I was falling in love with her but yet, she hardly told me about why she was in London.

Until one day, she was gone.


"I joined the agency here in America, but a year later, my mum was killed. I searched for Genevieve but I could never find her. I knew she was from France and of course, I searched there first but no one knew anyone, any girl by that name." I told her.

Camille nodded and looked down. "You're in love with her." she said quietly. I couldn't read her facial expressions when she looked up at me, but in her eyes I knew that I hurt her. "I was in love with her."

"Doesn't sound like she's in the past Harry." she said. Why was she so stubborn? Why couldn't she see what she did to me? "It's because you remind me of her Camille. How am I supposed to move on from her when I'm with you?" I shouldn't have said that.

There were now tears in her eyes. "Camille, wait, I'm sorry." I said.

"Don't talk to me." she said, then walked back into the building. After a minute or two, I walked back inside and descended the stairs down to the main floor. I got in my car and there she sat, looking out the window.

I drove back to the apartments and she entered without a single word or look. I didn't deserve a girl like her, but I was falling for her. I couldn't admit that. I was still clinging on to the one girl I cared more about. Genevieve.

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