Head Over Heels

Addison George Thames. The bad boy.

Scarletta Rose Jones. The good girl.



1. Sitting Next To The Bad Boy

Scarletta's POV


"I don't want to sit next to Addison!" I complained, stomping my foot much like a five year old.

"Scarletta Jones, sit down next to Addison. It's the only seat left." Mr. Ryan sighed, turning back to the attendance sheet.

As I walked down the seemingly endless row of people, I saw Addison at the back.

There were two reasons why I was complaining.

1). I always sit in the front.

2). Addison is an ass.

Now I have to sit next to the "hottest" boy in school.

What is going to do? Cheat off of me? If he does, I'll break his neck and toss his body out into the ocean where no one could ever ever find him.

The redheads--not the blondes, that would be stereotypical--were all giggling in a group near the middle.

I could barely make out what they were saying.

"She's like, the only girl in school who doesn't like Addison!"

"I know right. She should be burned alive."

"No, she should be tortured, then be burned alive."

"Oh my gosh, that what I was thinking!"

 These girls need to get a life.

My name is Scarletta Rose Jones, the 'good girl'.

What? Never seen a good girl sit next to a bad girl?

Well, you're about to.


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